Perks of using React Native Development

Companies can benefit greatly from using React Native. It allows an application to run smoothly on both iOS and Android without any need for two different codes. This saves time and costs while optimizing the development process. Second, React Native is based on React, a well-known JavaScript library. This harmony helps the company's success. Later in this part, we'll look at the differences between React and React Native, focusing on their distinct features and functions.

Third, React Native enables frontend developers, previously limited to web-based technologies, to construct robust mobile apps ready for production. Thus, the technology expands the breadth of possible usage of mobile applications with a single code. AmitKK is an India-based software development business that stands out in the technological world. We allow businesses to succeed in the digital world by committing to offering the best technology and services.

React Native Development Services

  • Android Development

    AMITKK is a leading React Native development company that provides complicated solutions for Android app development. Hire our expert React Native Android app designing team to provide an optimal solution for your customers.

  • iOS App Development

    We assist organizations in all aspects and ideals in developing their preferred application in any desired market. The experts at AMITKK have years of experience in developing React Native applications for iOS.

  • Cross-platform App Development

    Use our experience to increase the ROI of your company. Our tools improve the efficiency and user experience of your company's mobile app by allowing you to create cross-platform apps that employ HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Complete Development

    The professionals at AMITKK have an understanding of market-specific strategies and technologies such as React JS, Redux, SQL, Android Studio, Xcode, and much more. We assist you with everything from creating an engaging UI to building cross-platform software.

  • Consulting

    Before selecting a package of our services for React Native development you can always book a consultation section. We give a detailed road plan and design to construct a simple yet engaging application once we grasp your project needs.

  • Code Audit

    Not only do we build new React Native applications but you can also approach our experts if your existing application needs any verification or modification. Our professionals have extensive experience examining and analyzing code quality to identify any flaws and inefficiencies.

  • App Migration to React Native

    Do you require support with your existing mobile applications in order to transition them to React Native? Meet our specialized React Native team, who will update your project in all areas.

  • Server-side APIs

    Our experience is in developing a strong API as a backend portion, allowing for a smooth connection between the server and the mobile UI for maximum performance and usefulness.

Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

Apps that set the example for successful React Native

A great mobile application perfectly combines well-organized software design and code quality. We employ the tools that are tested by the industry and modern technology to accelerate app development and make the greatest consumer experience feasible.



Among React Native applications, we all know about Facebook. It comes out on top in our debate because it invented this programming language and has been a driving factor in its progress.

Facebook created React Native, intending to bring the benefits of web programming to the mobile arena. The language allows for quick modifications and consolidates the product development team, which corresponds with the company's goals. This intention of the Facebook developers to expand the mobile applications scope brought React Native to life.



Skype is another prominent and well-known application developed with React Native technology. In 2017, Skype revealed that it was developing a whole new app built on React Native. Because the previous edition had a few problems, this increased the curiosity of its consumers.

The new app launched by Skype had three divisions with a completely new layout i.e., the discover portion, the chat option, and the capture part. Microsoft now owns Skype and it deploys React Native in its mobile application and every other framework on its desktop.



UberEats is yet another example of a React Native-developed application. Unlike the standard Uber app, which only has two parties involved, UberEats has three: restaurants, delivery partners, and diners.

To handle all these parties in one place, a specific dashboard was required, one that took into account the unique needs of eateries. The early web-centric dashboard was limited in its ability to transmit critical information to restaurants and lacked interaction with native device functionalities such as sound notifications, resulting in a bad user experience.



Walmart's iOS and Android applications provide yet another unique example of React Native application deployment. The American company, known for its bold technology initiatives, picked React Native to fully redesign its mobile apps.

Previously, certain elements of the Walmart app depended on embedded web views, which did not match the company's and its customers' high requirements. The switch to React Native resulted in a significant performance improvement, approaching native levels on both iOS and Android. A significant 95 percent of the codebase is shared between the two platforms, aided by a united development staff.

Why go for React Native?

We leverage the power of this open-source JavaScript framework to offer a wide range of services aimed at building complex customized apps. React Native has been used by prestigious businesses such as Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, WhatsApp, Airbnb, The New York Times, and others to create their own websites and applications, showing its effectiveness in the digital world. At the core of our strategy is a dedication to delivering technology-driven solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

Single code for multiple platforms

Single code for multiple platforms

The key advantage of React Native is its robust code reusability, which allows apps to run flawlessly across several platforms - a feature highly regarded by CEOs and Product Owners. Around 90% of the native framework may be merged, allowing for code reuse throughout many operational platforms. This strategy not only obtains praise but also accelerates progress. Pre-developed components provided in the open-source library help to speed up the process and save time.

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Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

An additional advantage of React Native programming is increased cost efficiency. Because of React Native usage, businesses are not required to create separate codes for iOS and Android. But a single code works for both. As a result, the necessity for separate development teams specializing in iOS and Android is eliminated, allowing a small team to complete the project. This budgetary caution is due to the minimization of redundant development efforts, which results in a more cost-effective but proficient app development process.

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Fast Revival

Fast Revival

The usage of quick refresh inside the development framework allows programmers to execute the application while updates and simultaneous changes to the user interface to subsequent versions are made. This real-time visibility of changes without the need to rebuild the entire application is a significant benefit. This provides a dual-edged advantage, the most obvious of which is time savings. The usage of React Native buys time for developers by enabling a synthesized framework, which may then be allocated to other productive duties.

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Simple UI

Simple UI

The React Native development process employs React JavaScript to build the application's user interface, integrating it with increased responsiveness and speed, resulting in shorter loading times and a better user experience. The use of a reactive user interface in connection with a component-based approach reinforces this advantage, establishing the framework as particularly well-suited for constructing applications containing a range of design difficulties, from simple to complicated. This combination of technology aspects not only allows for a smooth and quick user experience but also broadens the framework's application across a wide range of design needs.

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Fast applications

Fast applications

It is said that because of the fundamental nature of JavaScript, the execution performance may be slower than that of natively programmed programs. This difference, however, is hardly evident to the human eye. A comprehensive investigation was conducted to empirically support this assumption. The study comprised extensive performance tests of two versions of a basic application, one written in React Native and the other in Swift. The results of the study showed that both versions were similar in their performance.

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Given React Native's quick commercial rise and its clear technique for handling complex development difficulties, the trajectory ahead seems bright for influencing cross-platform apps' future. Despite a few disadvantages, the speed and user-friendliness inherent in the React Native development process serve as powerful counterbalances. The framework's extraordinary acceptance rate indicates its industry resonance, implying a positive future as it continues to enable the building of cross-platform programs. React Native is prepared to forge a fascinating route in the dynamic arena of application development by leveraging its strengths and reducing its flaws.

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Premier React native development agency creating rich, innovative solutions.

Consider our React development services focused on creating safe and scalable single-page apps. We create dynamic user interfaces for maximum performance using an open-source JavaScript framework. Our solutions stand out with code reusability, a virtual DOM, and comprehensive component libraries. Our professionals, as your trusted partners, are committed to fulfilling your vision, from basic websites to large apps. Improve your online visibility by partnering with us.

  • 1

    Experienced Developers

    Our experienced React developers can create safe, innovative, and engaging software products. Our expertise will get the task completed whether you are a startup or an SME.

  • 2

    Reliable Distribution Techniques

    We adopt the flexible technique to bring our clients into the picture. Our firm is recognized for providing high-quality React Native app creation services that suit your organization's objectives, timetable, and budget.

  • 3

    Competitive Rates

    We have the most affordable pricing on the business. Our customized React Native app designers and developers cater to our client's diverse financial requirements from all over the world.

  • 4

    Commitment to Work Transparency

    We provide comprehensive project transparency from the moment you contact us with your requirements. Our experts remain in touch with you till the completion of the project. You can also approach us for any help after the delivery of the project.

  • 5

    Client's Sense of satisfaction

    Clients are important to our strategists, engineers, quality analysts, and project coordinators. We provide React Native software development services that are business and client-specific.

Looking for React Native Development Company in India?

  • Logo of Mr. Sovi Bipneet Singh

    I have partnered with many companies for my application development, but the experience with AMITKK was a unique one. Not all React Native agencies here possess such knowledge as is provided here. The team members of AMITKK were very supportive throughout the whole project. And were very knowledgeable of different techniques.

    Mr. Sovi Bipneet Singh

    Founder SBS Legal Solutions

  • Lemon Tree

    AMITKK's openness to new ideas, insatiable curiosity, and constructive attitude ultimately ended in the implementation of a wonderfully unique notion. The end result is an indisputable demonstration of their ability. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend AMITKK's services in all areas.

    Lemon Tree

    Lemon Tree

  • Thai Rose Holiday

    Prior to my mobile application being developed with React Native, I talked with many of my friends and industry experts. Though there were many recommendations to go for, a common name on their tongue was AMITKK. I am really satisfied with their services.

    Farhan Khan


  • Graphicszilla

    Partnering with the AMITKK Team was a fantastic experience. Their versatility and response have genuinely stepped out from the traditional approach. They have clearly boosted our growth pace in the market, which has resulted in the launch of various features that outperform our already existing applications.

    Aryan Panwar


  • Oakbridge Publishing

    The individuals assigned to my project were very solution-oriented and sophisticated. They assisted in defining and accounting tools for cross-platform application development for my business. Their consistent efforts earned us strong leads, and they were fully able to meet the deadlines.

    Shreesh Chandra

    Co Founder

  • Logo of Virendra Chowdhary

    I loved the experience with AMITKK due to the flexibility and breadth offered by the platform. The team not only understood my business needs and helped me with the React Native development but also extended support in QA, understanding my business needs and UX as well.

    Virendra Chowdhary


Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of React Native development?

The creation of a React Native app is a complex process that demands strategic design and high consideration of details. It usually consists of numerous stages, such as design, development, testing, and deployment.

Developers collaborate effectively with clients throughout the designing phase to grasp their needs and create a user-friendly layout. React Native engineers employ modern tools and technologies throughout the cycle to ensure an application that is not only functioning but also presents the greatest and is simple to use.

After the completion of a proper design for the application, the development of this design starts, during which real coding occurs.

Following that, rigorous testing is performed to verify that the app works flawlessly across all devices and operating systems.

Ultimately, the software is published to the app store and made available to consumers. React Native engineers employ modern tools and technologies throughout the cycle to ensure an application that is not only functioning but also presents the greatest and is simple to use.

Is it feasible to switch from another platform or library to React?

In comparison to other platforms, ReactJS stands out by eliminating the need for a thorough code rewrite or the incorporation of auxiliary tools during transitions. AMITKK, an expert in React.js web development, assures a simple and straightforward transfer from any existing platform to React.

Our experience provides a comprehensive transfer procedure that preserves application performance while minimizing downtime to an almost undetectable level. With an uncompromising dedication to retaining operational efficacy, we support a smooth conversion that allows organizations to realize the benefits of React without confronting technological challenges.

How much does the React Native development cost?

The typical cost of a React Native application development service is between $20,000 and $30,000, depending on the capabilities required and the project's design. To know the exact figures contact us and share your requirements. Then, we'll be able to give cost and timeline estimations.

Why do I require a React Native web application for my company?

Because of their evolving environment, companies today require performance and adaptability. React Native services use various plugins developed through a single JavaScript package that is then utilized to build multiple interfaces.

While it is most beneficial for only one application, it may also be utilized for smartphones, the web, and PWAs. It aids in the reduction of project duration for technical personnel, allowing for the implementation of high and user-friendly apps. The apps developed not only increase performance but also aid in cutting long-term development expenses.

What is the purpose of React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript-based application for developing cross-platform Android or iOS applications. React Native utilizes JSX to build a number of UI interfaces that are melded into a single code and this single code is operable on both platform of iOS and Android. Because the functionality is implemented purely in JavaScript, you don't need to master Java, Kotlin, Objective C, or Swift to create a native-feeling smartphone website.

Website development with React JS

React JS is an open source and cross-platform for JavaScript-based libraries, and it helps React JS developers build user interfaces for developing responses and single-page applications. If you are looking for a react development company, you have just found one. We are the best react development company in your area. As a react development company we will deliver our work excellence and at the promised dates. Let us know to claim our services.

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Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

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