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SEO portfolio for Prashant Chanchal

Prashant Chanchal

The website provides puja and products for Hindu religion. Built on Laravel with the libraries of Livewire, tailwind and Alpine JS, the website ranks on the first page for more than 60 keywords organically. The website is a mix of products, services and subscription packages making it a big project in itself. It has around 70 more keywords on the second page that will soon move to the first page in another month.

The result has been due to our systematic SEO strategy that focused on creating content and planning out links around it. Keyword finalisation was done meticulously along with analysing the competition activities. The website gets ranked on new at least 10 keywords while adding more than 25 to its total targeting every month.

SEO portfolio for Ms. Pooja Aggarwal

Ms. Pooja Aggarwal

The client is into providing various kind of tea products in India. Tea sector is very competitive and is driven by branding. Users make a very conscious choice before making the purchase. The keywords for the sector have low traffic with high competition in them. Most websites engage AdWords and campaigns to drive sales with little to no focus on organic SEO.

The whole website was optimised to make it completely 100% SEO optimised before starting its digital marketing. Careful selection of keywords and its mapping to pages and blogs was done. The content writing team did a splendid work in creating content that described the products and the articles beautiful while capturing the keywords for SEO purpose.

Through an honest and systematic SEO strategy we were able to achieve ranking on more than 15 keywords in the first three months itself which is a very good feat for tea sector.

SEO portfolio for Mr. Deepanshu Budhija

Mr. Deepanshu Budhija

Made by our website development team in WordPress, the site started showing rank after 6 weeks itself on an impressive number of keywords. The client is into providing highly technical educational courses to students. Our SEO team carefully identified keywords to be targeted along with the competition and traffic. Once the keywords were finalised we mapped them to pages and crafted content accordingly.

Guest blogging was used extensively for traffic and backlinks. The work paid off after 6 weeks when ranking started showing up and traffic rose up steadily.

SEO portfolio for Our Project

Our Project

Organic SEO is our most prominent channel of business development with at least 2 leads coming in every day. Our website ranks on more than 80 keywords beating peers from the same industry. We see digital marketing agencies run google Adword campaigns on the same keywords where we get appear for free. This is the power of organic SEO.

Our SEO team creates content on consistent basis targeting various keywords. We add nearly 50 new keywords every month to the list with our ranking results moving upwards progressively. The strength of our stellar performance is the strong content that our SEO team and writers are able to generate on regular basis. The SEO team keeps a close watch on competition and the trends shaping the industry.

SEO portfolio for Study Spectrum

Study Spectrum

Study Spectrum is our product into education that provides video tutorials, test series and other educational benefits to students and teachers. Our SEO team focuses on getting the website ranked on targeted keywords and SEO of YouTube channel too. In due time we have generated a subscriber base of around 30 thousand on YouTube who actively consume the videos.

Our SEO team targets the keywords that students, parents and teachers use in searches. These keywords are carefully targeted through engaging blogs and articles we publish. As a result the website ranks on more than 100 keywords on first page on the total target of around 600 keywords. We get more than 5000 traffic every month with almost 1000 unique visitors.

SEO portfolio for India Enigma

India Enigma

India Enigma is our product into travel and showcases India as a travel destination. The website shows various travel destinations in India beautifully. With the unique concept the website aims to connect with users planning to visit a particular destination.

A detailed keyword analysis for each tourist destination was done and pages and blogs were planned accordingly. A watch on the traffic and the competitiveness was kept in mind. After keyword finalisation, content was created keeping the keywords mapped in mind.

The website ranks on more than 50 keywords on the first page and around 120 keywords on the second page. The meticulous planning and execution by SEO team has been delivering steady results with us.

SEO portfolio for Vivek Sharma

Vivek Sharma

We helped Pawrulz, a pet product website, achieve significant growth through our strategic SEO services. Our team followed a data-driven approach and we started with website structure and content optimization. This helped us improve the search engine ranking for those keywords that are brand-relevant. By doing so we ensured Pawrulz appeared at the top of search results for terms like "organic dog treats" or "durable cat toys."

Next, our team optimized product descriptions, blog posts, and website content with relevant keywords to enhance the organic ranking and user experience. A thorough technical SEO audit was done to identify website issues and they were fixed on time so that it does not hinder the brand’s search engine visibility. Page speed optimization, website responsiveness, and internal linking too were worked on.

Pawrulz saw a substantial increase in organic traffic, leading to more website visitors, higher conversion rates, and ultimately, a boost in sales.

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