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PPC Services Company is one of the most in-demand agencies across the globe to run ad campaigns for lead generation. They add directly to the revenue and also the marketing efforts of every brand. Search engines facilitate ad campaigns where marketers target audiences based on the search text they put in. These texts also called keyword form a crucial point in the SEO of any website. Through well-researched keywords finalization, filtering on interest and behavior patterns, and geographical territory, the ads are then run on the search engines. When users search for a service or product, the ads are shown in various places of the result. Every time a user clicks on your ad, the amount you bid on the keyword gets deducted from your budget. Hence the term “Pay Per Click Marketing”.

What is pay-per-click?

PPC or pay-per-click is one type of internet marketing in which advertisers pay an amount of money each time their ads are clicked. Advertisers place their ads on an ad platform, and whenever someone searches for relevant keywords it shows up on the SERP. To place an advertisement on different ad platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc. marketers need to bid for relevant keywords through an automated auction system on basis of RTD (real-time data).

Right bidding for the right keywords helps to earn high-quality scores which increase the chance of your ad to get a higher rank to show up on top of the ad listing. There are many PPC services companies available with PPC experts to help you with this.

Benefits of PPC marketing:

In today’s competitive market pay-per-click is one of the most effective marketing models which allows you to reach out to the new audience and potential customers only. In PPC marketing, advertisers bid for different keywords, and on basis of the quality score, their ads are placed on SERPs, social media, and other websites. There are multiple ad networks like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more. PPC ads usually show up above and beside a SERP. Once the ad is clicked by any visitor it directs the visitor to the landing page and a certain amount is charged to the advertiser for the same.

Top5 benefits of PPC marketing which you must know before you make a marketing strategy for your business:

Immediate Effect

PPC advertising has an immediate impact on your business as it generates instant leads. You do not have to wait for a few months before Google finds your website valuable and starts giving high rankings.

Genuine Leads

You advertise only for the potential customers who are looking for a business like yours. Since only potential customers will show interest in your advertisement, half of the job is already done here for you.

Good Filtering

In PPC advertisement you can target your audience on basis of their interest and geographical area. PPC marketing offers good options to filter out geography, interest, and behavior to make your targeting very specific.

High ROI

As you need to pay only if someone clicks on your ad, it automatically decreases the marketing spend. Your ROI always tends to be very positive as only people looking for the specific service click on the ad and the chances of conversion thus become high.

Build a Reputation

Not just leads, PPC campaigns also help you build a reputation with Google. Frequent PPC campaigns ensure SEO rankings are achieved easily as Google starts seeing you as a valid business.

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency to deliver the above benefits? No need to worry. AmitKK, is a leading PPC service provider in Delhi. Our team of PPC specialists generates leads and helps businesses to get maximum ROI.


The most common question asked by a client is what is better SEO or PPC?

The answer is it basically depends on the current situation of the business.

Let’s have an idea about the difference between these two.

Search Engine Optimization is a process of improving your site’s quality to increase its visibility which determines your position in the organic search section. SEO gives you organic traffic at no cost but in PPC advertisement you need to pay for each click. Paid ads are visible at the top of the organic listing. SEO takes a long time to show you the result where PPC gives you an instant result. The more you are visible to the audience, the more you get the potential traffic. A new business initially may face some challenges to get organic traffic for their site, but they can easily get traffic through PPC advertisement.

Sometimes SEO performs better, sometimes PPC, and in some cases, the combination of both works the best. This must be determined carefully to run a successful marketing campaign and a professional experienced PPC services company can only guide you the best in your PPC marketing plan.

How does PPC ad work?

PPC stands for Pay-per-click which clearly means that advertisers need to pay per click of their ads. Before diving into how PPC works, let’s have an idea of who is involved in the whole process of PPC advertisement. There are mainly 3 parties who are involved in this process:

  • Advertiser – A business who use PPC to advertise their brand or services.
  • Network – PPC networks like Facebook Ad or Google Ads or Bing Ads to display the advertisement on their network.
  • Publisher – An individual who works closely with the PPC network to publish the ad on their sites.

Through PPC advertisement a business can target only potential customers which higher the chance of a conversion. In this process advertiser bids for keywords to show up their advertisement on the SERP. The position of the ad depends both on the ad quality and the bidding which is finally decided by the network only. The amount to be paid per click is not a fixed amount, it can be anything.

How many types of PPC?

Selecting the right PPC type is the key to a successful PPC campaign. confused about which PPC type is best for your business

smm marketing platform

  1. Search Advertising: This is the most common type of PPC advertisement. Search advertisement shows up on the top section of your SERPs. The position of your ad depends on the quality score which google decides on basis of your ad relevancy and bidding amount. A small ‘ad’ appears that indicates that it’s a paid advertisement. Search ad doesn’t contain any image, basically relevant text is the key to attract potential consumers.
  2. Display Advertising: In this type of PPC ad your ad will appear on google partner’s website. The process of display ads is the same as the Google search ad. The display ad includes both pictures and images which make it attractive.
  3. Social Media Advertising: In this digital world, the most popular type of paid advertisement is a social media advertisement. Every brand now uses social media platforms to target their potential customers. There are multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn which are being used to drag social media customers into business sites through advertising.
  4. Remarketing: Remarketing is for those consumers who already visited your site but for some reason didn’t get converted. A business can follow them through remarketing and reach out to them with special innovative ideas that may convince them to choose you. Like other PPC campaign remarketing also requires bidding.
  5. Google Display Advertising: Google display network allows you to advertise your business with images and texts in various sites, blogs, and niche sites across the internet. Though the CTR (click-through rate) is lower than other PPC advertisements it helps to improve your brand awareness. It allows you to target those consumers who visit similar business sites like yours and then they might get interested in your business instead of them.

Benefits of PPC marketing for small business

PPC advertisement is a powerful marketing strategy to generate revenue. It brings the right customers to your site at right time. We already have discussed several benefits of PPC advertisements. Now let’s discuss the benefits, a PPC marketing contributes to a small business:

  • Reach out to the potential customer: The most important benefit of PPC advertising is that it will connect you with potential customers only who are looking for a business like yours. It also saves you from wasting your time on the wrong people.
  • Brand exposure: PPC advertisement improves your brand exposure. If your ad gets a higher rank then it will show on the top which means whoever searches for the keywords you determine, can see your ad at the top. Ultimately it helps to increase your brand popularity.
  • Pay only when people click: In a small business or a startup company the marketing budget is always limited. In PPC marketing as you only pay against each click means you are paying for interested customers which saves your money to be wasted.
  • Location-based advertisement: This advertisement allows you to target the customer based on location. Whether the ad is for local audiences or for any region or for a global crowd, you can manage all this in google ads.

So, if you want to kick start your small business into growth, you must appoint a PPC service company now, who can help you with all the above-mentioned benefits.

seo for local business

When to use pay-per-click advertising for a business?

Are you still confused about whether you should go for a PPC campaign or not?

Check out the below points which will help you to take the call for a PPC campaign. In the below-mentioned scenarios a business must opt for a PPC campaign:

  1. If you are going to launch a new product or service. PPC is an effective way of marketing to build awareness of newly launched products or services.
  2. To boost up your SEO efforts as it will show you the instant result.
  3. If the marketing budget is limited, then PPC is the right choice for you as you will pay only for the potential customers.
  4. If you are new to online and want to strengthen your online presence.PPC will help you to carve out your space fast and stand out your business in the crowd of well know competitors.
  5. If you are running a non-profit business means the budget is already limited. So, PPC will help to grow your business with a limited budget and improves ROI.

Best PPC services company in Delhi NCR

In this online competitive market, PPC is the most effective marketing strategy for any business.AmitKK is a leading PPC service provider in Delhi who can help you to reach your business target by connecting you with a maximum number of potential customers. We are committed to serving you with the best PPC service in Delhi. Our PPC experts design a PPC marketing strategy as per the client’s requirement and make the best use of data-driven results from it. Our highly skilled PPC experts will help you to select the right set of keywords and bidding them tactfully which improves your position on SERP and reduce your marketing campaign expense. We ensure that our PPC campaign attracts most of the potential consumers to the business site.

Why AmitKK is one of the best PPC service company in Delhi?

PPC marketing is one of the most effective and important internet marketing strategies to get maximum brand exposure. This marketing requires highly skilled and experienced experts to manage the overall campaign. We are the No. 1 PPC service provider in Delhi.

 We at AmitKK have highly skilled professionals, specialized only in PPC who can give you a guarantee on conversion rate. We believe to cater to result-oriented, efficient services. We are known for our successful PPC campaigns and our track record makes us the best PPC services company in Delhi.

If you want more traffic to your site, optimum leads, maximum conversion and ultimately improved ROI with our PPC service contact us now.

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