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A good website is the first pre requisites for your digital presence.

Website development incorporates a lots of factors like, language used, frontend framework, mobile responsiveness, user experience, page load speed and a lot more. A good website covers all these points to give the users a top of the world experience and helps him connect with the brand seamlessly. When developed well, a good website also acts like a round the clock salesman for the brand.

All our website development work is custom made with minimalist codes and libraries. We take pride in developing the perfect website that looks and feels perfect and is well placed to give you results in digital marketing. From WordPress to NodeJS AmitKK simply rocks and is the best website development company in delhi.

Our style of website Development

These questions are asked and answered while developing the website.

Code Brevity

Code Brevity

Just the amount of codes to make the website sleek and quick

Why Code Brevity is important for Website Development?

  • Lower page speed:The website files take time to download from the server and then they take time to parse the codes. This reduces the page speed drastically. You see those annoying downloading icons that seem to take an infinite of time and patience?
  • More usage of bandwidth:Heavier the file, more bandwidth it will use. This will impact the server and its response time. If you are looking to serve a fairly good number of users at a time, this is highly unadvisable.
  • Poor user experience:Users have very little to no patience when it comes to surfing on net. Excessive coding makes users wait for the website to get loaded and functions to work on every step. This gives a poor user experience casting grave doubts of the website development processes followed.
  • Poor SEO results:Poor website structure and responses is taken very seriously by Google. As a consequence, the SEO ranking gets impacted very badly. Google has a huge list of websites to serve and surely you must be facing competition too.

We make sure that only the minimal amount of codes is used to get the work done. Not the complete library of modules required for website development but parts of it are used. I have seen websites with more than 30, 000 CSS codes of line and god knows how many of the JavaScript lines are used in websites. After I redeveloped the same website from scratch, the lines of codes came down to less than 3000! This is one piece of our work that makes AMITKK as the best website development company in Delhi.

Best UI designs

Best UI designs

Top UI/ UX designs as per the business that attarct customers

Best Website Designs:

I keep the designs of the website fresh and unique. Being a graphics designer goes a long way in website development considering the images used. Not just the images but a good understanding of colors, fonts, aesthetics and structure give an edge.

My website designs are determined by the sector the brand is in along with the logo colors. The whole design is kept homogeneously uniform and holds the website together.

An eye on CTA (Call to Action) is also kept as this is what drives the sales and conversions. You will notice my CTAs to be bright and standing apart from the whole website design.

Mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness

Responsiveness on mobiles, tablets and yes on desktops too

Mobile responsiveness has occupied the central stage in digital marketing. The websites designed by me are 100% mobile responsive and also appear light on mobiles. Use of bootstrap comes more than handy in this and in fact developing a website without bootstrap is unimaginable for me.

More than 80% of searches are through mobiles.

A good website development company in Delhi will emphasize and definitely provide you a mobile responsive website. This is one of the must have features in a website.



Our websites are easily scalable without breaking a sweat

Every idea starts small and then scales to its potential and beyond. Having worked in the digital space long enough, I know that a website requires room for scaling up mostly. I ensure that the design and the structure of the website are kept flexible enough for the scalability factor in future.

  • Best coding practices: I follow the best coding practices to ensure that they have.
  • Maintainability: to maintain in future and make changes as required.
  • Ruggedness: that the codes are not misused and tested thoroughly for the errors.
  • Efficiency: Fast enough to give a delightful user experience.
  • Flexibility: The website should be open for all kind of changes and addition of new functionalities and features.
Page speed

Page speed

Websites developed by us cross 80 and have even clocked 100

Page speed plays a crucial role in SEO results of the website. Google and users both prefer a website that loads easily and are mobile responsive. Our code brevity and smart development techniques play a crucial role in keeping the page speed above 80.

We have even achieved the page speed of 100 which is very difficult to achieve on wordpress.Thats why we are the best website designing company in Delhi.

Digital marketing perspective

Digital marketing perspective

We build websites with strong technical SEO base

Your website and the SEO efforts are aligned for one thing only, digital marketing and though which sales. Throughout the process of website development, digital marketing is kept in center.

  • How will a user eyes trace through the website?
  • What are the calls to actions and have they been placed properly?
  • How will a user get a quick connect to webmaster?

Typically companies doing website development in Delhi have a digital marketing wing as well and they tend to allign the websites accordingly. In case you are looking to outsource your digital marketing to someo ther agency for some reason, make sure the basics of digital marketing have been followed in the website development.

Looking for Website Designing Company in Delhi?

Best Platform for Website Development?

Small Websites:For small websites like a blogging website, I advise wordpress.

Wordpress has a very good content management system (CMS) which gives the users a lot of backend functionalities. Developing the functionalities in a custom way increases the effort, cost and delivery time which is not advisable.

I would also advice wordpress - woo commerce for e-commerce websites especially when they are starting new. Once the website starts generating you revenue or you get funded, go for other technologies.

I develop wordpress themes from scratch and do not use a plugin like - elementor for website development

Big Projects:For big projects, I would advise React JS as frontend and Node JS as backend. React and NodeJS are one of the best combinations possible. Considering the amount of work being done on them and the teams behind them, it is highly suitable for big projects offering you as much customization you might need.

This website too is developed with React JS and NodeJS

Our Achievement

250 +


125 +


75 +


50 +

React & Node

Develop the website of your dreams in Delhi

We are the most reputable and reliable company in Delhi to create websites from scratch for you. We do not only create websites for you but also maintain the quality of our work and deliver it as promised. We also take care of all your requirements while creating the websites for you. Such as we use UI designs, mobile responsive websites, etc., and we can also help you maintain these websites at their best. All you have to do is give us a call.

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  • Logo of Dr. Ankur Jain

    AmitKK helped us revamp our old website and that turned out to be the gamechanger for our business. With a lucrative website interface and support of SEO and SMO activities, we saw significant growth in our business in just no time. We started getting global footfall and ROI increased with relevant leads. The team helped us discover the loopholes in our previous website and addressed them with necessary enhancements. They provide outstanding services at moderate cost. We wish to continue to work with AmitKK in our future endeavors.

    Dr. Ankur Jain

    Owner - Whitesmile

  • Logo of Rishi Kumar

    Fantastic team that yields fantastic results and we experienced that while working with AmitKK, after years of unpleasant experience with various agencies. Their team is extremely professional and competent. They made our website look attractive with cost-effective solutions. From our brand logo to easy navigation and clarity, the design looks class apart. The best thing about them is that they do not act like mere executors and come up with suggestions and proactive solutions.

    Rishi Kumar

    Owner - Profiling

  • Logo of Vrinda Loiwal

    We just launched our new website designed by AmitKK & team and they did a splendid job with our portal. It turned out exactly the way we wanted and was highly appreciated by all. The team is very easy to work with and stretch their limit to deliver the best output even under extreme pressure and tight deadline. They met all our expectations and became a reliable partner whom we can reply on. AmitKK is the website development company in Delhi, highly recommended.

    Vrinda Loiwal

    Owner - CSEL

  • Logo of Dr. Jacob

    A website is the window to your company. Knowing its importance, we could not just trust any web designing company for our requirement. After scrutinizing all their past work and industry feedback we decided to proceed with AmitKK which in my opinion is the best web development services in Delhi. They truly transformed our exiting website that embodied the true nature of business offering. All the members of the team are so skillful, knowledgeable, and creative. Every time I speak to them, I get a lot of insights. I rate them 10/10, without a second thought.

    Dr. Jacob

    Owner - Shadanga

  • Logo of Girish Wadhwa

    Working with AmitKK & team has been a pleasant experience. Their passion and dedication towards work, unparalleled client service is exemplary. They are open to feedback and understand the business needs quite well. Their creative excellence is worth the praise. We entrusted them with all our web design and website management related services. We look forward to long term association with the team. When it comes to companies doing website development in Delhi, AmitKK tops the chart.

    Girish Wadhwa

    Owner - Deli Chic

Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

Looking for Website Development Company in Delhi?

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any confusion on how to continue with your website development requirement? Let us help you by answering some of the most common questions people ask any website development company.

What is the First Step in Building a Website?

We should get your requirement right. We just want satisfied and happy customers the end of the day. Hence, that is the first step or the building block for us as far as website development is concerned.

Is JavaScript the Future of Web Development?

Yes, it is. You have front-end frameworks like Angular, React, Vue, etc. While for the back end, you have NodeJS. Since JavaScript deals with multiple web frameworks, you can learn a lot about website building or web designing.

Any company doing website development in India that does not work in these frameworks can be tossed aside and you can for a surety that they are not so good.

Which Web Development Language is Best?

All web development frameworks come to you with a set of pros and cons indeed. WordPress is for a person who has a basic working knowledge of computers. For a professional  React JS and Node JS combo would work out the best.

Agencies doing website development in Delhi, are mostly fluent in WordPress, and PHP, and some of them have capabilities in frontend frameworks like React JS, Angular JS, and Vue.

What is the Most used Web Framework?

It is WordPress of course. You have in-built web layouts, themes, plugins, and widgets. You can download it free of cost. You can do a trial run on building your site. You have a help center to go through. As a first-timer, we do not want you to face the hassle. Yes, we would be designing WordPress sites for you from the scratch.

What are the Technologies used in Web Development?

The technologies we use depend on the project and your requirements. We deal with all types of platforms. Each website comes to us with its own set of requirements. Clients require us to customize sites based on the product catalog and brand. For smaller sites, we use WordPress. For bigger websites, we use WordPress, NodeJS, React, PHP, Laravel, React JS, etc.

How long will it take to Develop My Website?

Website development has various stages to go through. We must develop the overall outlay, insert widgets and plugins, frame content, test the speed and capability of the site. We have a lot more on our plate than what meets your eye. For a simple project, it takes anywhere between 3-7 working days to have the website up and running. For a more complicated or eCommerce website development, it usually takes at least a month for us to deliver the project to you.

What are Working Hours of AMITKK?

We work Monday to Friday. The office is open between 10 am and 6 pm. You are free to walk into our office at any given point in time. We shall be more than happy to discuss the project details with you and finalize the deal.

As a website development company, our maintenance services are always available on call and we are not restricted to a particular working hour for urgent work.

What are Keywords in SEO?

Keywords are the phrases, ideas, and topics that outline the subject matter. Speaking of SEO services, to find some information, a user enters relevant words as 'search queries in the search engine. The presence of those words can help them find out about you or your business. So, in a way keywords act as a bridge between you and your customer.

How can I Track My Website Development Project?

We will share details of the terms of the contract with you. You shall be given a soft copy as well as a letter in print. You will have details on how your project will take place in a phased manner. Our developing teams will have a live demo organized on their servers. 

In addition, via regular meetings, updates and calls, you shall be informed as to how the web development is progressing.

Companies providing website development in Delhi will normally have a project tracker if it is a big project. For small projects, they make the project live on their server.

Can I Select My Preferred Website Developer?

es, you can have your developer design the website you have in mind. However, you must do your homework thoroughly. You can walk into our web designing office and chat with all the members of the developing team. All the professionals, our firm has, will have an affiliation of having done a web designing course or may belong from an engineering background. As your website will be done as teamwork, you can place your entire trust in our website development team. This is as against just picking one. Our website are SEO-friendly and mobile-responsive.

How to Build a Website from Scratch

Designing a website depends on the complexity of the project the client has on hand. The client firm may hand over a project that is simple and just satisfies the basic protocols a website should. In this case, we can complete the project within 2-3 days. You will just have the overall outlay, basic plugins for operation, and the requisite widgets a web page should have. For more complicated web designs and textures, the time taken would be over a month or so.
Even the best web development services take at least 1 week to develop the front end and then another two weeks to finish the backend

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