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We are a leading website development agency in Noida working on a multitude of languages and framework. We have delivered 100+ websites in last 5 years for host of businesses and brands. We work on an array of technology like PHP, WordPress, Laravel, React JS, NodeJS, Vue JS, Quasar and many more. Our team develops beautiful websites from scratch using custom UI designs developed just for you. These custom designs provide high speed and flexibility in terms of scalability and maintenance in future.

Developed with love, these websites give a better result in SEO and user experience. Our digital marketing team finds it much easier and comfortable to work and deliver results on these websites due to its strong basics.

Web Languages and frameworks we work on

Although our team has experience and knowledge of a huge list of language and frameworks, below are some of the most preferred ones. This is mainly due to the client preference and the results it delivers in digital marketing.

WordPress Development in Noida

WordPress Development

WordPress is the most preferred language for website development as it powers one third of websites in the world. Easy to build, maintain and customize WordPress is loved by bloggers and small businesses as it fits right in their digital requirement. The key to a good WordPress website is basically a custom UI design built from scratch ensuring minimal use of scripts and styles. This gives a light user friendly website with all the features of WordPress for you to build on.

Laravel Development

The most leading and preferred PHP framework that is used extensively to develop bigger projects. With Laravel 8 coming in the foray and the sweet support it gets from livewire and tailwind CSS, this framework is going places. We love Laravel as it allows us to develop scalable and custom website especially for e-commerce websites and big projects. It's also highly suitable for admin panel for mobile applications. We have really high capabilities when it comes to development in Laravel.

Laravel Development in Noida
React JS Development in Noida

React JS Development

React JS is the most happening frontend JavaScript frameworks out there. With its speed performance, ease of development it gives a good user experience and page load. The problem with JavaScript frontend frameworks and in React too is the challenges it has in server side rendering.

Developers either do not know or care much for server side rendering as it falls in the jurisdiction of digital marketing and hence ignore this. We keep a close watch on this and implement server side rendering to the full extent to get you ranked.

Node JS Development

Node JS is a powerful backend JavaScript framework that is used extensively with other frontend frameworks. Our development team has worked extensively on node JS on various projects and are well versed with connecting it with other frameworks. From API creations to powering frontend frameworks, we deliver everything in Node JS.

Our node development team ensures its maintenance is easy as APIs are developed in small modules which make them efficient and manageable.

Node JS Development in Noida
Vue JS Development in Noida

Vue JS Development

Vue JS comes with its own set of advantages and is the second most preferred frontend framework after React JS. Laravel comes with pre built set up for Vue JS and it can be used extensively there. Not just Laravel, Vue can be used along with the beautiful combination of Node JS. It results in very light, flexible and high scalable websites.

Maintenance of Vue JS just like React JS is easy and is generally used extensively for developing admin panels for mobile applications.

Quasar Development

Quasar is an upcoming framework based on Vue JS and delivers a website, android app, iOS app and a software on a single code base. This framework is preferable for bigger projects as a single code base makes the life of the tech team easy.

Quasar comes with a hell lot of prebuilt modules and components that make development easy, fun and fast. Although in an initial stage, quasar has come a long way and is building on fast.

Quasar Development in Noida

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Why us for Website development

There's a huge list of website development agencies in Noida and finding one that delivers as per your requirement can be tricky if you are not from tech background. Whoever you choose, should have good experience in digital marketing as well apart from the strong technological capability. Most freelancers do not have experience in digital marketing which is reflected in their websites developed as well. Below are some of the reason that make us the top website development agency in Noida.

Technical capability

Our team of developers work on a lots of languages and frameworks that ensure you do not have compromise anywhere. Strong technical capability ensures a strong foundation of website with no bugs and good user experience. Our team has the capability to develop all kind of modules in website and deliver within time and budget.


Creativity of a website development company is reflected in the UI design of the website it develops. An aesthetically beautiful website ensures that users have a good experience and they return back. In fact, users feel more comfortable and secure in connecting with the business for their requirements.

Our creative team rolls out custom UI design which is approved by the clients before the development work actually starts off.

Focus on SEO

We do digital marketing for websites we develop and also for the ones developed by others. This experience over the years has taught us the technical requirement from search engine optimization perspective. Our development team goes a step ahead to ensure that the website has all the basics it needs for digital marketing.

In fact, we generally do basic SEO work for the websites we develop and also handhold clients for this after handing over.

Process flow and communication

We have an established process flow for website development that is shared and discussed with clients before starting the work. This process can be tweaked depending on the work on hand and is followed completely by the whole team.

During the complete development process, regular communication is done with the client through mails and WhatsApp groups. Every step is approved by client for finalization and then we move ahead in further development.

If you are looking for a website development company in Noida, look no further and connect today to discuss your project.

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