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AMITKK, a top website designing company in Kolkata is here to assist you in turning your company or service into a significant online brand so that you may attract more customers and grow your revenue.

We offer web design and development solutions with interactive high-end user experience (UX) services. The UI designs provides a flow to the web conversions and takes technical aspect, dynamic visual elements and technical SEO into consideration. It will result in an increase in website traffic and the amount of time each visitor spends on your website.

User experienced is also enhanced by creative, dynamic and copyright free images and icons, usage of appropriate Call To Actions (CTA) wherever necessary and various user forms in the form of contact, inquiry or subscription. Our web designs incorporate flawless web responsiveness for various electronic devices screen sizes.

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AMITKK in the recent times has emerged to be among the best website development companies in Kolkata witnessing rapid growth. We make it a point to ensure that the web presence of our customers is immaculate, allowing them to maintain contact with their target audience. We will also keep your website up-to-date with quality material, as we understand that this separates your website from the rest of the pack and ensures that it conveys the appropriate message to your clients.

A professionally designed and created website might help you make a favorable impression on potential clients or customers. Your audience will immediately form a negative opinion of your company if they see that the appearance of your website is unpleasant and does not meet the standards. The impression made on them by your website can either convince them to continue on the page and learn more about your company or persuade them to leave the page and go to the website of one of your competitors.

As one of top website development companies in Kolkata, AMITKK strongly emphasizes building long-term relationships while providing web design and development services focused on results. AMITKK, a premium web development company based in Kolkata that has won awards for its work, strives to provide high-quality websites that are responsive across a variety of devices. These websites generate online leads and conversions to help you achieve your goals. As a result, we always put our best effort into each website design project and treat it as if it were our own website.

Our company is set up to assist small and medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprises and large brands, that are fed up with receiving pricey services of low quality. We are a web designing company in Kolkata that can finish websites on time and within budget, even if deadlines are missed. Our goal as a leading website development company in Kolkata is straightforward: to produce cutting-edge, inventive, and high-quality websites for our customers that generate a positive return on investment (ROI).

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We manage website development projects with a systemised automated manner from the inception till final execution of the project. Our team makes it a point to adhere to the plan in all aspects of the business, from web design and development to marketing and back-office support. We have you covered regarding all web technologies as well.



Our method offers a patterned operation that is easy and promptly offers high results. This strategy has been explained.

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Our highly talented and experienced maestros are here to lend you a helping hand with their imaginative ideas and unmatched expertise.

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You can contact us at any time by giving us a call or sending us an email. We are equipped with the talent known for resolving any query within the stimulated time-frame.

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We received the signed contract that you have with us. Therefore, as a direct result, we emphasize your requirements rather than our own.

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Why Should You Go With AMITKK?

The company known as AMITKK is more than just a digital agency. We view ourselves as your partner. We assist you in expanding your company by taking ownership of the projects we undertake and making it our obligation to complete them to the best possible standards.

We are experts in every imaginable kind of design, development, and marketing, ensuring the results will be fantastic. We are committed to provide the best suited automated digital solutions within the industry. With this intention, our goal is to be your commercial partner and assist you in achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

We are available every fortnight for the discussion and assistance wherever required. Our experts and specialists are full-time available for the support. We put more stock in actions than words in our company, and the results of our efforts speak for themselves. Our happy customers are diversely available worldwide including the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and India. Our comprehensive solutions will meet all your needs, and we guarantee you will be happy with them.

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Uplift your website game with our company

AMITKK is committed to maintaining complete openness, and we will work to develop the ideas you have envisioned for your company. In addition, we will supply the most efficient solutions that will increase your customers by up to fifty percent.

There are many website development companies in Gurgaon, but ours is the best and the most reputable. We develop websites from scratch and do not use templates or pre-built gestures to develop them.

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Online sales dramatically increased when the new website was put into place. AMITKK was on the ball and attended to any issues as they appeared. They were committed to producing a superior product. They were extremely well-organized, set a project timeline, and always delivered on time.Best website development company in Kolkata. Highly recommended!

Sunita Pandey


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AMITKK successfully created a product that has grown to play a crucial role in the company. The crew listens well, in addition to having outstanding project management abilities. Customers can count on a responsive partner that prioritizes the needs of the company over personal benefit.

Vishal Bhati


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They were able to enhance their online visibility while concentrating on the core of their business because of the final website and subsequent marketing work created by AMITKK, which exceeded all of our expectations for the project. Throughout their efforts, the development team demonstrated dedication and responsiveness.

Raunak Gehlot

Marketing Head Propelld

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The work done by AMITKK's team was outstanding. While delivering a top-notch final product, the team also excelled in strong customer service. You can count on a cooperative staff that goes above and beyond to make sure the engagement is successful. Their communication is outstanding, and they provide excellent work.

Sanjeev Gupta

Owner- Nebulous

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With complete command over their development skills, the AMITKK team produced a user-friendly and upbeat website as well as an app that protected users and our compliments. They were open to criticism and eager to offer useful suggestions, which paved the door for a pleasant interaction.

Gayatri Sharma


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Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs


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