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Website development Services

Website development Services

Minimum 7 days delivery

We develop scalable and mobile responsive websites that fits your requirement. Our websites are built from scratch without use of any templates or prebuilt features. The websites so developed has just the right amount of codes making them fast and gives a good user experience.

For simple regular websites, we use WordPress as it comes with its robust blog system and is super easy to maintain and operate. For bigger projects we use Laravel which is a php framework just like WordPress. We also use React JS and Node JS for bigger projects which uses JavaScript as its base language. We also develop projects in Vue JS and Quasar depending on the project requirements.

General costing for website development

Starting @ USD 300

The costing of the website depends on the scope of work. For regular websites built on WordPress the costing starts from USD 300 and can increase depending on the design and further requirement.

For bigger projects like e-commerce, the cost starts from USD 750. This can increase drastically as more modules are added to it.

The choice of technology does not make a lot of difference on the costing. However, the decision will depend on how you want to grow the project in future.

Why choose us for website development

Our strong understanding of technology makes us your best choice for developing the website you have been thinking for a long time. Well, below points will make things more clear.

  • Development within cost, time and as per commitment
  • Unique and fresh UI designed for you
  • Scalable and mobile responsive website for sure
  • Best tech stacks as per your requirement
  • Focus on SEO basics
  • Minor maintenance at nominal fees
  • High page load speed guaranteed
  • 2 Months maintenance for free

If there is any reason that still does not qualify us, do connect and we will be happy to work on our services.

Service Costing Why Us?
Mobile App development Services

Mobile App development Services

Minimum 30 days delivery

With the rise of mobile usage in last decade, the development and usage of applications have skyrocketed. You can find a good number of apps for whatever service you can think of. The difference lies in user experience and the way you offer your service.

We develop all kind of mobile applications for you to build and engage users for your services. Whether you are looking for an android or IOS or a hybrid app, we deliver all kinds of apps easily. With high aesthetic value and a focus on user journey, our mobile applications make you stand apart from the crowd.

Our robust admin panel ensures that you have all the tools, analytics and reports on your finger tip. We place a strong emphasis on how the data is captured in apps and reflected in the admin panel.

General costing for App development

Starting @ USD 1125 )

The costing of app is pretty ambiguous unlike that of website development. However, it will be fair to state that a bare minimum android or an IOS app starts from USD 1125. But if you are looking for a hybrid app in either React Native or flutter, the cost touches USD 1500.

The cost also includes the cost for admin panel which itself is worth around USD 450. Third party charges like that for domain, hosting, SSL, firebase, Google APIs are not included in the cost and are charged extra.

The costing further depends on the scope of work and features that go in its making.

Why choose us for App development

Our super strong App development team has the capacity to develop apps of all scale and size. We have expertise in all languages and frameworks used for app development. Flutter, React, Java, iOS are some of the languages we use to build all kinds of apps.

If you are looking for an app development company in Delhi to shape your idea, feel free to connect today.

  • On time and on budget delivery
  • Unique UI/ UX for your app
  • Strong research and analysis
  • Good understanding of requirements
  • Robust testing and load test
  • Team of expert app developers
Service Costing Why Us?
Wordpress Website Development

Wordpress Website Development

7 days delivery

WordPress websites are best suited for small to medium projects where you can showcase your product and service, write blogs and create forms for users. WordPress based sites are easy to build, maintain and works like a charm. However, things can go wrong in it if you do not understand the technicalities.

We develop WordPress websites from scratch using custom CSS, JS and a lot of love and attention. This also makes them scalable, customizable to the full extent possible and never get corrupt on any kind of updation.

Since, we use only 3-4 mandatory plugins, the website scores well in page speed and SEO.

General costing for WordPress based website

Starting @ USD 300

WordPress based websites start from USD 300 and covers regular pages along with blog system. This does not include any e-commerce system in it and the costing can increase depending on the complexities of the UI design.

In this cost, we provide high end aesthetic UI design along with a custom theme developed from scratch which is not dependent on any external themes or templates.

For woo commerce based e-commerce the cost increase by another 20,000 and is highly recommended for e-commerce startups.

Third party charges of any kind are charged extra and generally include cost for domain, hosting, SSL etc.

Why choose us for WordPress Website development

Our approach to WordPress website development and the high end UI design makes us the perfect choice for your website. You can expect a fast loading beautiful website delivered as per your requirement.

  • Custom theme developed in house
  • Detailed blog system with category, tag, search and archive pages
  • Home page with unlimited number of pages
  • Completely SEO enabled
  • 02 months free maintenance
  • Lifetime guarantee of theme
Service Costing Why Us?
Woo-Commerce website

WordPress (Woo-Commerce) website

15 days delivery

Woo commerce based websites are the ideal choice for startups venturing into e-commerce. The plugin comes with robust and well developed features for e-commerce. You can start small with woo-commerce and scale up to high end sites using Laravel or even React and NodeJS.

We develop customized woo commerce based e-commerce websites which have all the functionalities of WordPress and its celebrated plugin Woo Commerce. You get all the good things of WordPress and some more from our custom themes. It’s a very good low cost option to start selling in less than 15 days.

General costing for Woo-Commerce based website

Starting @ USD 600

The costing for woo-commerce based website starts from USD 600. You get all the benefits of the plugin along with the robust blog system of the WordPress.

We provide highly customizable e-commerce website, built from scratch which is mobile responsive and light on page loading. It also has categories, tags, discount features that are prebuilt in woo commerce and much needed for SEO.

The cost can increase further depending on the UI design and extra features required.

Why choose us for Woo-Commerce Website development

Woo commerce websites developed by us are built from scratch allowing room for scalability and high customization. We highly recommend this for startups and mid-sized businesses with little budget who can test their products and probably scale up in future.

  • Custom WordPress theme developed in house
  • Complete e-commerce set up
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Detailed blog system with category, tag, search and archive pages
  • Home page with unlimited number of pages
  • Completely SEO enabled
  • 02 months free maintenance
  • Lifetime guarantee of theme
Service Costing Why Us?
React & Node JS Website

React & Node JS Website

15 days delivery

No website gets better than the smooth combination of React JS and Node JS. It is also a highly preferred tech stack for admin panels of mobile apps. Our React developers have worked on a multitude of projects and are capable of delivering your project within budget and time.

Get a React JS based website with backend of Node JS to give that touch of class to your digital presence. Smooth rendering with good SEO performance and full possibility of scalability, customization and whole lot of other features.

We place a strong emphasis on indexing of the website and its subsequent SEO ranking, something which is highly ignored by developers in same scope. Not just development but we also keep a keen eye on digital marketing and the challenges faced by websites built on JavaScript.

General costing for React & Node JS Website based website

Starting @ USD 900

React JS and Node JS are highly suitable for bigger projects like e-commerce who might be looking to scale up from a WordPress kind of website. Websites in React Node combo are highly scalable and can be used for all kinds of purposes.

The costing of such a website starts from Rs 60,000 and increase as the scope of work increases.

For React JS websites a dedicated server is required and shared hosting will not do. For a single website, we recommend using digital ocean server that costs around 5 USD per month.

Why choose us for React & Node JS Website development

Two reasons make us stand separate from the crowd, experience of delivering projects and focus on digital marketing for such websites. SEO of JavaScript based websites can be a bit tricky and overwhelming at first. Server side rendering is one nightmare in such combinations and the developers do not educate the clients as most of them are ignorant about it.

  • Delivery on time and within budget as per scope of work
  • Fully customized admin panel with data analytics
  • Complete SEO system for digital marketing
  • All basic functionalities like forms, mails, social media etc.
  • 02 months free maintenance
  • Detailed blogging system just like WordPress
  • Custom frontend theme developed in-house
  • High performance guaranteed
Service Costing Why Us?
Laravel Website

Laravel Website

15 days delivery

Laravel is one of the most happening and growing PHP frameworks today. With Laravel 8 you can use livewire, Jetstream and tailwind easily giving you the cut edge that was much needed earlier. With new developments in Laravel, it has come at par with React and Node JS websites which it was missing earlier.

We develop elegant, secure and scalable Laravel websites that can be used for small and big projects both. The website is ideal if you are looking for a custom, scalable website using the robust functionalities of Laravel.

Assured digital marketing results when we develop the website in Laravel as we keep SEO at forefront of our development process. Our development in Laravel is scalable and customizable to all extent possible with little efforts and tweaking.

General costing for Laravel Website based website

Starting @ USD 900

Laravel is highly suitable for bigger projects just like React JS and NodeJS. Project in the range of e-commerce or hyper user focus websites are highly suitable for Laravel.

The general costing for Laravel based website starts from USD 900. We include features like role based user system, blog system just like WordPress, SEO system one can easily use and understand. We also love to use tailwind CSS that brings new life to websites due to its simplicity and usage.

We also build admin panels for mobile apps that use React JS as frontend framework. The cost for such admin panel starts from USD 450 depending on the scope of work.

Why choose us for Laravel Website development

We have been working on Laravel right from the start of our journey and are more than comfortable with it for developing all kinds of websites. We assure you complete satisfaction with huge scope for scalability and customization you might ever wish. Below are some reasons for you to ponder on and for more, lets connect.

  • Custom frontend UI UX design for website
  • Detailed admin panel to control the website
  • Complete SEO system for everything you might need
  • All basic functionalities like forms, mails, social media etc.
  • Detailed blogging system like WordPress with categories and tags
  • 02 months free maintenance
  • Promised scalability and customization
Service Costing Why Us?
E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Website

45 days delivery

We love developing e-commerce as it opens a whole new array of possibilities for us to explore and use our capabilities. From development to digital marketing to social media marketing, e-commerce uses our strength to the full.

We develop big e-commerce websites in either React and Node JS or either in Laravel. Both the technologies have their own benefits and are highly suited for e-commerce website development.

For small scale e-commerce websites, we use woo-commerce in WordPress which can have their own limitations or might use external plugins.

General costing for E-Commerce website

Starting @ USD 900

The cost for an e-commerce website in WordPress starts from Rs. 40,000 and gets delivered in 15 days. This costs includes high customization of UI UX and fast page load speed. SEO for the WordPress based website are in built and makes your life easy.

For high end e-commerce website, we use either React & Node JS or Laravel website the cost for same increases to Rs 60,000. In this technology, there is no limitation of any kind and the website is highly scalable. If you want to launch a mobile app in future, the same website can be used for it with little effort of creating the APIs.

Both woo-commerce and high end website have their own advantage and you need to understand what suits you best. In either choice, we promise you full satisfaction.

Why choose us for E-Commerce Website development

E-commerce requires more than just development; it requires strong technological work to facilitate digital marketing. Our website development process ensures that user experience and digital marketing is kept on high priority. Some other reasons that will make you pick us to develop your website are:

  • All features like shipping, coupon, rating, comments, orders
  • Detailed Admin panel for admin, user, vendor
  • Multi-vendor system with all functionalities
  • In built SEO system for digital marketing
  • Complete blog and authentication system
  • 02 months free maintenance
  • Freedom for scaling up
  • Support for Mobile apps in future
Service Costing Why Us?
Digital marketing Services

Digital marketing Services

Assured results

Post Covid pandemic, digital marketing has become the game changer for businesses. Brands having a strong digital marketing strategy in place and especially those who have been working on it in past shall reap the benefits.

We have a strong digital marketing team who have been delivering results for a wide range of sectors. Our digital marketing objectives include lead generation, sales conversion, product launches and simply communication.

Our SEO efforts ensure that you rank on the targeted keywords resulting in traffic and eventual sales. We have a full-fledged team dedicated just for SEO and are backed by 10-15 content writers to ensure websites are updated on regular basis.

We have in house graphic designers and video animators who churn out high quality content for social media that engage users and create the buzz. In short, you will not have to look any further for digital marketing and enjoy the benefits.

General costing for digital marketing services

Starting @ USD 750

The cost for digital marketing is a bit tricky as it depends on sector one is working in along with the prevailing competition. We would be breaking down the total cost for digital marketing in small components and understand the reasoning.

The minimal cost for any decent SEO work is USD 375 and this cost will further fluctuate as per the sector, targeted keywords, deliverables and geography. For an e-commerce website the same cost will rise to USD 600 as the number of pages increases drastically. Also SEO for e-commerce is way trickier than for a regular website. The two costs above are when we target 10 keywords and as the range of keywords increase, the costing also increases.

Costs for social media marketing starts from USD 375 and includes handling of up to four social media handles of your choice. We also create around 15 graphics based social media posts and 1-2 video or GIFs.

Along with this, there is an account manager allotted to you for regular communication and follow ups. We also share a monthly report of the performance and plan which can be further discussed. Fortnightly calls and discussions with clients are always encouraged and looked for by the team.

Why choose us for digital marketing

Of all the reasons one should look before hiring a digital marketing team, strong technological understanding and its level of commitment are the most important. Level of commitment ensures that your brand gets the necessary focus it pays for and a strong technological understanding will ensure that efforts are provided in the right direction.

We possess both of them and below are some more reasons that will convince you.

  • Assured results as per deliverables
  • In house content creation for both SEO and SMM
  • Free website maintenance when we do SEO
  • Regular website changes as per need
  • Regular monitoring of latest trends and competition activities
  • Monthly report and plan will be shared
Service Costing Why Us?
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Assured ranking on 10-15 keywords

Optimizing a website for search engines requires in depth understanding of how the crawler bots work, the factors that push the website rank in algorithm and website development capabilities. With these skills only, one can do SEO and deliver results. Our team has these skills required and can rank a website on targeted keywords with their smart SEO strategies.

Our SEO services are resulted oriented and include the latest techniques and strategies to rank a website in power mode. In depth competitor analysis, strong keyword research, creating original content, technical SEO, website architecture analysis and link building are some of our strong areas. We follow a quality first approach in SEO and our highly process oriented to deliver results.

We produce content for blogs and pages, handle changes in website as per SEO requirement and do the on page and off page SEO work to rank the websites. All this is done in house and no work is outsourced as we love to maintain a tight control over the quality of work.

General costing for SEO

Starting @ USD 375

SEO for a regular website starts from Rs 25,000 while for an e-commerce it starts from Rs 40,000. The cost can further vary depending on a lot of factors like the number of keywords targeted, geography and the sector the brand operates in. It does not include cost of PPC or lead generation campaigns and is simply for organic SEO.

The minimal monthly deliverables in the cost are up to 4 blogs, 75+ backlinks, regular on page SEO, changes in website if we have access to it. Factors like mobile responsiveness, UI design, schema submission, Google analytics, GTM, sitemap submission and a lot more are all taken care of in our SEO efforts.

We leave no stone unturned to get the website ranked higher and delivering resulting in SEO.

Why choose us for SEO

What makes us unique and your best choice in SEO is our dedication and experience gained through the years. Our focus on getting you the committed ranking on search engines and traffic drives rest of our SEO strategy for you. Below are some add-ons that will make you pick us for the task.

  • Assured results and commitment
  • Strong keyword and competitor research
  • Up to 4 blogs in a month
  • Up to 75+ off page activities
  • Complete on page SEO activities
  • Technical SEO, site audit and website analysis
  • Free website maintenance
  • Monthly report and plan for the next month
Service Costing Why Us?
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Brand engagement and building

Social Media Marketing efforts are a must for brand building purpose and to be in regular touch with your customers. You can engage your customers in a two-way communication and understand their pain points as well promote your offerings in a big way.

Hire the best SMO services in delhi today and boost your social media marketing.

Communication and creativity play a strong role in bringing a brand out of all the clutter and connecting it with the users. This is where our team of graphic designers, video editors and animators play a crucial role. They craft beautiful messages that catch the attention of users and communicate the brand message clearly. Do check our graphics portfolio for more.

Not just communicate, we also monitor the activities done by competition and other brands along with identifying and trying to predict the latest trends. This keeps us a step ahead of other social media marketing agencies.

Hire the best SMO services in Delhi today and boost your social media marketing.

General costing for Social Media Marketing

Starting @ USD 375

Monthly social media marketing costing starts from Rs 25,000 and increase as per the quality of posts created and shared across platforms. For five star Hotels and established restaurants the same can start from Rs 50,000 as the quality of communication is very high end.

The cost generally includes 15 graphics based posts and 1-2 videos or GIFs. We handle up to 4 platforms in the budget and share monthly progress and efforts report, plan for next month. We also plan out a detailed campaign every month for brands depending on the social calendar and objectives.

This cost does not include cost for boosting posts and campaigns. This is always charged over and above the SMM budget. We advise our client to keep a budget of at least Rs 5000 as media budget for boosting of posts and increasing the follower base.

Why choose us for Social Media Marketing?

Our strong hold on creativity and communication makes us the most ideal SMM agency in Delhi for your brand. Our team of content creators create and execute beautiful campaigns and communications.

  • Assured buzz around the brand
  • Increase in follower base
  • High quality creatives and posts
  • Solid sector and competitor research
  • At least 15 high end creative posts in a month
  • End to end handling of up to 4 platforms
  • Follow up on SMM activities of other brands
Service Costing Why Us?
Graphics Designing

Graphics Designing

Creative Communication

Graphics are the make or break ingredients in the digital marketing strategy as they play a pivotal role in building the brand. From their impact in websites to social media, graphics act as the glue that show your taste and dedication to the user experience.

Our team of graphics designers curate such beautiful graphics for both websites and social media that connect very well with users. Communicate your brand message effectively through eye catching graphics designed by our creative team. Designed fresh with copy free or purchased images we follow brand guidelines thoroughly. Our copywriting adds an extra sugar.

Our graphics have been used and appreciated by brands and industries across spectrum. Known for their creativity and the choice of imagery, the designs are well sought after.

General costing for Graphics Designing

Starting @ USD 30

The costing of graphics depends on their usage and the quantity ordered. While we do website development, the cost of the graphics is covered well in the budget itself and so they come practically for free. The same goes for social media marketing as well as the cost is already included in the package.

However, if you are looking at a one off graphic for maybe festival or an invite for some occasion or even a social media post, it can cost you Rs 2000. The images used in the graphics are copy free and you have the rights to the image. We also would love to share the open files should you need to edit them in future. The cost for the graphics will decrease if the number of order is more.

For hotels and restaurant, the level of creativity required is very high. Hence the cost for the same will be around Rs 3000.

Why choose us for Graphics?

We have been providing graphic creatives for brands for a long time now. Our creativity and the subtleness of communication is highly appreciated by brands and users. You should try out graphics work from us for the creativity and fresh take on your brand. Below are some more reasons that make us your partner for graphic designing.

  • High creativity and communication
  • Images are copy free
  • Original copywriting on creative
  • Text to go on social media with each post is provided
  • Print files available on demand
  • Minor additional work also covered
Service Costing Why Us?
Content Writing Services

Content Writing Services

Well researched articles with focus on SEO

Content writing is what drives SEO while copywriting drives the social media marketing. Getting a good content writer who also knows SEO requirements is a nightmare and any digital marketing expert will confirm this. Our writers are well trained in the domain and have been working with us for last 5 years. They are the crucial force behind our digital marketing services and with their experience need little briefing to deliver the work

We have top of the class content writers in our team with more than 15 years of experience behind them. We create well researched, SEO oriented and impactful text for readers that convey the message very clearly. Blogs, website content, articles for guest blogging or even copywriting, we have you covered when it comes to content writing.

Our content writings services have been used by more than 100 brands in last 3 years.

General costing for content writing

Starting @ USD 30 per article

The cost for content writing services is USD 30 per article and would generally cost around USD 23 per blog. We ensure 100% plagiarism free writing along with a focus on SEO as per the targeted keyword in the blog. Delivery for the articles takes around 2-3 days as a lot of research is undertaken before writing them.

Copywriting charges for social media costs around USD 150 per month. You can expect creative and classy copywriting for your graphics and posts.

The cost for content writing services are included when you take our digital marketing services and you do not have to pay extra. In the cost of USD 450 for search engine optimization, around USD 120 worth of content is already included in the costing. In social media marketing too, we provide around USD 75 worth of content to you.

Why choose us for content writing?

Our SEO focus and creative writing gives us the title of the best content writing services in Delhi. We deliver well researched content for your website which makes keyword targeting easy for you. Your search for in depth and well written articles ends here.

  • Blogs and article for guest submission
  • Copywriting services for niche work
  • Ghost writing, press releases, and customer stories
  • Product description, sales collateral and info graphics
  • E-books, website copies, how-to and FAQs
  • Instructions, manuals and technical writing
Service Costing Why Us?
Offline Marketing

Offline Marketing

We do all Kinds of offline marketing activity

Offline marketing is an important factor in 360-degree marketing and plays a crucial role in last mile marketing where it reaches out to potential users who might not be reachable digitally. Besides marketing, it also helps in brand building and achieving the top of mind recall. Product launches place a heavy emphasis on sampling for which society activation is a must. Restaurants and hotels often opt for society and mall activation to convey their offers and discounts.

We have everything you need in offline marketing from printing cards and posters to mall activation to organizing big events. Our offline marketing partners have done it all in their 10+ years of experience with big brands and events. We have capability to provide offline marketing services though out the country.

Connect today for a requirement and try our competitive quote.

General costing for Offline Marketing

Best prices with high quality work

The costing for offline depends on the kind of activity and is very difficult to generalize. Society or mall activation can cost you above Rs 20,000 onwards depending on the kind of society and work itself.

Newspaper ads depend on the region and the publisher you are employing, ad placement and the charges of the newspaper itself. For media buying services like newspaper, or radio ads the cost is worked out on per requirement basis.

Mobile app installation through filed salesman are one of the most sought after offline marketing activity. Our field executives ensure that the apps are introduced and installed by the right user base. The charges for these can start somewhere from Rs 100 per installation onwards.

Our offline marketing costs are the lowest in market as we have deep connections with the vendors due to the years of relationship and our experience. If you are looking for an offline marketing agency for your product launch or even app installation, we are your best partners.

Why choose us for Offline Marketing

Offline marketing should never be ignored as it has its own advantages and connect with users. Our scale and scope of offline marketing along with the speed with which we execute can surprise you. We do all below and much more offline marketing activities.

  • All kinds of printing work are done here
  • Mall and society activation
  • Canopy installation and roadside activities
  • Company events and meetings
  • Radio, newspaper and media buying
Service Costing Why Us?
Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

High DA PA sites with good traffic

Guest blogging or publishing your blog on someone else's website is a prominent tool in off page SEO strategy and employed by digital marketers extensively. This takes the advantage of the traffic the host website might be generating for itself and probably get a slice of that. It also creates backlinks for the website and helps boost the SEO ranking.

You can browse through the list of websites we have for guest blogging which also shows the DA PA ranking the website for you to get the idea of link juice you might be receiving. Each site has its pre-defined rates for guest blogging. Choose the one that fits your budget and requirement and drop a mail to take it ahead.

We provide guest blogging services to increase reach, create backlinks and generate traffic. Our team of guest bloggers has tremendous following and can boost your brand multiple times through guest blogging. We have redefined the space with our network and approach.

Connect for guest blogging today and do check the rates.

General costing for Guest Blogging

Starting @ USD 50

Costing of a guest blog starts from 50 USD but you can get some sites that charge as low as USD 20 for a blog. The charge for the service depends on the DA PA of the site, traffic it generates and the sector it works in. The cost is primarily decided by the owner of the site and we have little to no influence in it.

With each guest blog you can get do follow backlinks for life on keywords of your choice and the blog shall always remain in place. This provides high quality link for your website which plays a big role in SEO.

We also do guest blogging swaps where in you publish our blog on your site and we do the same for you. This ensures we both mutually benefit through co-operation while not spending anything. However, just like you we would be checking your site before we go ahead with this.

Why choose us for Guest Blogging?

We understand the importance of guest blogging and look forward for webmasters to connect with us and engage us. We have the capability of providing you websites for sector of your choice and within budget. Do try out our guest blogging service and see the benefits it does to your SEO.

  • Websites for all sectors
  • Predefined rates and terms
  • Lifetime creation of backlinks
  • Increase traffic through guest blogging
  • Available for all kind of budgets
Service Costing Why Us?
Lead Generation

Lead Generation

High quality leads to boost sales

Who does not love a good lead generation agency in Delhi as it pushes the revenue up fast and easy manner for a small fee. The cost of customer acquisition could not go further down than this. Lead generation involves a strong understanding of social media marketing and campaigns. We have been generating leads for brands for last 5 years extensively.

Our team generate leads for brands through various campaigns and initiatives. The quality of lead generated is very high and filtered properly before sharing with brands. The targeting of customers is kept precise with proper usage of filters, behavior patterns and interests.

We simply share the leads and the businesses are expected to talk to the users who have shown interest and convince them to try out their product or service. We do not call the prospective lead as it requires a different kind of set up and training which we currently do not have.

Connect today to generate leads for your brand and give a boost to your sales.

General costing for lead generation services

Starting @ 20% of media budget

We charge 20% of the media budget for the lead generation and advice businesses to start with a small budget of Rs 5000. Once they achieve even the breakeven with the first campaign, they should then further invest on the next round of lead generation campaigns. This way they will risk little and test out the acceptability and the need for their product in the market.

We need access to their digital assets like the social media pages and even websites to run the leads. Our precise demographic targeting ensures that the leads generated are of good quality and boost the sales for businesses.

Why choose us for Lead Generation?

If you are looking for high quality leads for your businesses, we are the best in the business. Strong technical and user understanding keeps us ahead in the game. Creative communication of the offer ensures we generate leads that do justice to your budget.

  • Target right audience for brand
  • Quality leads generated for sales
  • Good knowledge of customer behavior
  • Build good connect with customer
  • Create high end collaterals
Service Costing Why Us?


Below are some of the languages and frameworks we love and use extensively. The choice of technology for a project depends on its scale and scope. Based on an extensive discussion and understanding of your requirement, we choose the tech stack that best suits you.



Website development App development Digital marketing services SEO services in Dlehi


Our digital marketing process gives a a beautiful experience in all together right from UI design to development to getting it ranked on keywords. We ensure you are on board throughout the process with all the necessary checks and approvals.

Result Oriented

All our works are aligned towards one goal, delivering results for clients. We understand what it is to run a business and the importance of achieving the results for its sustenance.

Technical strength

In digital scope, a strong technological understanding is a must as this is what powers everything else. From a good website or mobile app to its digital marketing, deep knowledge of technology is required for steady results.


Creativity is always the core essence of any work especially when it comes to social media marketing and branding. Our expert team goes all out in bringing the creative works for you.


A good agencies commitment towards is clients is what says about its characters and work culture. We stand with our clients strongly and ensure that they make the most out of this relationship.

Our Achievement

500 +


50 +


120 +

Brands served

200000 +

Leads Generated





PGDM - Marketing IIM Lucknow (2009 -11)
Digital marketing expert

Amit has worked in various sectors and the journey so far has been no less than a roller coaster ride. He has worked with Indian Air Force for 8 years, Thomas Cook India Ltd for 3 years, Started a TV channel and co founded a digital marketing agency - YoCreativ before building AmitKK.

An avid coder, graphics designer and marketing expert, Amit has a solid indepth knowledge of the digital domain. He personally takes care of the web design and development service part of AmitKK.

Clients testimonials

AmitKK Client - Prateek Suri

The team provided exceptional dedication to us and was very responsive while answering the questions we had. Their integrity and honesty stands out, and everything is upfront. With their creative planning, the posts helped us establish a strong social media presence. The team did a great job and we are pleased with what they accomplished. Undoubtedly, they provide the best SMO services in delhi.

Prateek Suri

Sales and Marketing Manager

AmitKK Client - Dr. Jacob

Impressed with the team's communication and quality of work. AmitKK is the best website development company in Delhi. The team has showed exceptional technical skills and intelligence and we are very happy and satisfied with the results obtained! I can say with confidence that they are the best web design and development service in Delhi.

Dr. Jacob

Owner - Shadanga

AmitKK Client - Vrinda Loiwal

The team's collaborative approach, their personality and passion made it easy to work with Amit. Every team member is enthusiastic and genuinely cares about the success of our digital marketing project. Overall, the web development efforts have met my needs and have been effective. I highly recommend AmitKK for website and app development.

Vrinda Loiwal

Owner - CSEL

AmitKK Client - Shrom Budhraja

We recommended the services of Amit to every company that wishes to take a big leap with website development and digital marketing in Delhi. The success of the project has exceeded our expectations. It was a refreshing experience to work with a team that cares about your growth and results. Their design concepts are really cool.

Shrom Budhraja

Owner - Shake Buster

AmitKK Client - Dr. Ankur Jain

We can hear in Amit's voice about the pride he takes in over-delivering and seeing the success of the website development projects. I was impressed with his knowledge, and his ability to explain how a specific strategy can work wonders for your business. They are the best website design and development company in Delhi today.

Dr. Ankur Jain

Owner - Whitesmile

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