Android App Development Company in Delhi

Our android app development company in Delhi offer an accurate and reliable product for catering to the needs of various business requirements.

We are the most prominent and efficient Android App development company to offer a long-term relationship with our business and via its vast designing process and production. We offer innovative solutions along with engaging mobile applications that run seamlessly without any bugs. Our professionals are ready for any challenge, and they learn all about the latest trends. At AmitKK, we use advanced technologies and skills that help our clients with the best android application.

Android App Developer in Delhi

Our services are of the most reasonable prices and offer flexibility in applications that you will not find in other companies. We ensure that we develop an application with various latest features that will win the heart of the users and benefit our clients in various ways.

Android App Development Software and Language

We offer a broad range of custom app development services, which boosts the business of our clients and helps to accomplish specific goals.

  • Android Consulting We study the market deeply and research to validate the business idea and develop strategies to meet your business's requirements.
  • Android App Design Our working professionals will administer the best design techniques and ensure the interactive UI designs to enhance the user experience.
  • Custom App Development Our services comprise customizable app solutions as per the clients' requirements. We also manage and streamline the brand operations efficiently.
  • Android App Test Automation The great thing about our experts is that they will carefully observe the project right from the initial stage. We ensure seamless execution and use the appropriate testing methods to make an application without any bugs.
  • Support And Maintenance From feature enhancements, productivity enhancements to regular functionality updates, our maintenance services help our clients to make the application easy to use.
  • Application Modernization Our application modernization services make sure to add value to your business and improve ROI and productivity.
  • Web-Based Applications We are experts in developing web-based applications that are easy to download and are highly reliable.
  • Samsung Knox Implementation Our professionals are well-versed in the implementation partner of KNOX and the care packs mobility offerings of Samsung.

Get the top notch Android Development Services

We offer custom android app development services to our clients for multiple domains in the industry. The development process ensures user experience is kept at the centre with all the functionalities as committed. The design of the app and the whole user flow is maintained to ensure seamless operations.

Android Development Framework

Android Development Framework

Our working professionals can recognize the unique features of application development and offer custom android applications for all domains.

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Ecommerce Android App

Ecommerce Android App

Our clients love us because we offer end-to-end mobile commerce services from development to app deployment. We also offer review analysis such as troubleshooting support afterward.

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Multimedia Applications

Multimedia Applications

We develop applications that promote business growth by selling any type of product globally. Thanks to the advancing technologies, businesses can promote communication and reach greater heights.

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Learning Applications

Learning Applications

In today's time, the education industry is adopting technology and enterprise applications. Our services not only revolve around the development and launch, but we also offer comprehensive app support and maintenance services to include new enhancements and features.

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Social Networking Application

Social Networking Application

We research and collect data on the target audience, its needs, demands and analyze the chances of the social media applications. After completing the application and its design, our experts will test it and publish it on the Google Play and App Store.

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Application Testing

Application Testing

When working with us, we ensure to test your application before delivering the final product. Our professionals adhere to a well-defined and strategic testing process to ensure that our solutions meet the quality standards, enhance user experience, and enhance productivity.

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Why Choose us for Android App Development in Delhi

We are known to provide the most efficient and seamless PHP development services to clients. We offer PHP services that support all the countless features of the PHP framework. The highly dedicated team ensures providing services to retain clients with the performance and quality of our services. You can be assured to get quality services, and we provide you with the following:

Easy Customization

Most companies make a common mistake, and they tend to go for the excellent package applications and then change the company motive completely and change the process.

We ensure that our clients get the best application, so we provide custom Android applications as it will always offer a better app solution than the general app development services. Our services will ensure that you are provided with an application that will sit best with the business requirements and goals.

Innovation Scope

Mobile applications and most of the several educational industries are getting updated with online courses, and it has provided ease for children to learn and go through online courses. For this reason, our experts ensure to provide unique and seamless android applications for different users across the globe.

High ROI & Low Investment

The cost of resources is one of the most significant factors that come with application development. When working with us, we ensure that you get the benefits of seamless application services along with the most reliable and reasonable costs. Our android development services will produce high and long-term results.

Improved Security and Easy Marketing

Regardless of the company size or the people who use smartphone applications for a broad wide range of purposes, even countless businesses have chosen personalized applications for increasing marketing and customer support.

Even after that, malware attacks are still something that companies are still in danger of. For this reason, our experts constantly ensure to do safety tests that keep the apps reliable and updated. We will also carry out the regular maintenance and updates that are essential for a seamless experience.

Social Media Integration

Building trust with social media will come in handy for any application that will market any services or products. By keeping this aspect in mind, we offer our developers the chance to integrate social media into their mobile app development services that helps to maintain relevance to any industry. Additionally, it helps businesses grow with app downloads and use.

Adoption and Deployment

We offer our clients custom-made applications to fulfill the requirements of our clients' needs. Our experts are always ready to provide our clients with applications for all platforms for applications based on devices and tablets. It will help us offer our clients great solutions that will add value to the business strategy by extending the reach to countless active devices in the market.

Our Andriod Application Development Process

We follow simple and systematic steps for Flutter application development. We have years of experience in developing mobile and web applications for businesses. Through our knowledge and experience, we assure satisfactory and budget-friendly solutions for the application development service seekers. So, how does it work? What is the process we follow for Flutter app development? Find answers to these questions below.


When we start developing an application, our team will try to get familiarized with the ideas and goals of your project. After developing the idea and preparing for the detailed insight, our experts will design pages seamlessly. After that, we will develop an application based on the android development services wireframe.

Development and Design

After planning and getting familiar with the project, we will add icons, graphics, and features to produce an eye-appealing application. Our experts will also develop an application by adding the needed functionalities and elements for the server-side in our services.


Our experts will inspect the application, look for bugs, and do the required revisions to ensure the smoothness of the application. We will then add the finishing touches and resolve all of the issues.

App Deployment

In the final phase, we deploy the application in the App Store. And consumers can download the application, and you will generate greater ROI.

Efficient Approach For Android App Development

AmitKK ia the leading android app development company in Delhi.we comprises a remarkable track record along with the development of customized Android Applications. Our services have helped to attain the top position in the market. Our team has immense knowledge and skills of the platform and uses various technologies and components. Our clients trust us, which reflects our professionalism and dedication.

  • Experienced Android Developers Our skilled android developers are always ready to dedicate their time and skills to your project. We ensure to grow your custom team efficiently and ensure the quality of our services.
  • Seamless Coding Having software developers will not cut it when making an application that is technically advanced. We work and thrive on having seamless and easy coding inspected by the senior developers and providing precise services.
  • Agile Process Our framework is designed to provide peace of mind. With the seamless workflow, we can manage any risks and competently control resources and costs to ensure transparent and effective collaboration.
  • Complete Service AmitKK is dedicated to providing a successful product. Our services incorporate the abilities of our skilled staff in the field of product strategy, consulting, UI development, testing, and technical delivery.
  • Google Play Deployment Our services will also handle the deployment of the application along with the listing, assets, and more. Our marketing team services will be employed to ensure that your application gets the recognition which it needs.
  • Support & Maintenance We employ a team to monitor and deal with issues, manage updates and ongoing releases of version and provide support when needed.

Other languages we prefer and suggest


Looking for Android App Development Company in Delhi?


  • Logo of Dr. Mir Asif

    Users that have seen the designs have shown interest in the app, and we have been pleased with it so far. AMITKK has been really kind and communicative. Even though the company is still getting to know the ins and outs of the entire development process, it can adopt changes rapidly.

    Dr. Mir Asif

    Owner - MirasCare

  • Logo of Saaransh

    AMITKK has given us a well-designed app with dependable and user-friendly features, demonstrating their team's in-demand skills and winning praise from early users. The team's precise skill set and empathetic personality lay the foundation for a positive and productive engagement.


    Marketing head - Trademark

  • Logo of Vrinda Loiwal

    Outstanding project managers with a communicative and cooperative style are AMITKKs. Their crew is adept at demystifying technological topics so that partners with no technical background may understand their upgrades. They completely comprehend the purposes of the software, and every meeting allows us to monitor the development.

    Vrinda Loiwal

    Owner - CSEL

  • Logo of Dr. Jacob

    We are amazed by AMITKK's managerial style and professionalism. The team keeps open lines of contact with the client and has a seamless engagement, design, and development process. In general, we are happy with their work and will continue to work with them.

    Dr. Jacob

    Owner - Shadanga

  • Logo of Piyush Madhav

    We successfully carried out a soft launch of the software to fewer than 1,000 users, and we got a favourable user response. The app's design and content are particularly well-liked by external stakeholders. They are able to maintain a strong partnership thanks to AMITKK's reliable methodology and capacity for problem-solving. 

    Piyush Madhav

    Co-founder FGSI

Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to hire an android app development agency? Let us help you by answering some of the most common questions, that perhaps cross your mind.

New Technology in Mobile Application Development

A professional company should understand the platform's most efficient and useful techniques, which allows the clients to surpass their competition. Our team carefully studied the statistics collected by the agencies and consulting companies of the top class, and we used that information and determined where the application would fit best.

What is AmitKK's Approach to App Development?

Our experts are always ready to put as much effort into their work and provide the most proficient app development service. When providing our services, we precisely follow the platform's requirements, for instance, creating seamless and user-friendly experiences on the App links and Android Search.

Things to Consider before Hiring Android Development Company?

When looking for a company, it is essential to ensure expertise in the field. As more companies are taking an interest in android application development, companies are working on that demand. Pay attention to their previous work and look at the portfolio to ensure that you are getting the right services for your company.

Why do Businesses need Android App Development?

Android is amongst the most famous types of devices. It is essential to be a reputable brand. You will be able to introduce your ideas to enormous audiences, and you will get countless possibilities.

How to Hire AmitKK for Android App Development?

Getting in touch with us is an easy process. You will need to fill the form and give us basic information about your application requirements. You will have to mention that you are looking for android app development. Our customer service will get in touch ASAP. You can also call us.

Build the application of your dreams

Are you looking for an android app development company? If so, then you have landed in the right place. We Are an android app development company, and we understand how important it is to have an android app which works just as fine as websites and other high-security applications. We are here to help you make one for your business and your needs. We help you create an android application according to your requirements and needs and strategize your business plan according to your business goals. Contact us now to get started.

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Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

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