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Not just any SEO agency we are the best SEO agency in Mumbai. Our team of SEO experts have a deep understanding of how search engines work and align the website accordingly. We have a dedicated team of writers, on page and off page experts that follow systematic steps towards SEO. We deliver results in the first 3 months itself.

Our SEO is further supported by our strong technical team who remove the problems in website easily to improve its basics. SEO is crucial as it helps in easily driving the website traffic, sales and the visibility. It plays a crucial role in digital marketing of any business as it helps in bringing the digital assets to the fore front to the customers.

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SEO and its type

There are various types of SEO but the basics of all these remain same. Its main purpose is to help search engines identify the website for the app on specific keywords. A strong understanding of technology, search engines working and the importance of content goes into delivering SEO results. Our team have a strong combination of the three.

eCommerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO

SEO for an e-commerce website is different for from the regular websites as it has products and services for sale. The same products get displayed on different categories and tags and the SEO experts must be able to handle them with ease to avoid content duplicity.

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SEO for Small Business

Small businesses generally have a small budget for SEO and delivering results within the same budget can be tricky. This is where economies of scale and scope come into picture. A good SEO agency will always have bandwidth to cater to these small businesses as well.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is basically getting the website runt on keywords like nearby, near me or keywords that are location specific. It helps to drive physical traffic to the brick and mortar shops. Location proximity in search engines have started playing a major role here.

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YouTube SEO

While SEO is generally aimed at search engines, YouTube SEO has also has started getting momentum. To drive traffic to the YouTube videos this requires a good understanding of how YouTube channel works and writing description accordingly.

Steps in SEO



The first step in SEO process is research that helps us to understand the competition and the sector the business is in. It also involves identifying the keywords and planning accordingly. The research takes up to two weeks for any business.

SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

SEO strategy involves finalizing the keywords to be targeted and planning the pages, on page and off page SEO accordingly. Generally we start with targeting the long tail keywords before moving on to short tail keywords.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Our SEO experts ensure the keywords are placed in pages and blogs smartly. These blogs and pages are then published and indexed for SEO. We have a team of content writers that create SEO focused content for businesses.

On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization

On page optimisation is was basically creating Meta tags that help search engines identify the pages. It also involves interlinking the pages to ensure users can easily navigate the website easily. Our SEO experts then work on images, videos, iframes to ensure that the pages and the website load quickly.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

Off page optimisation involves creating backlinks on other websites, guest blogging and other list of off page activities to drive traffic. We ensure that backlinks are created on sites with good DA PA and low spam score. Monthly, we do at least 100 backlinks to keep the SEO steady.

Testing and Monitoring

Testing and Monitoring

Once all the SEO elements are in place the website is tested and monitored on search engines. Any changes identified are corrected accordingly. SEO is an ongoing work and requires continuous monitoring.

We share a monthly report that covers the progress made and plan for then next month.

Benefits of SEO

How SEO can reap results for the business growth

Quality Traffic

Through SEO we get quality traffic on the keywords that we are targeting. Not just any random traffic but users who can be potential customers get directed to the website.

Brand Visibility

Through SEO the brand visibility increases as our website starts getting ranked on keywords and our brand it is brought to the world.

Brand Credibility

SEO helps in building brand credibility as we start becoming more visible on the keywords that impact the brand. This builds a strong connect between the keywords and a brand image.

Benefits of SEO
Benefits of SEO

Increase ROI

SEO has a good ROI as the probability of converting an intended search to sales increases. Unlike social media marketing SEO is a pull marketing activity initiated by users.

Long Term Benefits

Long term benefits of SEO are visible as more and more keywords start getting rank and customers can access the whole bouquet of our services. Unlike PPC or social media marketing which works till the media budget allows SEO on the other hand gives steady ranking.

Focus on Local Customers too

Local SEO focuses on location specific keywords like nearby, near me. Search engines places strong emphasis on local proximity to drive physical traffic to the shop. A good account on Google My Business is emphasised in local SEO.

Pillars of SEO

  • 1


    Content is the strongest pillar on which SEO is built on as search engines place a strong emphasis on content. A well-researched content is appreciated by search engines through rich snippets and improved rankings in SEO.

  • 2


    Authority in SEO is very important as it helps search Indian engines to identify the credibility of the website. Websites like Wikipedia get ranked easily because of their authority. They have a well place system to check the credibility of information which is acknowledge by Google.

  • 3


    Technology plays a strong role in as it improve the user experience through easy page load and mobile responsiveness. Our team of website development ensures that every website that is developed has strong fundamentals.

  • 4

    User Engagement

    User engagement are strong signals observed by search engines to identify websites that do well on specific keywords. Low bounce rate, mobile responsiveness are some of the factors that come into play.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for SEO Company in Mumbai ? We hold the repute of successfully bringing the website among the top Google searches within the definite period.

How long does it take to rank on google?

It generally takes three to four months for any business to start showing SEO results. This further depends on the sector and its competitiveness the business is. You can start expecting results after 3 months. It is easy to get ranked on long tail keywords initially while short tail keywords can take up to 6 months.

Should I do SEO, run PPC Ads, or both?

PPC campaigns are basically band aids for the keywords that the website is not getting ranked on currently. So if you have ongoing SEO works, running a PPC campaign might not be a bad idea to provide cover for the keywords you are yet to be ranked. However depending completely on PPC to get traffic and leads is definitely a bad idea.

What page speed score should I aim for?

Higher the page speed the better it is for the website. Any score above 75 on both mobile and desktop is a good indication of strong fundamentals.

How do I create SEO friendly content?

Content should always focus on providing information in easy and readable manner. SEO friendly contact will have keywords and LSI keywords place in them smartly without making them look stuffed forcibly.

How much does SEO cost and why invest in it?

SEO services generally start from Rs 25000 monthly and depends on the sector of the business and its competitiveness. For E-Commerce the same services start from Rs 35000 as they have a lot of pages and products to be worked on. Investing on SEO is the best decision one can take after getting their websites developed. SEO helps in break in taking your website to the right audience and connecting them with you.

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