WordPress Website Development Company in Delhi WordPress Website Development Company in Delhi

WordPress Website Development Company in Delhi

Are you planning to create a website for your business or a blog to share your hobbies? The thought of starting a website can be quite overwhelming, especially when you do not have a technical or coding background. Well, you are not alone.

After helping hundreds of people to start their WordPress websites for an optimum cost, we have decided to pen down a guide on all that you need to know about creating a WordPress website. 

Though this guide provides information on how you can create your WordPress website, you can always ask for help from the experts at AMITKK, the best WordPress development company in Delhi

So, let us get started!

How to develop a WordPress Website

Developing a WordPress website is quite easy, and an individual without any coding knowledge can create a basic website as well. However, if you wish to create a business page or an e-commerce store, it is always recommended to hire the services of a WordPress website development company in Delhi. 

Some of the steps involved in a WordPress website creation are as follows.

  • Find a domain name that best suits your business/niche
  • Choose a reliable web hosting
  • Learn how and install WordPress
  • Install a template of your choice to change the website design
  • Start creating pages 
  • Customize the WordPress website by adding extensions and plugins

To take it further, you can hire an expert from a WordPress development company in Gurgaon who can build a website with tons of features. 

To get started, all you need is a domain name, hosting, basic knowledge of WordPress, and about a few hours of your attention. 

How much does a WordPress Website Cost in India?

Before we delve into the benefits offered, let us understand the costs associated with a WordPress development website. The cost of a website depends on the kind of website you need. A simple, basic website with limited functionalities can cost anywhere between 7k-10k, and it can go as high as 30k based on the features or extensions. 

The companies, which provide WordPress website development services, suggest users start with a small website and add extensions as the website’s business grows. By doing so, you not only save on time and money but can prevent any potential losses as well. 

What are the Benefits of a WordPress Website?

If you are wondering why you need to choose WordPress to create a website, check out the benefits listed below. 

Easy to Use – It is now a well-known fact that WordPress is quite to use; thanks to its intuitive interface. It is easy to add a new post, images, or any other content for that matter.

No Coding Experience needed – Yes! Users need not have any prior coding experience to create or maintain their WordPress website.

Loved by Search Engines – WordPress uses very simple and very clean coding, which makes it easy for search engines like Google to index the content of a WordPress website. It is easy to add title tags, keywords, descriptions, etc when adding a product or creating a new post. 

Easy to Enhance Functionalities – There are quite a several plug-ins available for WordPress, which can be used to improve the features/functionalities of a website. You can even hire a WordPress website development company in Delhi to grow the site as the business grows and you can be assured that the performance of the site is not compromised at all. 

Now that we know the benefits, let us have a look at a few commonly asked questions.

How to do SEO for a Website Step by Step

WordPress is SEO friendly and it has a list of amazing features, which provide why the cms are loved by search engines. Though it is a fact that WordPress is SEO friendly, users can easily optimize their website using additional plugins like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack.

By choosing WordPress SEO plugins for your website, you are making it easy to optimize your website with the right keywords and other best practices. As per a WordPress development company in Delhi, the cms also allows users to set their website’s visibility status. 

Navigate to Settings – Reading, and make sure that the box, which says “Search Engine Visibility” is unchecked. Another impressive feature of WordPress is the option where users can easily enable SEO-friendly permalinks. For most websites, the option “Post Name” is ideal for permalinks. Just navigate to Settings – Permalinks to make changes. 

Enabling plugins like Yoast SEO – Enables you to submit your website to Google Search Console along with the XML sitemap of your website. If you wish to reap the benefits of SEO, it is important to focus on both offline and online optimization and it helps to hire the services of a WordPress development company in Delhi. 

Which is the Best WordPress Website Development Company in Delhi

Most business owners find it confusing when it comes to choosing the best WordPress development company in Delhi. With various agencies available, making the right choice can be challenging. 

When you are planning to hire a professional for your WordPress website, it is important to hire an digital marketing agency that,

Follows a Clear Strategy – Always choose an agency that can provide a strong presence to your business via the website. A reliable agency that provides WordPress development services follows a methodology and can achieve the set objectives.

Beyond the Reviews – It is important to check beyond the reviews and portfolio. Make sure to check if the WordPress development company has done the complete work on the website – starting from design until development and delivery.

Availability – The WordPress development services you hire for your business website should be available and needs to stick to the delivery timelines. 

Check the Experience – A reliable WordPress agency not only has expertise but also should be backed up with years of experience. They need to understand your requirements and create a website that matches the mission and vision of your brand. 

Why Choose us for WordPress Development

AMITKK has provided excellent WordPress consulting, development, and support services to various brands, corporations, and international businesses. The WordPress development company has the needed skill and experience to create websites that are compatible with the varied needs of a business. 

Be it a personal portfolio, a corporate website, or an e-commerce website development experts at AMITKK can design a responsive, appealing, and feature-rich WordPress website as per your requirement.

Contact the dedicated and skilled team of WordPress developers at AmitKK today!

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