UI UX Portfolio


Creating a user-centered UI for the Shaki4Kids summer camp website was an exciting challenge. Our goal was to design an interface that is not only visually appealing but also intuitive and easy to navigate. We started with a kid-friendly design approach, incorporating bright colors and playful fonts that resonate with children while maintaining a clean look that appeals to parents. The use of high-quality, joyful images of kids at camp activities adds a personal touch, making the site feel welcoming and alive. We ensured that all UI elements are easily clickable and readable on various devices, from desktops to mobile phones.

Chefs Point

Designing the user interface for Chefs Point was a delightful challenge centered around creating an immersive and intuitive shopping experience. The rich chocolate brown theme sets a warm and inviting tone, perfectly complementing the premium nature of the brand’s food products. The homepage features a prominent product banner that immediately showcases Chefs Point's top offerings, enticing users right from the start. Below the banner, we organized product categories into clearly defined collections, allowing users to effortlessly navigate and explore different product lines. Also, each category is accompanied by high-quality images and concise descriptions, making it easy for users to find exactly what they’re looking for.

The Unique Store

Our team focused on creating a UI design that is simple and enhances user engagement for the website of The Unique Store. The homepage features a clean, intuitive layout where popular products are prominently displayed, capturing the user's attention immediately. By using a minimalist design, we reduce visual clutter, allowing users to focus on the products themselves. Interactive elements, such as hover effects and easy-to-click buttons, are designed to be visually appealing and functional. Consistent use of colors and typography across the site reinforces our brand identity and ensures a cohesive look and feel. This thoughtful UI design approach ensures that shopping at The Unique Store is both enjoyable and efficient.

Rahi Travels

The website design of Rahi Travels reflects its philosophy through a professional green color theme, evoking a sense of tranquillity and adventure. The layout is clean and intuitive and it ensures that the user navigation is effortless throughout. Every design element has been meticulously chosen to enhance the user experience, and everything from high-quality images to typography guides users seamlessly through their travel planning. We also paid attention to mobile responsiveness providing access to the visitors on the go. Our team efficiently combined aesthetics with functionality and managed to create an impressive digital space that meets the client's requirements.

Smart Computers

When designing the website for Smart Computers our team focused on providing the visitors with a seamless and engaging experience. Our team used a light blue color theme to establish a clean and professional look that is easy on the eyes. The website also has a clean layout and well-defined buttons are added on the home page along with simple navigation menus to help users quickly find the information they need. Our team at AmitKK has prioritized ease of use and accessibility, and our UI design not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also significantly improves user satisfaction and conversion rates.        


The UI design for the Solace Care at Home services website started with the objective of creating an intuitive and engaging experience. The use of an orange and white colour scheme was intentional as it promotes warmth and friendliness and also ensures visual appeal. Key elements on the home page, such as service descriptions, appointment booking buttons, and contact forms, are prominently displayed to guide users seamlessly. The layout of the website too is kept clean and uncluttered and all the sections are well-defined. Overall, the UI design of the Solace Care at Home website focused on accessibility and user satisfaction, making sure the interface is responsive and performs consistently across all devices.


The UX/UI design integration of Elattionz, an online training course platform offers an engaging experience to visitors. The interface of the website is a perfect blend of clean and modern aesthetic look. It reflects the innovative CAD/CAE training along with the adequate placement of registering links. The eye-catching responsive design makes it possible for the users to surf the site and navigate as per their interests. The call-to-action links are placed strategically to generate maximum clicks and course enrollment. User-centric design creates easement for visitors in course selection and navigating within materials available for professionals and beginners.

Vivek Sharma

The UI design of Selfiya, a rent-a-car platform, is a blend of creativity and user-centric innovation. Our team worked hard to blend vibrant aesthetics with intuitive functionality seamlessly and to create an immersive experience for the website visitors. The use of reds and sleek black in the colour palette was inspired by the dynamic energy of the brand, and the aesthetic appeal of the website is accentuated by using a white backdrop.

Every UI element of the website, including the buttons to dropdown menus, was meticulously designed by keeping the user experience in mind. Our team focused on clear and concise labelling, and the same was coupled with intuitive navigation, to make sure that the website visitors can find what they are looking for with ease and complete their bookings without any hassles.

India Enigma

The UI design of eGenome AI's Biological Age Determination website is a final product of our team’s strategic thinking and creative standpoint. The website’s interface not only captivates the visitors visually but also provides very smooth interaction and navigation. The colour scheme of the website includes energetic and professional colours like white, purple, and light green. We also made sure to maintain consistency with the design elements to maintain coherence throughout the whole website.

The website’s UI is also optimized well for responsiveness and provides seamless accessibility across various screen sizes as well as devices. The overall UI design was designed with a focus on function as well the form and it not only looks stunning but also has a very user-friendly interface.

Shreesh Chandra

The UI design of the Vidhi Utsav website prioritized clarity and ease of navigation, and the website has a clean layout and smart placement of elements.  Our team paid utmost attention to the visual hierarchy and we made sure to include all the important information including the call to action was displayed prominently.

Our team also used modern UI design principles to create responsive layouts making the website adaptable to various screen sizes. Through a combination of well-planned design choices and thorough development, the UI of the Vidhi Utsav website aims to engage users effectively while providing a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.

Vivek Sharma

The UI of Pawrulz was created to improve engagement and provide a seamless browsing experience to visitors. To achieve the same, we have incorporated various interactive elements and call-to-action buttons on the website's home page. The website of Pawrulz perfectly blends responsive visuals with intuitive navigation and streamlined user flow to create an immersive experience for visitors. We also emphasized using quality pet images on the home page to create an emotional connection that resonates with pet parents.

Aryan Panwar

The UI design of GraphicsZilla blends the aesthetics with user-functionality and offers a hassle-free user-centric experience. The professional interface is clean and provides smooth navigation allowing customers to explore the brand’s diverse range of products. The product categorization is intuitive and this simplifies the whole browsing process. The visuals on the website showcase the precision and quality of the graphic printing services offered. The website’s design is responsive and creates a very engaging experience on any device and acts as a gateway to world of professionally crafted graphic printed solutions.

Shreesh Chandra

The interface of the website created for Oak Bridge is intuitive and enhances the browsing experience of the visitor. The website has user-friendly navigation and the visual identity too has been consistent throughout.  Visual clutter is reduced with strategic spacing and the focus has been laid on the key elements of the website. This helped us achieve a clean, modern and yet a very professional look. Visitors also get to get seamless experience across various devices. The images and other elements too are well-optimized and help achieve fast website loading times. The layout of the website, and the flow of information is created by anticipating the needs of the end user.

Avik Majumdar

The website of Daffodils by Artemis perfectly translates the luxury and exclusivity of services provided into a very appealing and captivating user interface. The website blends user-friendly features and sophistication to reflect the unparalleled attention and care provided by the brand to the mothers and their little ones.

The UI design of the website is clean and the aesthetics are kept minimal, both of which mirror the purity and simplicity associated with motherhood. The color palette is soft, and helps create a luxurious yet comforting visual ambiance. The website also has a very organized layout which allows the visitors to find relevant information effortlessly.

Kapil Kumar

Artemis Lite Hospitals has been serving the neighbourhood of Gurugram and Delhi for more than 15 years. The hospital offers more than 30+ specialities and its medical team comprises of 50+ specialized medial experts and doctors. The UI of this website showcases the core services offered and also feature high quality images of the top doctors and facilities. The design and the content both highlight the personalized and curated care approach of Artemis Lite Hospitals.

The color theme is professional and consistent and the branding elements are used throughout to create a cohesive look. The CTAs are strategically placed, which prompt the visitors to book appointments and also learn more about the facilities and services provided.

Ms Saipatri

The website boasts a straightforward and intuitive layout, exuding a traditional Indian aesthetic. The strategic interplay of dark and light colour schemes imparts a refreshing ambience. It's designed to be fully responsive, ensuring a visually attractive & seamless experience across all devices. Furthermore, its swift loading times, facilitated by its speed and adaptability, make it accessible even on slower connections.

Dr Dilip SIngh

The design of PhsiofyMe's website is calm and balanced, using a combination of bright and dark colors. The main theme of the site includes deep green, soft mustard, and gray, with a white background. When you visit the website, you'll immediately see all the details about various therapies and treatments. Right at the page's top, there are five options - Blogs, Services, Treatments, and Doctors - leading to different pages for additional information.

As you go down, there's a FAQs section that provides more insights into the services. Towards the end of the homepage, you'll see information about the physiotherapy experts. Overall, the website is easy to navigate with CTA buttons placed throughout the page for easy booking.

Kartik Bawa

The UI/UX design of Hotel Limon is very clear and concise, with a light color palette. The primary colors used in the website are Pale pink, light grey, and light mustard with white background. The website opens up with a little introduction to the hotel and highlights the key features and services offered by the hotel. As you scroll down, you will find new offers & promotions, and booking options at the end of the Home page.

At the top of the page, you have five options – About, Hotels, Service Apartments, Events, Blogs, and Contact – each page provides helpful information. The CTA buttons are added throughout the homepage so anyone can easily book their services.


Royal Orchid Farm’s website features stunning design, capturing the essence of the resort and its surrounding. The homepage greets the visitors with a captivating image of lush greenery and serene landscapes. Highlighting the spa, the website showcases a range of thrilling activities that immerse guests in the wonders of nature. Testimonials from satisfied guests add credibility and enhance the user experience. The website has a special interface with real reviews that give information about the outstanding encounters and memorable moments had by prior visitors.


The website for Currant Life Science is stylish and professionally made, reflecting the company's dedication to innovation and global health. Dark blue color palette clearly conveys a sense of reliability and confidence.  The webpage features the business' tagline "Advancing health through innovative Pharmaceutical solutions," building a powerful brand identification. The homepage has a noticeable form that invites users to submit their service requests directly, making it easier for customers to receive their services. This form's user-friendly layout, clear field descriptions, and instructions make it simple for users to enter the required data. According to the rules of the pharmaceutical business, the website consistently maintains a professional and authoritative tone.

Harshit Kumar

FindMyFix website showcases a sleek and professional black and white interface that creates a modern user experience. The homepage immediately captures attention with captivating images of televisions which are the company's specialization in TV and microwave repairs. At the top of the page, a "Call Us" feature ensures easy access to customer support, pointing towards their commitment to responsive service. The homepage proudly displays "25 Years of Experience," that shows the company's expertise and reliability. The website leverages the power of statistics and displays the track records of success on the homepage.

Farhan Khan

The homepage welcome’s visitors with a captivating tagline “Discover the Exotic Charms of Bangkok” which leads the user to think clearly about the main service provided. The color palette is attractive as dark pink hues, combined with a white interface, creates an elegant ambiance.The services section showcases a range of systematically created travel experiences, each accompanied by captivating photographs and attractive descriptions that transport users to the beautiful destinations of Thailand.

Pulkit Kapur

The home page of the site includes a smooth and clean design that successfully exhibits information about the company, its services, and its products. With a striking color theme featuring white and red, the site quickly catches the user's attention. The placement of the products is likewise strategic, ensuring that they are easily accessible and quickly noticeable to possible clients. The site is intended to be responsive and optimized for different devices, including smartphones and tablets, ensuring a consistent experience for all users.

Vishal Jain

WP Technology's website features a sleek and modern design, showcasing its range of services and highlighting its expertise at the very top of the homepage. The website is designed to be user-friendly and easily accessible, with all the information about the services on the main page, making it easy for visitors to find the information they need right there. There is also a section of client testimonials and the countries they serve in with individual contact information for easy contact anywhere. The overall look and feel of the website is very calm with a theme of white and a touch of pink.

Rahul Mishra

Goodrich Tedco's website features a clean and modern design, with easy-to-navigate menus and high-quality images that showcase the beauty and artistry of baking. Detailed information about their program, including the curriculum, course descriptions, tuition and fees, and admission requirements are all mentioned. This ensures that prospective students can easily access our information and apply for their program from anywhere. The website features a pop-up form as well to capture the prospect’s information and target them further to increase their sales and revenue.

Mr. Aditya Arya

It is a sleek and modern website that showcases Venus BCS's expertise and value proposition. The design features clear and concise messaging, intuitive navigation, and engaging visuals that helped users quickly understand the benefits of Venus BCS's services. We have made sure that the website is responsive and can be operated through mobile phones and tablets as well. We used a mix of text, images, and infographics which made the overall appearance of the website appealing and engaging. Each page also had clear calls to action to encourage users to contact Venus BCS for more information.

Dr Dilip SIngh

The Physiofy platform is designed with the end user in mind. The platform has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, with a modern design that makes navigation and information access simple and efficient. The user interface is designed to be visually appealing, with clear and concise information to make it easy to find what you need. The platform is built with a responsive design, ensuring that healthcare professionals can access patient records and manage appointments from any device, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. The user experience is optimized to be seamless across all devices, enabling healthcare professionals to deliver quality care, whether they're in the clinic, on the go, or working remotely.

Aditya Arya

Arya Agency's website is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that facilitates easy and efficient access to all necessary information. The main navigation bar on the homepage allows visitors to navigate through other sections of the website seamlessly. The website's white and blue colour scheme is visually appealing and enhances visibility and readability, creating a pleasant visitor browsing experience. The main page is loaded with clear and concise information, with visual cues and step-by-step directions that make it easy for visitors to comprehend.

The website provides comprehensive information about all policies and services, giving visitors a better understanding of what they can expect.

Sumit Agarwal

GoGecko's UI/UX is ideal if you're looking for a streamlined and straightforward way to access the products you need. Its navigational system and user-friendly interface make it easy to find the right product quickly. Plus, with its modern design, GoGecko ensures that this experience is visually appealing. What sets GoGecko apart is its accessibility - no matter where you are, all of the products available through the platform can be accessed from any device in your possession, making it easier to meet your product needs on the go.

Ravi Singh

The site is implemented with an aesthetically pleasing and modern interface that looks great and allows hassle-free navigation of their services, contact information, and helpful resources. Furthermore, they understand the need to be compatible with various devices; therefore, their website has been optimized to run smoothly on any mobile device. The easy navigation ensures visitors have an easy time using the site, allowing users to find what they need quickly and efficiently. By focusing on speed and ease of use, HoRenSo Consulting ensures visitors can confidently access valuable information about the company and its services — creating a lasting impression.

Chandan Sharma

Swallowtherapist.com has an excellent, user-friendly website with an intuitive design and visual appeal. No matter your comfort level when navigating sites, you'll feel right at home here. Users can quickly get to where they need to go from the homepage by following the main navigation links. At the same time, the color scheme of white and green helps to ensure maximum visibility and readability. Additionally, each page provides clear and concise information, plus helpful images that make understanding concepts more accessible.

If something isn't entirely clear, the support team is available by either email or phone so visitors can get help just as quickly as they can access their desired web page. Swallowtherapist's website exemplifies how the user experience should be designed for maximum clarity and convenience - so finding what you want is effortless!

Virendra Chowdhary

The UX/UI design of the Spa Day website is crafted with comfort and convenience in mind. On the homepage, a soothing background image with gentle accents serves as a visual invitation for users to explore all the site offers. It doesn't take long to find just what they're looking for – a search bar and service categories make finding treatments easy. Once users have decided on a treatment that suits their needs, they're taken to an informative page with all details about the service, along with an intuitive booking process with drop-down menus allowing customers to easily and quickly choose dates and times for their appointment.

Sanjal Upadhyay

The UI UX of the SanjalSpeech website is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. The homepage provides an easy-to-navigate navigation bar with clearly labelled tabs, including “Home” and “Contact Us.” Users can quickly view information about the services offered and the therapists and find contact information. The website also makes it easy to make an appointment or contact a therapist. For example, when viewing the “Contact Us” page, a simple form can be filled out and submitted for immediate response.


The UI UX of JangidModspace.com is designed to make the customer's experience seamless and easy. The website has an intuitive navigation system that allows customers to find what they're looking for. You can see detailed product images, learn about the features and specifications, and compare designs. On the top of the page are four options: About us, products, Kitchens, Wardrobes, Workshop, and Projects, which make it easy to find relevant information. Furthermore, JangidModspace.com provides customers with the best possible customer service experience through its dedicated support team, available 24/7.

Navneet Khare

The primary information is prominently shown, and the design is simple and intuitive. The use of whitespace makes the content easy to read and understand. The website looks fantastic on all devices since it is entirely responsive. Additionally, it loads quickly even on slow connections thanks to its speed and portability. Everything has been thoughtfully planned and flawlessly carried out.


The website of Trident Energy India has a professional, polished UI/UX with a hint of vibrancy. The website has a simple design and is simple to browse. Additionally, the About us section is well-structured and gives users useful details about the caliber of the company's products. Additionally, there are many Product and service sections so that clients may quickly discover what they need. The website provides a fantastic user experience overall.


With a blue, white, and green color scheme, this website tends to be on the lighter side. When you initially visit the website, you can discover all the pertinent details, such as How many students are presently studying with them. The user interface is straightforward and simple to use. Next, you may view the languages and courses they offer, including the blogs and Korean lessons. People searching for a more enjoyable and laid-back manner to learn a new language could find the cheery color palette appealing.

Mr. Sovi Bipneet Singh

The design of SBS Legal Solutions immediately grabs visitor's attention with the right word choice and visuals that are smartly placed to add both charm and power. By excluding all the chaos, the focus was on leading people to find the information they need about the services offered. We also stayed true to the brand's colour palette as we believe that colours make all that difference.

Ms. Anju Bisht

The interface clearly delivers the message of the brand, and also provides an option for the user to pick a language. With clear product images and crisp content, it captivates its target audience, who are mostly women. The brand has also taken marketing to the next level with videos to engage and educate new visitors.


With Salesforce, we took the functionality and design a step further. The users can easily sieve the results based on their requirement like services or medical provider. The interface is user-friendly with a modern design, with smart incorporation of search functions for services, medical providers and locations.

Mr. Deepanshu Budhija

The homepage has an excellent design and phenomenal user experience. The interface and the design build a connection with the visitors and make them want to explore and learn. Users can find all the information about various courses with clickable links and searching for new courses is a breeze. Graphics and relevant visuals make visiting a very user-friendly experience.

Prashant Chanchal

The homepage highlights the various puja services offered along with all the necessary information without making it look cluttered. The use of relatable images invokes reliability among the visitors when they visit the website. The designers used positive visuals with a balanced use of text, graphics and animations. The site also has a colour theme giving the brand a unified voice.

Vedur Kohli

The website of Mindtribe might not look like a dynamic design at first, but it excels with other features. With a sophisticated and neat design, the website does not confuse any visitor and stays true to the theme of health website. With prominent display of needed information and contrasting and large fonts makes it easy for visitors to read. Use of a blue colour certainly suits the feeling of well-being.

Rajeev Goel

For Fintree Money, we made use of bright colours and gradients to welcome the users once they arrive on the website. The users are also enraptured with the clear banner on the homepage and the “Get a Quote” button to get down to actual business. The website certainly impresses with its inquisitive style and combines various text and graphic elements to deliver the relevant information.

Asif Ali

The design of Aminaboutique follows a very user-centric approach, is as gorgeous as its functionality. With the right typography, pop of colour, and perfect line spacing we made sure to make it stand out functionally and visually from its competition. The use of bright colours creates a brand personality that sets them apart from the rest. With minimum surrounding content and clutter the user can focus on what he/she wants.

Vivek Bakode

Being a website for a restaurant and food delivery service, the design is clean and on-point. There are no flashy colors but delicious pictures of mouthwatering food. There is also a section for all the partnered brands and blogs on their homepage. Their menu is also minimal and easy to navigate. The cards for each item have precise information about the food item and simple navigation. The design is very user-centric.

Debashish Bal

This website has a unique touch to it. We got creative with its drop-down menus, and instead of traditional menus, they have got symbols to represent different things. Its design is subtle and easy to understand. The design may look too simple, but that is one of its pros. Since the concept is relatively new, anyone who gives one glance at the site can easily understand the purpose. Since poker is considered not a good sport, it was important to portray a safe vibe.

Mr. Rahul Mishra

Tedco's website has got a very calming design that pleases every visitor. While it does not have anything eye-catching, the site's color theme and spaciousness make it perfect for an educational institute. There are no static images used so that each visitor gets a more personalized experience, and we made sure there is a section for every vital information right there on the home page without making it feel like the information is stuffed. Just the right calming and informative touch!

Mathew Jacobs

The MuGigs website has a consistent style throughout, a user-centric design philosophy, and useful functionality. The client's desired atmosphere of a live musical performance is well captured by the red tones used throughout. The website is clutter-free due to the straightforward navigation and minimal material, and visitors can quickly locate what they are looking for. There's also a different vibe to it that will attract the targeted audience very well.

Anuradha Sharma

The design for this website is a bit attractive. It has got bright colors, and the banner stands out pretty well. The theme of this site is to make the visitors stop and stare. The information is also pretty well divided, and the site does not look clustered. It is a clean and bold one!

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