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Get the best WordPress development services in Kolkata, India, with AMITKK! We specialize in creating visually appealing, user-friendly websites that set your business apart. Our highly skilled WordPress developers use the latest technologies and innovative methods to deliver websites of the highest quality. We understand your website represents your business, so we work closely with you to create a customized solution that meets your needs.

Our expertise includes custom WordPress theme and plugin development, website maintenance and support services. Our experienced team can help you with website design and development, content management, and search engine optimization. In addition, we guarantee that your website will be secure and compliant with the latest rules and regulations.

Why Choose Us?

As an expert WordPress agency, AMITKK understands your industry and competition, providing tailored website solutions within your budget using top developers' best themes and plugins. Not only this, but we also offer the below.

Custom Services

Custom Services

As a top WordPress development company, we provide custom services and stay current with the latest WordPress updates to meet client needs. In addition, our developers keep up with community updates and the newest versions.

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PSD to WordPress Development Themes

PSD to WordPress Development Themes

We create unique PSD to WordPress themes that are functional and visually appealing, meeting industry standards.

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Responsive UI/UX

Responsive UI/UX

We don't just focus on picking pretty colors; we use color creatively to make great designs. Our responsive UI/UX design service aims to create a unique color palette that tells your brand story. Our designers work hard to exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional results.

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Plugin Installations

Plugin Installations

Save your time and effort by not having to download, install, activate or configure plugins. Instead, our team will handle all technical aspects so you can focus on running your business. We take care of everything, from installing the plugins to ensuring they work seamlessly without any conflicts.

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GWT Integration

GWT Integration

We put much effort into analyzing the extensive data from Google Webmaster Tools. We aim to help clients integrate GWT into their overall strategy for enhancing their website's search engine visibility.

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Regular Consultation Calls

Regular Consultation Calls

We offer monthly consultation calls to optimize website performance, provide technical help, answer queries, offer resources, and give feedback for an edge over competitors.

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Our Custom Services

CMS Support

Our CMS experts offer comprehensive support, maintenance, and testing services, including identifying broken links, spelling and grammar errors, image quality, and more, to ensure your website is always at its best.

Personalized Experience

Maximize your ROI with our WordPress development services, which offer engaging tools to increase visitor retention. In addition, we help you connect with your customers personally and keep them engaged on social media.

Simple Back-End Management

Simplify WordPress back-end management with our contextual information and assistance in editing content, making handling and managing your website more accessible.

Maintenance support program

Trust AMITKK for complete website maintenance, security, and technical support for your WordPress website. Our experts handle all updates and strive to keep your website secure and protected as part of our maintenance support program.

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WordPress development was a high priority and important need of my organization and I was just confused about which company would be appropriate and useful for me to get my things done. While researching I came across AMITKK and team reviews and I thought maybe this is the agency that can deliver my requirements most effective and I wasn’t wrong about it. They are the best WordPress development team in India! Recommended!

Aditya Arya


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AMITKK has a team of very skilled and expert people with years of experience in the digital marketing team which became an asset for my organization as they were just incredible in the way they offered WordPress development services to me for my organization. They are indeed one of the best WordPress development companies in India and I would recommend it to anyone or everyone who needs affordable and best WordPress development solutions.

Dr. Amit Gupta

Owner - Friends Eye Care

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Need to get your WordPress designed and developed as per your demands at an affordable price? AMITKK is here for you! Completely recommended to get the best WordPress solutions with the implementation of expertise and creatives that the agency brings to the table is incredible and quite useful and needful for any organization that approaches it.

Mr. Sovi Bipneet Singh

Founder SBS Legal Solutions

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There were some necessary changes required in my WordPress for which I asked AMITKK to do the needful and when I saw his work I was quite astounded by the way he was working on my requirements and accomplishing it without any hurdles and with some amazing effects and innovation that was extremely eye-catching and important as well.

Rajeev Goel

Founder Fintree Money

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Amit and the team helped me in WordPress development with their suggestions and expertise in implementation. They have in-depth knowledge about WordPress development. They could meet all my requirements and needs in the most innovative and trendy way that could be attractive and persuasive to my target audience. In my experience AMITKK provides the best WordPress development services in India.

Vrinda Loiwal

Owner - CSEL

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Looking for WordPress Website Development Company in Kolkata?

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your dream WordPress website built by the best WordPress development company in India

Is WordPress Development Hard?

WordPress is quite easy to master when compared to other website-building tools. It might seem a little challenging to novice developers as they lack the required technical expertise. WordPress developers need deeper skills to create themes and plugins as per the client's requirements.

If you are planning to learn WordPress professionally, and wish to work on advanced tasks, it would take at least 6 months to master it all. Those who wish to work for clients should at least take a year or two by working with a team in a website development agency.

How long does it take to learn WordPress?

The basics of WordPress can be learned in a week to ten days. Being a very user-friendly tool, even those without coding knowledge can easily understand how to use WordPress in 10-14 days. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is required to make minor changes to the websites and can take about a week to learn.

Basic-level developers can easily install WordPress, upload a theme and add blog posts, etc. It would take about a day to master this. Entry-level developers need at least 6 to 1 year of training and they get familiar with applications, basic coding, and plugins. Those who wish to become expert WordPress developers need to dedicate at least 2 years to obtain the skill level to work on both frontend and backend capabilities.

Is WordPress Good for eCommerce?

WordPress is popular for a reason. The website building tool can help you create the website you have always wanted. It is quite flexible and gives developers complete control over the functionality as well as the design of a website.

One of the other reasons why many e-commerce website owners prefer WordPress is that one does not require coding knowledge to maintain the website once it is developed. The website can be built from scratch or can be quickly created using thousands of free and paid themes available online. A WordPress website can also be connected to an application by using API.

How to Become a WordPress Developer?

If you are interested in designing and developing websites, you can become a WordPress by following a few simple steps. However, your passion comes first.

To get started as a WordPress Developer, you need to master both the front-end and the back-end development. Start by learning the basics and build strong fundamental knowledge.

WordPress requires a very low technical proficiency. However, you need to have the essential skills that will help with web design and development. As a professional developer, you need to have an understanding of the four important languages - HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. Apart from these, an understanding of database management, plugin management, and UX and UI will come in handy. A professional WordPress developer also needs to be familiar with development tools like Git, Jira, or Bitbucket.

All of the above-mentioned skills will help you create user-friendly and attractive websites.

What is a WordPress Developer?

WordPress Developers are developers specializing in developing websites on WordPress. WordPress developers can also develop both the front end and back end of a website and are hence full-stack developers. WordPress developers are often hired to improve an existing website or build a website from scratch based on the client's requirements.

The most common responsibilities of a WordPress developer include

  • Designing as well as developing new functions and features of a website/plugin
  • Understanding the client’s requirements and implementing the same in the design and development
  • Maintenance of a website
  • Writing and debugging the codes

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Every company has unique needs and objectives, and we respect those differences. With the aid of our professional WordPress developers, we can create a site tailored to your specific requirements. Feel free to get in touch if you require a WordPress website developer in Kolkata.

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