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Bossting your sales through affiliate marketing.

With more than decades of experience and expertise in affiliating and providing efficient marketing services, we are fully aware of the best ways to connect consumers with brands and products by implementing those strategies never seen before. We always move forward with innovative and result-driven solutions that help us connect our clients with their audience and help publishers monetize their content.

For Brands and Advertisers

With our services, get access to more than 140,000 publishers globally, with a dedicated network team of development specialists who will identify affiliates and partner opportunities across the content, loyalty, influencer, and for you.

For Firms

You require an affiliate marketing partner with scalability and reachability. Our dedicated working professionals offer unmatched affiliate marketing support with publisher expansion, campaign optimization, and more.

For Publishing Partners

When working with us, you will be working with the top brands across the industries, from fashion to financial services. Whether you are an influence, blogger, businessman, app developer, our publishing network will help you in various ways.

Turn Your Ideas Into Profits

We are here to take your ideas and help you turn your business into a profitable and successful business online. If you do not have any ideas, do not worry, AMITKK is here to help you choose business direction from more than millions of different niches.

Build Profitable Websites

You should consider your site a storefront for the business. Building your very own website will become very simple when you work with us. We do not consume much time and build the best-looking mobile and conversion-driving website in less than a minute. Ultra-powerful, secure hosting and stare of art services will help you to grow your business online with AMITKK.

Powerful Strategies To Attract Traffics

Your customers are your business. Without customers, Advertising or driving sales will not be possible. Within the first few days of working with us, AMITKK will provide you with solid insight into all the latest traffic techniques and strategies and how you can attract significant amounts of customers to your site. AMITKK owns Google rankings and a huge share of all traffic online.

Unlimited Revenue Sources

After getting traffic, you are in need to make money from this traffic. It is the most fun part. Without spending a significant amount of money, you will get the chance to promote all the leading brands globally via affiliate programs. As a member of AMITKK, you will be learning how you can choose close to 500 million products or services and promote them on your site. You will do it without any inventory, shipping, or support other than our expertise.

Wealthy Affiliate Powers

We not only lead the affiliate market, but we propel and innovate the industry. There is the reason more than 55,000 independent authority bloggers rank AMITKK the go-to platform for entrepreneurs.

Our Achievement

500 +

Brands Served

45 +

Sales Generated (Cr.)

80 +

Channel Partners

18 +


Benefits Of Working With AMITKK


Affiliate marketeer in Delhi Affiliate marketeer Affiliate marketing services Leverage Affiliate Network

Leverage Affiliate Network

We are happy with our affiliate marketers who provide ongoing access to stories waiting to be unleashed, performance potential, and rapid content marketing on each affiliate campaign.

Enhance The Brand

We will help you get amazing reviews of the products and services thriving on customer emotions and assist your brand in enhancing sales and gaining integrity and trust.

Action-oriented Callouts

We are known for using efficient and action-oriented calls-to-action that will help you to grab readers' attention which makes the product post more skimmable.

Our Capabilities

Email Marketing

Our services include a deep analysis of the target audience ad sending the monthly newsletter and product emailers as recommendations to the subscribers.


Our experts use compelling blogging strategies and educate the audience about the services and products.

Video Production

We design and craft assisting videos around the product or an issue that can be solved and share videos on different online platforms and mobile devices.

Our Beliefs

We Test Before Executing

We are here to help you with the multiple strategies for our affiliate network and test out the efficiency for maximum effects.

We Always Research

After analyzing their data, we dig deep into the database and find partners to ensure that they are a perfect fit.

Value For Money

We do cost-effective analysis to find reasonable commission rates with every affiliate that offers maximum incentives and drives results.

We Understand Growth

We consider the growth and the affiliate growth to ensure that your sales not only add up but multiply.

Affiliations That Multiply Sales

Our services are an effective campaign that helps one to grow with you. We know the constant requirements for scaling campaigns across the affiliate network and handpick partners to spread their growth. Our dedicated experts believe in long-term partnerships with appropriate partners for creating robust and long-lasting campaigns.

We will evaluate our affiliates' process and design our services in a way so that the graph is always at the top, and customize your campaigns, and our custom made solutions will ensure to make you successful.

How do we operate?

We Create Affiliate Partnerships That Become Long-lasting Ownerships

Rather than partnering up with anyone, we extend our reach to affiliates who have the potential for conversion. We are well aware that losing time with the wrong partners can be a scary thing to do. For this reason, to help you out with our efficient services, we do thorough research in all aspects of the affiliates and find the best team for you. We are known for analyzing and forecasting to ensure that you are always on the fastest route.

We will design specific narratives for particular partners is our greatest skill we boast of. We ensure that your message is not shifted into something too cheesy or looks obvious. We design our campaigns to communicate with the audience in a way that is bound to drive results and make your business boom.

We go through our database for each opportunity before tying the knot. Our immense network of affiliates lets us create a team that does not leave any stone unturned.

Looking for Affiliate Marketing Services?

Why Choose AMITKK for Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Partner?

In search of the ideal solution to amplify your sales through affiliate marketing? Your search ends here! We are your dedicated Affiliate Marketing Services, armed with decades of experience, ready to skyrocket your business. Here's why we are your ideal choice:

Experience and Innovation Combined

Experience and Innovation Combined

With over a decade of expertise in affiliating and effective marketing, we bring innovation to the table like never before. Our strategies connect consumers and brands in unprecedented ways, ensuring your business thrives in the digital landscape.

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Experience and Innovation Combined

Unmatched Reach and Connection

We provide access to a global network of over 140,000 publishers. Our specialised network team identifies prime affiliates and partnerships across content, loyalty, and influencer domains, ensuring your brand gets the exposure it deserves.

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Experience and Innovation Combined

Tailored Support for Firms

For firms seeking scalability and wide reach, we offer unparalleled affiliate marketing support. Our dedicated professionals engage in campaign optimisation, expand your network of publishers, and deliver comprehensive support to maximise your success.

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Experience and Innovation Combined

Empowering Publishing Partners

Whether you're an influencer, blogger, entrepreneur, or app developer, our publishing network opens doors to collaboration with top industry brands. Join hands with us to amplify your efforts and unlock new avenues of growth.

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Experience and Innovation Combined

Your Ideas Transformed into Profit

No ideas? No problem! We assist you in selecting a profitable business direction from millions of niches. Allow us to transform your concept into a flourishing online business.

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Experience and Innovation Combined

Effortless Website Creation

Your website is your digital storefront. We simplify the process by crafting visually stunning and conversion-focused websites in under a minute. Our top-tier hosting and services lay the foundation for your online journey.

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  • Logo of Shivani Patro

    AMITKK marketing company has been providing affiliate marketing services since a decade. Their experienced team has done lot of hard work for my company to get at desired level. They enforce all the probable techniques for affiliate marketing. They have done an amazing job, and I am happy to work with them.

    Shivani Patro

    Owner - Squizzl

  • Logo of Ankush Sharma

    Good website and marketing go hand in hand for any business to grow. Affiliate marketing is one step ahead of everything. It attracts the target audience towards the company as marketing is done after so much of research. AMITKK company is one such company on which one can blindly rely for the sales driven figures. Their team is expert and extremely knowledgeable.

    Aditya Arya


  • Logo of Rajeev Goel

    Affiliate marketing is very important for any business to reach a good number of target audience. It's not possible to get constant sales without it. AMITKK company designs affiliate marketing programs after a thorough market research. Ultimately this leads to more sales.

    Rajeev Goel

    Founder Fintree Money

  • Logo of Yash Pahuja

    AMITKK marketing company does affiliate marketing through many mediums. Be it in blogs, through influencers or advertising. They have covered all the sections where it is possible. I trust only AMITKK company for affiliate marketing of my business. Their experience and research have increased my sales to a greater extent.

    Yash Pahuja

    Owner - Prateek Studio

  • Logo of Saaransh

    AMITKK marketing company is leading in affiliate marketing programs. They have covered a bigger section of audience which can help any/every business to get more sales and numbers. My business has benefitted from their years of experience and networks. Glad to have found the best team.


    Marketing head - Trademark

Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for affiliate marketing? Let us help you by answering some of the most common questions, that perhaps cross your mind.

Can I combine affiliate marketing with other monetization methods on my website or platform?

Yes, you can definitely combine affiliate marketing with other ways to make money on your website or platform. It's a smart idea to use different methods together to increase your earnings.

What do I do if I have technical issues with affiliate tracking or links?

Here are some things you can do - 

  • To identify tracking issues, compare data from different sources like your analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics), affiliate network reports, and merchant data.
  • Utilize third-party verification tools to integrate and analyze data from multiple sources for auditing and error detection.
  • Ensure correct tracking setup during the affiliate handover process. Some tools allow in-depth analysis of tracking on the advertiser's landing page.
  • Use tools like Link Checker to scan and repair your links, and test your tracking codes with tools like Google Tag Manager.
  • If issues persist, contact the affiliate network or merchant. Provide evidence and discuss solutions or compensation if the issues are beyond your control.

Understanding the cause and severity of the problem will guide your approach to resolving affiliate tracking or link issues.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money

Find the complete guide about how to start affiliate marketing with no money. When you work with us, we will provide you with weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports on your marketing. We focus on offering thorough and easy-to-understand reports. It helps to present meaningful data that will help you drive affiliate campaigns' of the ongoing strategy. Alongside this, we will help you include a narrative that will explain the work, what ROI you will see as a consequence and the next steps that will help to supercharge the affiliate marketing campaigns.

What is the Role Of An Affiliate Marketing Manager?

The affiliate marketing expert will build successful affiliate partnerships that will work best with the business. We also watch the competitor landscape to ensure that you do not miss any marketing opportunities. They are also responsible for managing the process of the commissions, invoicing, and refunds for affiliate partners for maintaining a healthy network. AMITKKs manager will find and come up with efficient solutions and approaches when building an efficient digital marketing strategy. We will stay in constant communication that helps in getting better affiliate leads and partners. With the help of this process, you will see better results in sales and performance, and we will frequently report on the progress of the campaign.

Why Affiliate Marketing is Booming in 21st Century

The Google Trend states the growing demand and popularity of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing will boost your reputation, widen your audience, and cost-effectively scale traffic and sales. Affiliate marketing can assist you in getting more relevant potential customers, and as a performance-based strategy, it does not come with an immense amount of low risk. With the help of our services and powerful tools, along with an all-in-one affiliate platform with a wide spectrum of UO features. In other words, it is an efficient way of benefitting your business. Our robust security means that you can build bonds seamlessly along with enhanced sales.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing comprises trusted affiliates broadly promoting brands and companies. It will help you to drive traffic to the website while building trust and enhancing conversion rates. Affiliate marketing is also called performance-based marketing, as you will only have to pay the commission when the KPIs are met. A robust and efficient strategy will let you incorporate the influence of the partner affiliates to enhance the sales funnels. Our strategic approach includes analyzing the needs of our customers and outlining an appropriate strategy by blending a deep understanding of the customer's latest marketing trends and behavior with an immense and sustainable affiliate database. We are here to deliver the growth of the brand you will need.

Get Consultation

Is your existing process not providing response and results? Or are you in the affiliate business for the first time?

Regardless of which stage you are in, our affiliate marketing services can help boost sales for you.

Set Brief

If you are not certain whether affiliate marketing could work to grow the business ROI or find out how to scale the existing program and help you succeed.

Outline The Journey

Discover AMITKK industry-leading ways of tracking, growing affiliates, and managing affiliates with transparent performance insights.

Ask Your Questions

Explore the options and use the knowledge to figure out the specifics of any questions.

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