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When WordPress was first released, its sole purpose was to simplify creating a blog, quickly gaining popularity among bloggers. However, as more plugins and themes have been developed by contributors and as WordPress has been updated, WordPress has evolved into a platform you can use to create virtually any website or web application.

Even giant corporations use the same platform for their backends. Because of its extendibility, many businesses use WordPress as the backend for their E-Commerce, business, event, and other websites.

At AMITKK, we have a specialized staff that works on the development of WordPress, and they can create any website, from a standard business website to an e-commerce website made from the ground up on the WordPress Platform. While developing individualized websites for each of our customers, we take every precaution to ensure their data is protected.

How to Develop a WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the most widely used systems for developing websites with many features and a high level of functionality. It is entirely free, uncomplicated, and straightforward to install and upgrade. Our skilled team is up to date on the latest industry trends and considers how those trends will affect your business.

Our WordPress website design experts work extensively to develop comprehensive options within your financial means while bearing all of these considerations in mind.

Best Website development Services

Why WordPress for Your Website Development?

Our WordPress website development process ensures all the basics are followed and the website performs well in digital marketing. Developed from scratch, our WordPress sites have minimal coding and give the best user experience. It also gives a major boost to your SEO efforts as page speed is one of the major factors taken by search engines.

Custom Theme

Custom Theme

We develop custom themes for individual clients and businesses that are completely independent.

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SEO Friendliness

SEO Friendliness

Our websites get ranke easily on serach engines and deliver you results from day one.

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Minimal Coding

Minimal Coding

We selectively use libraries and our codes are very minimilaistic giving the best user expereince.

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Easily Scalable

Easily Scalable

The websites are completely scalable to include woo-commerce and other functionalities.

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Technical Support

Technical Support

We provide technical support and guidance post delivery and have easy AMC charges too.

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Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive

All our website work is responsive on different screen sizes and especially mobile.

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Why Choose us for WordPress Website Develoment?

The following are some of the ways experts at AMITKK assist you:

Easy Development

Easy Development

Lauch your idea with our easy website development services to reach out to new customers digitally.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

We provide simple and easy WordPress AMC services to help you maintain the platform.



Our development process ensures that you can easily scale it up as per requirement in future.

WordPress Migration

WordPress Migration

If you are interested in switching to WordPress, We can help the transition easy and trouble-free.

Custom Plugins

Custom Plugins

Using our custom plugin creation, you can increase your website's functionality with new features.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Our website development ensures you get easily ranked in SEO and perform well in digital marketing.

WordPress Websites Services We Offer

We are home to some of the most brilliant developers in the industry, who use a smooth process-driven strategy to produce flexible and tidy websites. Before we create any website, the ability to be viewed easily on mobile devices is always our first consideration.

WordPress website development is one of the specialties of AMITKK, located in Bangalore. Your company can benefit from the highly personalized websites our team of developers creates using WordPress. We construct WordPress websites using a variety of platforms, including HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and Jquery. WordPress has various features and technology, making it simple to personalize websites while remaining SEO-friendly. The wide usage of SEO focus plugins like Yoast and All in one SEO are examples of the critical roles that SEO Plugins play in WordPress. These plugins help optimize your website's SEO approach, improving its position and the amount of traffic it receives.

Our full-time WordPress Development in Bangalore staff can assist you with delivering fully responsive and functioning areas that suit your company's objectives. You may provide this assistance for commercial and personal blogging websites. What are you holding out for exactly?

Why Choose AMITKK for Website Development?

Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive

Wordpress's adaptive nature, which makes it compatible and versatile across all platforms and devices, is one of its most powerful features.

A Plethora of Various Widgets

A Plethora of Various Widgets

The user benefits from the quick access provided by custom widgets; we can embed them wherever around the website.

Bulk Plugins

Bulk Plugins

The plugins available for WordPress are one of the platform's most vital selling points; many of them are all simple to set up and operate.

SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly

WordPress, which is optimized for search engines, comes packaged with a wide variety of add-ons called SEO Plugins. These add-ons help your website quickly rank in the search engines you specify.

Upgrade & Support

Upgrade & Support

CMS keeps you updated whenever a new version or plugin is released, and these updates do not interfere with the functionality of your existing website in any way.

Personalization of the Theme

Personalization of the Theme

Because a WordPress theme's structure and content may be edited, it is simple for any user to personalize and administer the article.

Looking for a WordPress Development Company in Bangalore?

Grow your business with personalised websites

Do you want a personalised, attractive website to showcase your skills or business? If so, then our Bangalore-based WordPress development agency is just the partner for you. We create every kind of website, from simple to woo commerce websites. We create all this with the same knowledge, experience and ease. An attractive website means more people and a larger audience. Moreover, we take all the necessary precautions to ensure that all our customers' data is protected.

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Logo of Mr. Deepanshu Budhija

The successful completion of a well-designed website by AMITKK led to an increase in e-commerce traffic. They use a proactive and adaptable stance to provide seamless working despite time zone variations. Their commitment to our success is remarkable.

Mr. Deepanshu Budhija

Owner Pynet Labs

Logo of Ms Priya

While the project is still in progress, AMITKK has significantly reduced our site's bounce rate and increased traffic. They also assist us in understanding how to enhance the results of our projects. Overall, they keep good cooperation going thanks to their efficient project management system.

Ms Priya

Founder KionOverseas

Logo of Rajeev Goel

The website developed by AMITKK has greatly pleased us, and we have noticed an increase in traffic and online registrations. The group is accommodating and adaptable, always accommodating the client's schedule. Additionally, they are smart, inexpensive, proactive, and simple to work with. 

Rajeev Goel

Founder Fintree Money

Logo of Ankush Sharma

The new website continues to provide good growth in users, transactions, and visitor NPS ratings. AMITKK is thorough, perceptive, and open-minded. They have more than demonstrated their capacity to provide excellent service and remain composed under all circumstances.

Aditya Arya


Logo of Dr. Anil Verma

Our website is now high functioning because of AMITKK's addition of helpful features and elimination of issues. The team has outstanding information, resources, and processes to offer and is very communicative, making them a wonderful long-term partner with deep technical understanding.

Dr. Anil Verma

Owner - Globus Remedies

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Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs


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