Android Application Development Companies in Delhi Android Application Development Companies in Delhi

Android Application Development Companies in Delhi

Planning to build an android application for your business? It might sound like a daunting job for a starter. But no worries! There are plenty of android application development companies in Delhi to make that job easier for you. If you are based out of Delhi or National Capital Region, then you have plenty of android application development service providers in Delhi to help you with android application development services. They got the top android app developers and are well-equipped with the necessary android developer tools to do the job.

An android is an operating system based on open source and Linux that offers a rich app framework to create innovative apps for mobile devices in a Java language environment. Android application is a software devised to run on an android device or emulator. Now, let us delve deep into the topic and know more about android application development. What are the kinds of android applications, their benefits, how to choose the best android application development service provider in Delhi, what would be the cost and much more!

What are the different types of Android Applications?

When you decide to build an android application for your brand, the very first question that comes to your mind is which type of application will be the best suited for you? Android applications are categorized under 3 different heads, namely Native applications, Hybrid, and Web applications. All of these have their benefits. There has been a never-ending debate yet no distinct winner as to which kind of application is the best. Hence, you will have to make a choice basis the factors like your requirement, timeline, and budget. And of course, you have the android application development companies in Delhi to guide you. There cannot be any straight answer to your question, which would be the most appropriate app platform for you. So, let us understand first the application types in detail. Having a fair understanding of this will help you make a smart, better, and informed decision.

Native Android Application

Native Android Applications are the apps directly downloaded from the online app store or marketplace such as Android Apps on Google Play. This kind of application is written in a specific programming language supported by the android platform. Mostly, it is Javascript. Google provides its development tools and Android Studio, Standardized SDK, and elements for the interface. Native apps are more reliable.

Hybrid Android Application

Hybrid android apps are essentially like any other apps installed on an android device, but the key differentiator here is that it encompasses elements of both native apps and web apps. Built with Javascript, HTML, and CSS, Hybrid apps are run on the platform called web view, a simplified browser within the app.

Web Application

As compared to the other two types, mobile web app development is faster and cheaper. When the objective is to support a wide range of devices, it is a wise choice. Mobile web apps are optimized for a seamless mobile experience. These are necessarily not mobile applications, but websites that are written in HTML/CSS and run by a browser.

Mostly all top android app developers are well equipped in developing all the above-mentioned android apps with the necessary android developer tools.

What are the Benefits of Android Applications?

Android applications are not only popular among users but also among companies. Android platform has various advantages that make it the preferred choice for business enterprises. Let us learn the multifaceted benefits that android applications offer.

  • Higher ROI
  • BYOD supported
  • Customization
  • Tightened security Easy marketing
  • Reduced TTM
  • Innovation
  • Evolving platform
  • Wearable device advantage
  • Custom ROMs

Android Application Development Cost in Delhi

Multiple factors impact the cost of the development of an application. The development process of an android mobile app involves a few steps. Each step denotes a milestone and the consolidated cost for each of these phases rounds up to the final cost estimation. The phases are as follows: 

  • Cost of requirement gathering and planning
  • Cost for mobile app design
  • Cost of app development
  • Cost for app testing

Maintenance and Marketing Charges

Depending on the type and size of the project, the resources vary, and so is the cost. Even, the cost could differ in different parts of the country depending on the location and the agency you hire. The key factors that determine the cost of android app development are as follows:

  • Nature of application: If it is a mobile game, education, e-commerce, or social interaction app
  • Type of application: Native, Hybrid, or Web App
  • Development platform: Only Android or iOS and windows as well
  • The page count of the app
  • Set of features
  • User Interface / User Experience
  • App infrastructure
  • Business model
  • Third-party integration if any

The cost for a basic android application starts from Rs. 50,000/- on average. With countless android application development service providers in Delhi, businesses have ample options to negotiate before they spend on android app development. You also have the option to pay in installments for each phase. This flexibility is especially beneficial for small or mid-sized companies.

How to find the best Android Application Development Companies in Delhi?

With so many android application development companies in Delhi, how do we find who is the most trusted one? The one that offers not only the best price but the best service also. An android application development service provider in Delhi that will have vast experience in working with startups, corporates, and small, medium, and large business enterprises (SMEs). Android application development service provider in Delhi that has extensive exposure to cater to different domains and sectors. The strategy would differ for each sector thus we need experts and well-trained developers who would extinguish the difference and generate the best possible output for us. 

So, while looking for an android application development company in Delhi, evaluate all these factors, analyze their pitches and proposals, shortlist wisely and finalize one. Looking for a recommendation? Then is worth a shot.  

Why AmitKK is one of the Top Android Application Development Companies in Delhi?

Delhi NCR is buzzing with digital marketing companies and therefore you can find plenty of android application development companies in Delhi. is one of the top android application development service providers in Delhi.

At AmitKK, the benefits concerning android app development you get are:

  • Specialized in crafting innovative digital solutions
  • Strong understanding of customer needs
  • Delivers on time on budget
  • Abreast of all the latest technologies
  • Works as partners become an extended part of your team
  • Always at your service
  • Build on proven practices and processes
  • No slip-ups, record number of bug-free android apps creation

5 Reasons why AmitKK could be your Best Android Application Development Company?

  1. All-in-1 - With AmitKK, you get multiple solutions in one place, from planning & strategy to design, execution, android application development, deployment, and even optimization. You hire them and rest assured about your job getting done flawlessly.
  2. Client-focused approach - AmitKK holds a great reputation for being a customer-centric organization. They work with all scales of organizations and provides custom solutions to suit their specific requirement. Their service team is just one call away for any assistance. We are highly recommended by our clients.   
  3. Best Competitive Price - Compare the leading android application development service providers in Delhi, you can see the difference in cost. AmitKK offers the best in industry price with the best in class quality.
  4. A Great Team to work with - A highly tech-savvy, bunch of young and industry old hands to serve your business with the best android application development services. These top android app developers are highly skilled, professional, dedicated, and resourceful.
  5. Value and return on investment - AmitKK does not work as billable resources, whom you pay per hour and once the term is over, their job ends too. They are very committed and goal-driven. They adhere to the performance metrics laid out at the beginning of the service agreement.

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