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Add value to your digital presence and turn your traffic into paying customers through our SEO services in Kolkata. Our SEO experts craft customized SEO strategies to make your business stand apart from the crowd and rank on targeted keywords. Boost your business with confirmed rankings on first page of search engines.

Our time tested SEO strategy ensures you get ranked easily and beat your competition by big margins. A good SEO ranking also ensures that your CPC for paid ads goes down.

Best SEO Company in Kolkata

Advantages Of Our SEO Services in Kolkata

Our team has SEO experts with 10+ years of average experience with which they deliver results that have a positive effect on your ROI along with providing results that you can clearly see in statistics. We provide customized services for all our clients based on their needs. And with continuously evolving trends and terms of Google, we keep updating and polishing our strategies as well so you can stay on top of Google's SERP, no matter what!

We deliver what we promise! See the change in the first 3 months itself!

Top SEO Company in Kolkata

Minimal Investment

No hefty charges for services you won't even be needing. We plan the services according to your requirements, and you pay only for that!

Long-Term Strategy To Achieve Great ROI

ROI is what every business needs, and we deliver that with our white-hat strategies.

Growth in Visitors with High Intent Search Terms

We will research the high-intent keywords suitable for your business and target them to provide you with high-quality traffic for your website.

Increase in Quantity of Relevant & Potential Traffic

Not just any traffic, we target those who are genuinely interested in your business and have the potential of turning into a customer.

Build Trust & Online Credibility

Our developer's team will ensure excellent website performance and layout to create brand awareness and online credibility.

Improve User Experience with Best Interface

You deserve the best, and so do all your clients. We keep making improvements to your website's interface for an improved user experience.

All-time Stay Ahead of the Competitors

We stay on top of all current market trends and make changes in your campaigns accordingly so you'll always stay ahead of your competition.

Permanent Results

Our strategies are well planned, and in accordance with the terms of Google, so you never have to worry about results disappearing out of the blue.

Hire the best SEO Services in Kolkata

Our detailed SEO services ensure that your website gets ranked easily on targeted keywords through systematic efforts. From identifying the keywords that matter to your business to formulating strategy to achieve ranking, our team follows the set process. We have helped numerous brands in turning around their SEO ranking easily.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword research ensures that your target audience finds your website easily on Google. We search for high intent keywords suitable for your business and target them.

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On-Page & Off Page Optimization

On-Page & Off Page Optimization

Improve your website's performance and domain authority through on-page and off-page optimization. We create backlinks on good quality websites only.

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Content Writing

Content Writing

Content writing is one of the most important pillars of any SEO strategy. It helps in creating inbound links and having pleasing content on the site.

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Website Technical Audit

Website Technical Audit

As part of technical SEO we audit the website structure to ensure the pages are not deep seated and that the structure is as flat as possible. This helps in improving user experience too.

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Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Compatibility

Most people prefer to browse through their smartphones these days. You will be losing a lot of quality traffic if your website is not mobile compatible.

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Local SEO

Local SEO

Google maps optimization for local SEO is one of the most potent investments in local SEO marketing as it drives high-quality local traffic to your website.

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What Makes us the Best SEO Company in Kolkata?

Data Driven

Profound Experience

Our team has excellent knowledge and expertise in SEO. We have been doing this for a long time, and we can curate strategies that bring maximum profit to your business through SEO.

Tech Powered

Skilled Team Members

All our team members have an average of 10+ years of experience in SEO, and have worked on a wide range of projects. The team can turn around a website in a very short time.

Content Driven

No Hidden Contracts

We believe in keeping crystal clear relationships with all our clients. The contracts are transparent, and we discuss everything with you before you sign us up!

Data Driven

Affordable Pricing

We deliver affordable SEO services for everyone, from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises. For the quality of work we deliver, the costing is very low.

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AmitKK Client - Yash Pahuja

We were very fascinated with the designer's intellect to literally interpret our perceptions and deliver a corporate image that excellently signifies our perspective and transmits the sleek, beautiful, and contemporary version of SEO services we designed to fulfil our business's global expansion.

Yash Pahuja

Owner - Prateek Studio

AmitKK Client - Girish Wadhwa

The entire "AMITKK" team is savvy, attentive, and devoted to aiding our action plans, making them incredibly valuable cooperate in our attempts to raise brand recognition, drive organic traffic to our website, and develop fresh business. We are optimistic that we are receiving the best guidance on implementing our SEO strategy.

Girish Wadhwa

Owner - Deli Chic

AmitKK Client - Shivani Patro

Working with them is very compelling; they have a brilliantly cohesive team and design skills, and also 24-hour technical assistance, which makes the AMITKK team more credible and successful.

Shivani Patro

Owner - Squizzl

AmitKK Client - Rishi Kumar

This company did a fantastic job on my web pages, ranking them at the top of the search engines with some of the most important terms. The staff has always been excellent communicators, and Amit is always accessible to instantly rectify each and every site issues and organise them out on the spot.

Rishi Kumar

Owner - Profiling

AmitKK Client - Nishant Gupta

When it pertains to SEO and organic traffic, there are several different types and aspects of enterprises to consider. If you really are searching for an agency to get you ranked and increase traffic and developments for your firm, you have reached the right place.

Nishant Gupta

Owner - Trueloans

Looking for Best SEO Agency in Kolkata?

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for SEO company in Kolkata? We promie assured rankings on targeted keywords to make the most out of your SEO budget

How to do SEO for a Website?

SEO is very important if you want to get noticed by the search engine. Keyword research and finding relevant content is the first advice any expert would give you. Keywords should not get saturated in one place but should be uniformly spread throughout the write-up.

For better results, consider using anchors in permalinks and titles. High-quality and informative information is equally important when it comes to SEO optimization.

Having a good page speed and a mobile-responsive website is an added advantage when it comes to SEO. It is a necessity to optimize your website to become a mobile-friendly one so that potential clients can stay a bit longer on the page.

How SEO Works for Business?

SEO can be a boon to businesses to conquer their financial goals in a short time. The more people discover the business on the first page of search engines like Google. More sales and leads are generated by using SEO services. Search engine optimization enables a business to set its footprint worldwide and do business is diverse customers.
Search Engine Optimization, if done right, helps the business grow and convert its leads into long-term loyal customers helping to rank the business on the first page. Choosing the right digital marketing agency is very important for your business.

What is Technical SEO?

Creating a good website structure is considered a vital part of technical SEO. Many times, technical SEO is mistaken to be only limited to permalinks and choosing the right keywords but in contradiction is something more. Technical SEO is also about creating a responsive website that is optimized and functions perfectly both on desktop and mobile phones.

A technical SEO services provider and his team do lots of research and use SEO strategies and decide on what an ideal website structure should look like for its ideal customer persona.This part of Search engine optimization always plays a vital role in planning website development.

What is SEO Content Writing?

Search engine optimization is the best tool to rank your website in search engines and get noticed by potential clients. Though one needs expertise and strategy to do the optimization it's always not a necessity. Many free resources can be used and strategies can be applied to start with.

SEO content writing is goal-oriented content writing whose only goal is to write content that ranks well and shows up on the first page of search engines like google. This is achieved by optimizing the content to answer the user’s intent and using relevant keywords.

Keywords are the special words using which the search engine will easily find relatable content for the search. SEO content optimizes the content and uses the right keywords in the right place so that it gets easy for search engines to navigate easily.Well-researched and informative SEO content helps both the customers and the webmasters.

What is SEO Process in Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization is the best tool to rank your website in search engines and get noticed by potential clients. Though one needs expertise and a digital marketing strategy to do the optimization it's always not a necessity. Many free resources can be used and strategies can be applied to start with.

There are 5 main steps one must understand before they start doing SEO.

  • Research and find keywords
  • Content creation
  • On page SEO
  • Off-page SEO or technical SEO
  • Building links and trust with other websites.

Above all these steps, research, practice, and experience help us a lot to get better every day.

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