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More than a thousand words, our graphics speak your brand values

Our graphics designing team creates stunning graphics that communicate clearly with the customers. Choice of colors, imagery and message are well thought of to make it stand apart from the deluge of the creative out there. The graphics designed keep the logo, website and the tone of social media campaigns in mind to create the perfect designs. These designs can be used on all social media platforms and website easily.

Our designs have been appreciated by brands, peer agencies and the most by the customers who have cited the beauty and the uniqueness of the creative. We also design, brand collaterals like visiting card, pamphlets, brochures, standees, menu card, posters and a lot more.

My style of graphics designing

Unique eye catching designs

The social media and the world are full of designs and other kinds of attractions. Getting someone to spend a fleeting second on your design can be a huge task. Unique designs and creativity are the answer or else it would flow in the crowd itself.

I try to make the designs as unique as possible to hold the attention of the viewer. Raise the curiosity of the viewer to make them go through the design and consume the communication.

High aesthetic class

The aesthetics of the graphics design are always kept high to make them stand apart. Very careful selection of fonts, colors, images and their combination creates a lot of difference in the end creative.

Story communication

Every graphics and video that I create has to communicate a story and pass a message to the viewer. The story has to be provided in a subtle way which makes the viewer think of the brand and probably remember the brand or at least its communication.

Call to action

Every graphics and video has to have a call to action. Something like book a table or buy a book so come out clearly in the graphics. The design should not be just any other design but a conversion tool for the brand.

Some creatives made for clients

Social media promotional creative designed for Bristol Hotel.

Bristol Hotel

Kashmiri Food Festival promotion for Sheraton, New Delhi

Hotel Sheraton, New Delhi

Jaisalkot hotel promotion creative for the award nomination

Hotel Jaisalkot, Jaisalmer

Promotional design for Petmetz


Kitty Party promotion for The Bristol Hotel

Bristol Hotel

Simple yet elegant design for B Blunt

B Blunt

Promotional design for award nomination received by Hotel Jaisalkot

Hotel Jaisalkot, Jaisalmer

Valentines special at The Bristol

Bristol Hotel

Showcasing some award winning gourmet food at Kebabs & Kurries

WelcomHotel, Dwarka

Service promotions at B Blunt

B Blunt

Nominations for the Best Buffet in Town

WelcomHotel, Dwarka

Get ready for a night to remember

WelcomHotel, Dwarka

A Journey to fit life by Haers


A Detailed menu for WelcomHotel

WelcomHotel, Dwarka

Experiencing the spirit of Kerala’s Ayurveda


Friendship day at Pavilion 75

WelcomHotel, Dwarka

Cooking spree at WelcomHotel

WelcomHotel, Dwarka

The art of baking with the one and only


Authentic food fest at Sheraton

Hotel Sheraton, New Delhi

Take a trip to the valleys of Kashmir

Hotel Sheraton, New Delhi

Appealing design for WelcomHotel

WelcomHotel, Dwarka

Graphics Clients testimonial

best Graphics Designer in Delhi

We recently finished our very first project with AmitKK. Their creative work is phenomenal. The designs were spot-on for a fresh start-up like ours. They understood the pulse of our business and came up with designs that complemented and beautifully represented our brand. For a small company like ours, we got quite an affordable deal at best quality. Highly recommended.

Shrom Budhraja

Owner Shake Busters

Top Graphics Designer in Delhi

I had a fantastic experience working with AmitKK and team. For someone like me with zero knowledge of graphic design, I needed an agency who would not only support me with ‘what’ my brand needs but also ‘how’ with the creative solutions. With Amit, I got both. He patiently listens to my never-ending queries and addresses them calmly. God only knows what I would do without him. When he takes care of the designs, I know it will be done. I do not intervene much.

Dr. Jacob

Owner - Shadanga

Graphics Designer in Delhi

We did not realize the importance of graphic designing until we worked with AmitKK. They gave what our brand was missing, a completely new look. Our revamp campaign was a great success. From logo, to promotional collaterals, to all digital assets, the team took care of everything. I must say, they did a spectacular job. Our brand image has now gotten more professional.

Bhushan Kumar

Manager - Palm Bliss Resorts

Graphics Designing agency in Delhi

We have a long association with AmitKK and never in all these years we felt the need to look for another agency for our graphics related requirements. They just get what we want. That is called true collaboration. If we ask for 2 options, they give us 3. Iterations, rework have never been an issue with them. Their passion for the work is truly commendable.

Prateek Suri

Sales & Marketing- WelcomHotel, Dwarka

Graphics Designing company in Delhi

People say, I am not quite easy to work with. But I was quite impressed with AmitKK when he cracked our campaign at first go. A very talented team full of creativity, passion, and dedication. They can work under tight deadlines and the best part about AmitKK is they have the capabilities to cater to all sorts of design requirements. Highly recommended.

Dr. Ankur

Owner - Whitesmile

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to get that perfect logo or a poster for social media for your fans? Let us help you by answering some of the most common questions people ask in graphics and animation work.

Logo designing is an intricate process that requires a systematic and a methodical approach. Ideas for the brand must be conceptualized before the graphic designer executes it to perfection. The logo design is the first thing a user would glance on the site. It is the brand ambassador or the icon of the company. Therefore, logo designing is a process that needs to evolve creativity. At the same time, it must reflect the logical theme of the brand. It must resonate the ethics and the professional goals with which the company was started in the first place. Hence, we will have a detailed chat with the client and understand what the brand is all about. The team then designs the logo for the firm.

Logo designing, business card creation and creating the thematic layouts for web all come under the genre ‘Graphic designing’. We will provide each of them keeping the brand of the company in mind. The enterprise must reach the masses. Keeping the current trends in mind, we will customize the logo, web caricatures and design business cards for the client.

There are no specified limits on how many logo options are available. Few clients want their business icons to resonate a one-liner with fancy fonts. While another client may want a free hand drawing to resonate the brand. Few leading companies choose 3D designs for the logo. Depending upon the client’s requirement, we will mix and match the design, color and fonts.

Once we customize the logo with the font, it is all yours. You must obtain copy rights for the logo-design as you don’t want someone else stealing away yours. Hence, once you pay for the logo designing, we hand over the copyrights in favor of your company.

If that was the case, many firms or start-up companies will create logo designs all by themselves. Why would they choose a graphic designing firm in the first place? All the logo designs, fonts and business icons will be customized based on what you have in mind. From idea formation until execution, everything will be done to perfection.

Social media designing refers to the visual content that is typically used for digital marketing. You can use unique designing fonts for your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. You can use the design as a header. Else, if you have a graphical design, you can incorporate the same into your blog posts or timeline posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and so on.

As we have been re-iterating, we do not stick to specified norms on designing. The client discusses the project with us. We have our own specialists who determine the current consumer trends of the industry. The designing process takes force post discussions.

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