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Wordpress is an open source PHP framework launched in 2003 and used by more than 60 million websites. Wordpress website development is the most sought after leading platform for website development fuelling every third website. It has everything that one would need for a blog system and regular pages. Wordpress has a strong support system base through its documentation website www.wordpress.org. It is also backed by a strong coder base through knowledge sharing platforms like stack overflow.

What we build in Wordpress

Custom themes

We do not buy themes from any site and instead we create wordpress theme of our own. This gives us a lot of control for any kind of change you might need. Custom themes are easy to build, customize and maintain as compared to the purchased themes.

Having developed more than 50 wordpress themes, we know that they are the best solution for your website.

Amateur wordpress developers purchase or use any free theme or even use a website builder plugin like elementor or bakery tools to build one. This creates a chaos in the website codes and you can forget any updating or changes in future.

Various themes developed in admin panel. One can switch between themes easily.

Wordpress website development comapny in Gurgaon

SEO focus

While doing wordpress website development, we keep an eye on SEO elements like page speed, meta tags alt tags and other such things. Wordpress websites built by us get Google ranking easily than any other frameworks used.

Ecommerce websites

Wordpress has a robust ecommerce system through its widely famous woo-commerce plugin. Here also we develop the wordpress website through scratch and do not use and pre-developed or purchased theme.

Through wordpress website, you can easily upload, update products for selling online. It has a very good reporting system for reporting and email creation as well for product sales.

Our woo-commerce based wordpress themes developed are highly flexible without any kind of changes you might need within the premises of wordpress.

Some of the woocommerce based wordpress website’s developed are:

Delichic, Aayna by Simi, Farmras

Regular Websites

Wordpress is good for developing regular websites where not a lot of functionalities are required as pages can created easily. These pages can then be added to the header or footer using the admin panel. Webmasters do not have to go through the confusing codes for day to day operations or minor changes required. Moreover the texts on these pages are also available through admin panel where they can be edited easily for typos.

Some of the regular wordpress website developed like this are:

Shadanga, Nebulous, Eye Specialist, CSEL, CBR Hospitals, Profiling

Mobile responsive

The websites developed through wordpress are 100% mobile responsive courtesy usage of bootstrap. Wordpress uses other libraries bootstrap, jquery or any other library very easily.

Page speed

One of the biggest challenges when developing wordpress based websites is the pretty low page speed. This is very prevalent in websites developed on purchased themes. But when we develop themes, it easily crosses 90 and has even touched a score of 100 out of 100!

If your website is developed in wordpress, check your website page load speed and you would know the difference we bring in wordpress website development.

The reason for this low page speed is the mindless usage of libraries and the never ending CSS codes for styling. We on the other hand use codes miserly. A typical website of ours will not have more than 300 lines of codes in CSS. Other developers will easily cross 20, 000 lines for the same result.

Wordpress website development

Future Maintenance

We provide minor maintenance services for almost free. If you are looking for regular maintenance, the charges for the same are also low. The reason for this is we know what we have developed and are proud of it. Websites developed by others have lots of mess and changing the same requires more effort.

Languages and platforms we work in

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Wordpress website development


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Advantages of Wordpress

Strong admin panel

Wordpress has a very good admin panel and you can do virtually anything with it. From changing the URL pattern to switching themes, one can do anything in the wordpress admin panel.

Robust blog system

Reason why wordpress came to be the frontrunner in the flood of frameworks and languages available is because of its blog system. You can create and edit blogs in it very easily. Things in a typical blog like adding categories, tags, alt tags to images and showing them are very easy.

In fact wordpress began as a blogging system initially and slowly as it progressed; it started adding new functionalities to it.

Wordpress themes

Theme based

Wordpress works on themes which you can easily switch in admin panel. Wordpress also provides three basic themes – twenty fifteen, twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen. These websites can be used for reference during wordpress website development.

Abundant plugin availability

There are thousands of plugins available and you too can develop one if you need it. Some of these plugins are just unbelievably good and you cannot do without them. Not just paid, you will find most of these plugins to be free and easily available.

Loved by Google for SEO

Yes, Google loves wordpress.

Getting ranked on Google might come pretty easily if your website is developed in wordpress. One of the reasons is the SEO plugins available and the way it serves images, files for rendering.

Image handling

Wordpress saves multiple dimensions of a single image that you upload. These images are then shown as per the size of the screen. Doing this in any other framework will be a nightmare beyond imagination. This multiple resizing and storage of images can put load on server but looking at the benefits, it can be ignored.

Multiple languages

Wordpress is available in multiple languages and you can switch them easily through admin panel. It also has cool plugins wherein the user can translate the whole website by selecting a language of their choice. This provides you an opportunity to promote the website globally.

We hope that the points above have brought some clarity to you as how we are the best wordpress development company in Gurgaon. If you are looking to get your website developed, feel free to discuss ahead. We promise delivery on time, in cost and as per requirement. The websites developed by us will have all the features as discussed above and probably more than this. Once developed through us, we also assure minor maintenance free for future.