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The primary task of SEO is to get the website ranked on targeted keywords. This is to ensure that whenever a potential customer searches for our services, the search engine identifies our website as one of the best options available and shows in its top 10 SERP results. Once the website gets shown in the first page of results, the chances of the customer reaching the website and hence availing the services increase drastically.

Businesses underestimate the importance of SEO as they are happy seeing their own website and he services listed in it. But what good is a website if it does not get traffic or does not show on searched keywords when the user is actually looking for your services? This is like a pretty shop that no user can find. This is where SEO becomes crucial for your online business. It bring your website to the front of customers who then reach out to you.


What are the components of SEO?

With the evolution of search engines and the huge complexity of their algorithms (not to forget their availability too), SEO becomes more of art than technology. A good SEO company or digital marketing agency needs to stay tuned to the latest trends and everything that goes in the SEO soup. Before we dive deep in the components that make SEO one needs to understand what makes SEO click.A good website with strong fundamentals are a clear help after all you need a Ferrari in formula race. As an SEO agency in Noida, it's a nightmare when a business brings up a bullock cart and asks us to do SEO on it.

Do check if you own a bullock cart or formula worthy car. Our website development team are expert in creating websites that have all the engines required to get it ranked.

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The tech stack on which the website is built plays a crucial role and can be understood for formula race analogy. Website aspects like server side rendering, page speed, SEO system, blog system need to be looked into.



SEO strategy starts with identifying the right keywords, mapping out pages for each of them and planning the whole go about. Understanding the competition, social media and guest blogging are part of the strategy.



Once the technology and strategy are in place, content takes centre stage as the mapped pages need content for search engines to identify them. When it comes to SEO content is the king and helps a long way in establishing the ranking.

On Page

On Page

On page is everything that we do on our own website it helps Google to understand the importance of the page with the Meta tag like a title description. A good SEO expert understands its importance and this is where the SEO actually starts from.

Off Page

Off Page

Off page SEO is all the activity that we do on someone else's website. It helps in building backlinks to our on pages bringing in the link juice from these websites and have the SEO of our website. Our off page SEO experts build backlinks to drive traffic sales.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is publishing a blog on different website that helps in boosting the backing and traffic. Finding good and relevant guest blogging websites can be tricky. For this we have a network of guest blogging sites for our clients.

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Top SEO trends in 2022

SEO technology has been changing drastically and staying tuned can be challenging

User Experience Signals

User Experience Signals

User experience signals such as the time spent by the user on the website indicate search engines the quality of the website and will influence its ranking.

Focus on Voice Search

Focus on Voice Search

Voice searches have started taking their piece of share in searches as strong technological advancements improved improve voice recognition

Mobile First

Mobile First

The focus has moved to mobiles from desktops and your SEO strategy should that focus on mobile first. Do check your website on mobile to get user perspective.

Link Less Backlinks

Link Less Backlinks

Link less backlinks will play a major role as hardcoded backlinks will be given less importance by search engines. This will be level out the playing ground for everyone.

Video and Image Searches

Video and Image Searches

Focus on showing videos and images in search results to gain importance as the current user trends show. User’s inclination to images and videos is shaping this

Rich Snippet

Rich Snippet

Snippets have improved the way a user interacts with search engines and getting displayed on this will gain momentum which again places a strong emphasis on content.

Why Choose Us?

We start with a commitment of SEO rankings

Commitment of Results

We stand committed to delivering the best SEO results you can start expecting them within three to four months. To begin with we identify the keywords that need to be targeted and map the pages to these keywords. We deliver first pager ranking results for 15 keywords in the first three months thereafter we add 10 keyword every month to the first page rankings.

Strong understanding of SEO

We have a very strong SEO team that believes in delivering the results and are well versed with the way Google and other search engines work and their algorithm. They align the website accordingly to the search engines to ensure ranking within the first three months itself. This is the shortest time required to get the ranks for a new website.

Proven, White-Hat Techniques

We always employ whitehead SEO techniques and never even think about using Black hat. This makes us the best SEO agency company in Noida. White hat ensures that you always remain on the good terms with search engines.

High Authority Content Marketing

Our team of content writers play a major role in SEO as they churn out SEO focus content to target the keywords. This helps us in getting the website ranked easily through detailed and well research articles written to engage the customers.

Our SEO Process

  • 1

    Website Analysis

    The first step in SEO process is analysing the website for technological gaps and improvement that need to be worked on. Things like mobile responsiveness, page speed, backend processes, SEO system, blog system etc. are identified and corrected to create the perfect website to get rank in SEO.

  • 2

    SEO Strategizing

    Once the website is in place we start working on the SEO strategy that starts with understanding the market competition and the user behaviour. We identify and target the keywords and map them to pages. We start with targeting long tail keywords first and then move towards short tail keyword this strategy gives us ranking and the results on keywords that are generally ignored or are open to be taken.

  • 3

    Content Creation

    We work on creating content that includes text for web pages and blogs. Our team of content writers ensure that the keywords and LSI keywords are placed carefully and smartly in this content. We also keep a good eye open for guest blogging to drive traffic.

  • 4

    On Page SEO

    On page SEO work starts with working on Meta tags, image optimisation and everything else on the website. The pages are then indexed on search engines and further improvement is monitored and improvised. On page is an ever going work in SEO and requires regular monitoring.

  • 5

    Backlinks Creation

    The SEO team then starts working on guest blogging and creating backlinks on different websites. A strong emphasis is placed on creating backlinks from websites that have a good standing in terms of the DA PA and low spam score. On an average we create around 100+ backlinks in a month for a website.

Clients testimonials

AmitKK Client - Vrinda Loiwal

Keywords research, user intent, analytics and reporting, you ask for it and it is all in an umbrella of SEO services offered by AmitKK and team. Their SEO strategies are commendable and the way their expertise and years of knowledge has helped my company to boost growth is just beyond words. They are incredible SEO Company located in Noida and one can also use their services for growth in digital marketing.

Vrinda Loiwal

Owner - CSEL

AmitKK Client - Dr. Amit Gupta

My company was on the verge of insolvency when I heard that digital marketing can be a way to retain back and even gain a whole new group of customers. I looked for AmitKK’s consultancy for the same and their level of digital marketing services is just uplifted on a whole new level. Their SEO strategies, email marketing, social media marketing and overall digital marketing is outstanding! Hats off to this amazing digital marketing company in India.

Dr. Amit Gupta

Owner - Friends Eye Care

AmitKK Client - Ms Priya

AMITKK has immense knowledge about SEO services and they deliver the best! Their on page and off page SEO work for my company has helped me a lot in gaining a place in Google’s top companies and thanks to them it was possible. They patiently understood what our company was about, what we want deliver to our target audience and how the market research needs to be done. Their traffic analytics, keyword analysis and overall services helped my business grow.

Ms Priya

Founder KionOverseas

AmitKK Client - Ms. Pooja Aggarwal

The whole team was incredibly polite and committed to the project. The consultation resulted in more consistent traffic levels, which met the internal team's goals. The company offers amazing on page and off page SEO support for customers which helps in generating more traffic and their extensive market research aids to many problems. The staff is committed, aimed, and competent.

Ms. Pooja Aggarwal

Owner Hindraj Tea

AmitKK Client - Mr. Deepanshu Budhija

Their exchange of information and responsiveness tend to be excellent. Several important keyword and market research queries now yield better results. AMITKK increased traffic while successfully optimising the content. Their communication and presence were extremely good. The best SEO services company in Noida was consistently impressive in terms of professional competence and ability to implement on goals.

Mr. Deepanshu Budhija

Owner Pynet Labs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for SEO Company in Noida ? We hold the repute of successfully bringing the website among the top Google searches within the definite period.

What Black Hat SEO tactics should I avoid?

All black hat SEO tactics should be avoided at all costs. The black hat gets you into the bad books of search engines and will do you more harm than any good. You might be even forced to change your domain completely. No Black hat SEO is worth the efforts and one should always focus on white hat SEO.

What are Backlinks and why do they matter?

SEO backlinks are basically links created on other websites that send traffic to your web pages. These backlinks help Google understand the importance of your website on specific keywords. Along with helping in SEO, backlinks generate traffic as the user is guided to the respective web pages. However importance must be placed on High DA PA and low spam score of the website on which the backlink has been created.

How do you do Local SEO?

Local SEO is just like a regular expression except that is targeted locally and helps the website we found on local search results. This is especially important for brick and mortar shops which needs the traffic to come to the stores physically. Factors like localised content and local links are emphasized in local SEO along with this strong Google business listing place a key factor to get rank on local SEO.

How do I measure results for SEO?

SEO results can be measured on the basis of the rankings on targeted keywords that and also the traffic that is being generated. It's easy to get ranked on long tail keywords but the real effort takes on short tail keywords. For example one can get rent on a long tail keyword like website development agency in in Noida but to get rent on a short tail keyword like website development is challenging.

What are Keywords in SEO?

In layman's terms, keywords are anything and everything that are user types in search engines looking for any particular service or product. When a user types in search text like SEO Company in Noida, it means he is looking for a digital marketing agency doing SEO in Noida. So the keyword will be “SEO Company in Noida”. Identifying these keywords and targeting them through SEO is what SEO optimization is basically.

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