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Hire Flutter developers in India from AMITKK the leading Flutter app development company in India. Flutter is the best choice to develop your mobile applications.

Google Flutter is an open-source platform for application development. Being a product of Google, Flutter supports Android application development. Additionally, developers can build cross-platform applications using this framework. From iOS to web applications, Flutter has been popularly used for developing different apps.

Today, Flutter is one of the most reliable cross-platform application development frameworks. We ensure swift and affordable mobile application development service on this well-known app development framework.

Flutter Developers

We use a single codebase for Flutter app development. Our Flutter cross-platform application development solution ensures no bugs, seamless performance, and a high return on investment (ROI). Overall, we commit functionally rich, visually appealing, and chart-topping application development solutions using the Flutter framework.

We are a professional application development team with years of experience developing cutting-edge native Android and iOS apps. In addition, our developers are well-versed with different kinds of native and hybrid application development platforms, including Flutter.

Why Should You Hire Flutter Developers?

Depending on the requirements, companies must choose the application development frameworks. If you are not sure about using a specific application development framework, we will provide a consultancy service. Our team is poised with technical knowledge and expertise to provide the best suggestions on choosing the right app development platform depending on your business requirements. Find some of the reasons to choose Flutter application development.

  • Budget-FriendlyWe recommend Flutter development if you have a low budget. Since Flutter supports a single codebase, it reduces efforts on developing and testing apps. Thus, apps developed on this platform are cost-effective.
  • Satisfactory PerformanceDeveloping native apps through Flutter is a satisfactory experience. Flutter does not require a bridge to communicate the underlying operating system. Thus, the performance of such apps is effortless.
  • Older Version SupportFlutter has a robust rendering engine, which assures compatibility with various cross-platform tools. Thus, Flutter apps can remain compatible with an older version of Android and iOS.
  • Hot ReloadThe Hot Reload feature of Flutter allows developers to notice quick changes in the code on a simulator. Thus, developers find convenience in developing apps on this platform. The overall cost of development reduces for this reason too.
  • Desktop App SupportFlutter is a unique application development framework, as it provides desktop application support. Using Flutter for Desktop, we can produce applications for Windows and Mac OS.
  • Web SupportDevelopers can import the Flutter codes on the web browser, making the development process even more convenient. We can render a faster development service on Flutter for the web support of the framework.

Why Choose Us for Flutter App Development?

Experience and expertise are the two pillars of our success as a Flutter application development service provider. We offer custom application development services at a realistic budget. Our developers ensure fast and flawless service as they roll out the best applications.

UX and UI

UX and UI

We give special attention to the interface and user experience to developing Flutter applications. A business app with powerful UI and UX brings an excellent ROI (Return On Investment).

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Native Performance

Native Performance

Our developers deploy hand-code Dart to incorporate the Flutter widget for cross-platform compatibility. We assure effortless native performance on both iOS and Android operating systems.

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Fully Tested

Fully Tested

We assure fully functional and tested applications. Our Flutter applications will be free of bugs and glitches. They will provide seamless performance without causing any interruptions.

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Scalable Applications

Scalable Applications

We develop the applications keeping the future of your business in mind. A scalable application is essential as businesses grow and gather more data with the advent of time.

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Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Small enterprises want applications that need low maintenance. We develop such Flutter apps so that your business can avoid the costly maintenance cost. In addition, our custom apps will require minimal attention to maintenance.

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Flutter Animation

Flutter Animation

Animations make the applications more interactive and effortless. We have a dedicated team of developers who specialize in Flutter animations. Therefore, you can get a seamless animation user interface solution from us.

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Our Flutter App Development Process

We follow simple and systematic steps for Flutter app development. We have years of experience in developing mobile and web applications for businesses. Through our knowledge and experience, we assure satisfactory and budget-friendly solutions for the application development service seekers. So, how does it work? What is the process we follow for Flutter app development? Find answers to these questions below.

What Do We Offer in Flutter App Development?

We offer a customized native application development service of Google's Flutter, an open-source platform for mobile application development. From developing to maintenance, we offer end-to-end services. Find out services at a glance below.

  • New Flutter Application Development Develop a new Flutter app with us at the most affordable cost. We assure an effortless user experience and an attractive user interface for your application. Developing a quick-loading app that requires low maintenance is our commitment.
  • Revamping the Existing Application If you already have a business application developed on Flutter, we offer a revamping service for your existing app. We fix all the bugs, glitches, and other drawbacks. A newly revamped app will make a significant revenue contribution to your business.
  • API Development and Integration We specialize in meeting the specific requirements of our clients. Our team offers custom API development for the Flutter mobile applications. Along with developing the API, we also provide an integration service.
  • Support and Maintenance Facing technical glitches is not a big worry now, as our team is accessible 24/7 to assist with support and maintenance for Flutter applications. We assure quick bug fixing and periodic maintenance to keep the apps secured and fast performing.

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What Makes Our Flutter App Different?

Since Flutter is a popular web and mobile application development platform, finding developers for Flutter is not a big deal for the service seekers. However, not all developers can provide the most satisfactory service. If you want a seamless application development service on Flutter, we are here to meet your requirements. We offer customized solutions with the assurance of the following things.

Custom UI

The application interface is crucial, as we develop the interface as per your requirements. Rendering a visually attractive and interactive user interface is our commitment. In addition, a seamless interface enhances the return on investment (ROI) of the applications.


With the advent of time, your business will gather more data. Thus, the application database management will require a higher space. Therefore, we develop scalable applications which can be scaled to fit any data size.


Every application we develop undergoes strict testing guidelines. We test the applications and ensure they provide optimal performance. As a result, Test-driven applications show minimal glitches to the users.

Easy to Promote

We follow all security protocols to make an application qualified to be featured at Play Store. All apps are developed keeping the promotional aspect in mind, and they are SEO-friendly too.

Our Expertise in Flutter App Development

We have a passionate team of application developers. The team possesses excellent knowledge in developing native and hybrid applications on various development frameworks. As an experienced and reputed Flutter application developer, we offer the following services.


Do you want to develop a business application on Flutter? We can provide step-by-step suggestions with precision. From cost estimation to the return on investment, we help you, clients, a transparent and realistic consultancy service.

Security Enforcement

Your existing Flutter application may not have the latest security features. We can enhance the security of the applications through our security enforcement service. In addition, we follow Dart's encryption library for building Flutter apps.

Desktop Development

Flutter is not only a platform for applications development for handheld devices. We can develop desktop applications for your business using this app development framework.

Web Application Development

We also develop web-based applications using Flutter. Our cross-platform web applications will be accessible using any standard browser. High performance from the web apps is assured.

Embedded Devices

Our team is also competent to render Flutter development services for embedded devices. You can run these applications on embedded computers. Customized application development service is assured.

Revamp and Maintenance

Your existing Flutter web or mobile application may need a professional revamping solution. For such requirements, you can contact us. Our developers offer seamless revamping and maintenance solutions.

Looking for a Flutter App Development Company in India?


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    The customer obtained all the feature sets that were requested from AMITKK, and users were pleased with their work. The crew was organised and nimble, working in sprints to produce everything on schedule and within budget. Their technical knowledge and focus on finding solutions set them apart.

    Anuradha Sharma

    Owner - Anuvibs

  • Logo of Sunil Sharma

    AMITKK delivered a high level of involvement and a high-quality result, despite the fact that the app has not yet been launched. Every deadline and project milestone was fulfilled, and they offered helpful suggestions for enhancements. They act as an extension of our startup and take ownership of the product.

    Sunil Sharma


  • Logo of Shrom Budhraja

    Beautiful apps created by AMITKK facilitated quicker communication between our users and the back office. This lessened mistakes brought on the careless handling of paperwork. They were a customer-focused staff that was simple to work with and had skilled engineers.

    Shrom Budhraja

    Owner - Shake Buster

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    We are ecstatic about AMITKK's ability. The resources have performed as an integral part of the client's internal team because they keep up a good development cadence and get started right away. The team is always prepared to aid when necessary, and they are proactive and responsive.

    Vivek Bakode

    Owner- Pakwaan Factory

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    AMITKK's thorough knowledge of both the necessary technical and non-technical components contributes to a successful product launch. They always respond quickly to communications and offer the best solutions. Each team member becomes very dedicated to the project and the part they play in its success. You can count on a team that is passionate about achieving the greatest results for every project.

    Rishi Kumar

    Owner - Profiling

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to hire a flutter app development agency? Let us help you by answering some of the most common questions, that perhaps cross your mind.

Does AMITKK provide a Flutter App Maintenance Service?

Yes. We offer a contractual maintenance service for Flutter applications. You can make contracts on flexible terms with us. We will deploy a dedicated team for the application maintenance job. The team will monitor the application's performance regularly and make necessary changes to keep the performance optimal. Nevertheless, we keep updating the security patches to ensure that data stays safe.

Will Flutter Apps be Compatible with both Android and iOS?

Yes. We can develop native mobile applications that are compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. Not only mobile applications, but we can also develop applications for the web using the Flutter development framework.

What is Flutter App Development Cost in India

Developing web or mobile applications on Flutter is not a matter of a high expense. Flutter is a framework suitable for low-budget application development. Consult with our flutter developer in India and tell us your requirements. Understanding your requirements, we can render you a quotation for the cost estimation.

What Types of Applications can be developed using Flutter?

Flutter is suitable for developing cross-platform applications for different platforms. You can develop both mobile and web applications for your business using Flutter. We can deliver Flutter development for embedded computers too.

What are Some of the Popular Apps developed on Flutter?

Flutter is a well-known framework for cross-platform application development. Since it is a product from Google, developers can rely on this framework's performance and security features. In addition, many professional and well-known companies use Flutter for developing their native business applications. For example, Google Ads is developed on Flutter. Some other examples are Birch Finance, Hamilton, Xianyu by Alibaba, and many more.

Do We Develop an Application Backend?

Yes, we also develop an application backend for your Flutter applications. Along with developing the application backend, we offer custom API development and integration service.

Can I Build a Budget-friendly App with Flutter?

Flutter is popular among small enterprises for rendering budget-friendly development solutions. We can assist you in obtaining a seamless business app at an affordable budget.

Can I Migrate My Existing Business App to Flutter?

Our developers can add Flutter modules to your existing native Android or iOS application. However, a feasibility check is essential. Contact us for a feasibility check, budget estimation, and other relevant consultation in this regard.

Flutter Vs. React Native - Which is Better?

React Native requires a bridge to interact with the underlying operating system, while Flutter does not require the bridge. As a result, Flutter apps perform faster. Nevertheless, they are more budget-friendly. For all these reasons, enterprises prefer Flutter over React Native.

What is Flutter Framework

Flutter, a well-known application development platform, supports the programming language Dart. The open-source framework is suitable for developing cross-platform applications. Since Flutter is a product from Google, enterprises can trust this framework to develop their business apps. We offer both Android and iOS application development services on Flutter with the assurance of effortless native performance and high-end security.

Level up your application game with us

If you are looking for a flutter app development company, then yes, you are in the right spot. We are a flutter app development company, and we help you to build the app of your dreams. All the employees working for us are gifted in experience and have the latest and best knowledge of the field, which can help you build the best app for your business according to your requirements. We also plan to strategise the app according to your needs and requirements, so contact us today to level up your application development game.

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Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

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