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Node JS is the future of website development

Amitkk a leading Node JS development company in India, holds expertise in developing design friendly and efficient Node.js applications that would cater your business requirements and replicate your goals. We take pride in our team of Node.js experts whose knowledge and experience spans more than a decade in developing fast and scalabale applications.

Node JS is an open source technology used for developing faster apps. It plays a crucial role in server-side rendering of websites using JavaScript frontend frameworks like ReactJS, Vue JS, Angular JS etc.

Node Developer in Delhi

As a top Node JS development company in India, our aim is to develop applications that goes beyond the expectations of our clients.

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NodeJS leverages JavaScript for both the frontend and backend, providing a robust and dynamic full-stack development combo. Your first choice for cloud integration and connecting to smart devices should be NodeJS. The development of real-time apps, IoT apps, apps with serverless architecture and micro services, and other types of apps is made possible by the robust technology that it provides.

Explore our potential as a leading provider of diversified, end-to-end Node.js development services. We offer a wide range of development services, including migration, consultation, web app creation, maintenance, and support for Node.js. Our expertise in Node.js web development frameworks for various industries over the years has reduced the complexity of codes and produced web and mobile applications that perform well together.

Node JS Development Cost

Starting @ ₹ 60,000

For larger projects like e-commerce that might be wanting to scale up from a WordPress type of website, Node JS is a great choice. Node JS websites are very scalable and have a wide range of applications.

These websites start at around ₹60,000 and go up in price as the amount of work required grows.

A dedicated server is necessary for Node JS websites; shared hosting is insufficient. We advise using the digital ocean server, which has a monthly cost of about $5, for a single website.

Our Node.js web development team has a proven track record of creating innovative business solutions.

Why Choose us for Node JS Development

Your website must be manageable and scalable. We create websites with data-driven content management systems because they make it simple for you to log in and add new pages, blog posts, photographs, videos, and other content. Free written and in-person tutorials on how to administer your website are also provided by us. (we also offer website maintenance services if you'd like to outsource your website management as well).

Few more reasons to choose us are:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • High quality, technically advanced & high performance web solutions
  • Ecommerce specialist
  • Complete SEO system for digital marketing
  • Fully customized admin panel with data analytics
  • 01 month free maintenance
  • On-time and in budget delivery
Service Costing Why Us?

Why Node JS is the Best for Your Project?

Achieve your business goals with Node JS development. Below are some key advantages of using Node JS for any project:

Still Confused with Node.js?

If you are still confused about Node JS, do connect with us. We would love to help you out in your going ahead with Node.js development.

What we offer in Node JS Development?

With our highly skilled developers we at Amitkk, offer a wide range of Node development services to our clients as follows:

  • Web App development: Our development team can build web app using Node.js.
  • API development and integration: We can craft real time API's for games, taking full advantage of node.js fast response times.
  • Real-time app development: We build real time applications for chat and gaming apps.
  • Custom application development: Our Node.js services offer you an efficient and secure custom-made application for your business.
  • consulting and maintenance: Our Node.js developers having great experience to maintain your app providing useful services.
  • UI/UX development: Our web and mobile app UI/UX designers can help you with all technical solutions in this domain.
  • Ecommerce solution: Our Node.js developers use their extensive knowledge to create a secure fast performing Ecommerce site.

So, embrace the power of Node JS to build high performance and scalable applications.

Projects developed in Node

All the below projects have a detailed admin panel with key features like Blog systems, authentication system and SEO tools in it. With the SEO tool, the webmaster can change the Meta tags very easily.

India Enigma

The travel-based web portal has React JS as frontend and NodeJS as backend. It has a detailed admin Panel with functionalities like Authentication System, Blog system, pages creation and updating among others. Made in a month, the website ranks on 300+ keywords.

Study Spectrum

This educational website can be the pride of any react developer. It has a test series module with a detailed admin panel. Some of the features include Profile creation and updating, lots of filters, and a video panel.

True Loans

This react, and NodeJS based website was built for financial sector that provides loan and other financial instruments. The website has a custom calculator to calculate EMIs, Interest etc easily.


This website, too is made using React JS and NodeJS frameworks. With a detailed admin panel that captures, creates and edits everything required for the website.


Pujarambh is a high end custom e-commerce website built on React JS and NodeJS. This fully scalable website was made in just 5 days as the frotned designs were provided beforehand to us.

Are you looking for an expert and experienced Node JS developer to design your website? If yes, your search ends right here!

What makes Amitkk the best Node JS application development company in Delhi?

Amitkk, a reliable Node JS development company in India that is known for its high quality, timely delivery to ensure clients full satisfaction. We have a dedicated highly skilled cross-functional team of experts for Node JS who can help in building solutions across all devices. Not only that, our experts team work on every single security concern from the beginning of the project to build secure end to end Node.js applications. We can rapidly create custom solutions for both large enterprises and startups. At Amitkk, we engage our clients throughout the process of app development and take their feedbacks in every step. We strive to deliver the best and satisfied solutions to our clients as per their requirements.

Looking for NodeJS Development Company in India?

Why Choose Us for Node.js Development?

If you're in search of an experienced Node.js development company, your search ends right here. Here's why choosing us will be the best decision for your website development needs:

Get the Most of Node JS

Get the Most of Node JS

We firmly believe that Node JS is the future of website development. At AMITKK, we take immense pride in leading this revolutionary shift, harnessing the remarkable potential of Node JS to craft dynamic and streamlined applications that seamlessly match your business needs.

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Get the Most of Node JS

Expertise that Counts

With over a decade of experience in Node JS, our track record speaks volumes, and our team of skilled Node JS experts is a testament to this expertise. By choosing us, you're collaborating with professionals who have deep knowledge of Node JS. Rest assured, your project will be handled by genuine experts who have a profound understanding of the technology.

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Get the Most of Node JS

Stunning Design with Seamless Functionality

We understand that a successful application is more than just a stunning design. Our Node JS applications are designed with user experience in mind, combining seamless functionality with eye-catching design to provide an unforgettable digital experience.

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Get the Most of Node JS

Full Stack Dynamo with Node JS

Node JS brings a distinctive advantage by excelling in both frontend and backend capabilities. Our developers leverage this versatility to craft comprehensive full-stack solutions that are not only resilient but also exceptionally dynamic. This empowers you to maintain a competitive edge in a swiftly evolving digital environment.

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Get the Most of Node JS

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Whether you're looking for cloud integration, real-time apps, IoT applications, serverless architecture, or microservices, Node JS has got you covered. And so do we. Our development services encompass a wide spectrum, ensuring that whatever your project demands, we can deliver.

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Get the Most of Node JS

Simplicity in Complexity

Over the years, we've developed our skills to reduce the complexity of codes, resulting in web and mobile applications that perform harmoniously. Our Node JS web development frameworks are tailored for various industries, promising seamless integration and exceptional performance.

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  • Logo of Amit Jain

    Amitkk has been remarkable partner to work with. Their dedication towards their work is very impressive. I would highly recommend Amitkk for any kind of app development services.

    Prashant Chanchal


  • Logo of Nishant Gupta

    The best experience I ever had with an agency. The most impressive aspect of Amitkk team is their ability to develop any request that we had. Look forward to work with them again in our coming projects.

    Nishant Gupta

    Owner - Trueloans

  • Logo of Vrinda Loiwal

    If you are looking for a dedicated reliable team of developers for your company's app development, then you must work with Amitkk. We have worked with them for our company's Node JS app development and we are very satisfied with the delivery. They have great communication and resources. Highly recommended for any app development services.

    Vrinda Loiwal

    Owner - CSEL

  • Logo of Bhushan Mehta

    It's been a great pleasure to work with such a professional team. The project was delivered before time. I really appreciate the team's efforts. The best part is they keep themselves available always for their clients.

    Bhushan Mehta

    Manager - Palm Bliss Resorts

  • Logo of Dr. Jacob

    Working with Amitkk was an absolute pleasure. The nodejs developer team was very professional and very quick with their services. We are very happy with the result of our app which they built for us. We would surely like to work with them in future.

    Dr. Jacob

    Owner - Shadanga

Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning to hire a node developer and do not know much about it? Let us help you by answering some of the most common questions, that perhaps cross your mind.

What Front-end can I use with Node.js?

Node.js works well with any kind of front-end like react, angular, vue, etc can be used with Node.js. Node primarily powers the backend and provides data to be consumed in the frontend.

Will I have trouble finding Nodejs Developers to work on My Application?

Finding a node developer is not really difficult in Delhi as many freelancers for this are available. AmitKK is a top node development company in Delhi with a dedicated team of node developers who are always at your service.

Will My Node.js Application be Faster than using Competitive Solutions?

Node.js is a framework based on chrome's V8 javascript engine. Its open source, cross function runtime makes Node.js faster than any other solutions. The websites built in node are high performing and better speed than other languages.

Can Node.js be used for Machine Learning?

Theoretically, Yes. Node.js can be used for machine learning but it is not really the best language for this. Languages like Python and Java are highly recommended for this kind of work than Node JS.

What kind of Applications can You build using Node.js?

Node.js runs on javascript that allows you to develop web applications like Internet of Things (IoT), Real time chatting application, single page applications, collaborative applications, streaming applications.

Its ideal to build real time chats as it helps easy flow of two way data communication using sockets.

Grow your business online

Are you looking for a node JS developer? If so, then you are in the right place. We have the best node JS developer in the area who can help you develop your website best. All the node JS developers at our company are highly experienced and professional, so you will not face any issues working with our employees. You will get the work on time within the deadlines and quality work. Well, none of our clients has ever been disappointed with the result. Get in touch with our company today.

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