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Are you aware that guest blogging is one of the best inbound marketing strategies? Guest blogging has not only helped start-ups but has improved sales of established businesses as well. Your business needs quality traffic, authority and relevant links, and guest blogging can provide you with that and much more. Guest blogging, when done right can be the heartbeat of any business, as it not only drives quality and organic traffic to your website, but improves the revenue as well. However, it is important to know that not all guest posts are equal and provide the same results.

We at AmitKK helps brands benefit immensely from guest posting, and receive a stream of quality organic traffic, and new leads. Learn a little about guest blogging before you submit a guest post.

Guest Blogging

Guest Post Service India

High DA PA sites with good traffic

Guest blogging or publishing your blog on someone else's website is a prominent tool in off page SEO strategy and employed by digital marketers extensively. This takes the advantage of the traffic the host website might be generating for itself and probably get a slice of that. It also creates backlinks for the website and helps boost the SEO ranking.

You can browse through the list of websites we have for guest blogging which also shows the DA PA ranking the website for you to get the idea of link juice you might be receiving. Each site has its pre-defined rates for guest blogging. Choose the one that fits your budget and requirement and drop a mail to take it ahead.

We provide guest blogging services to increase reach, create backlinks and generate traffic. Our team of guest bloggers has tremendous following and can boost your brand multiple times through guest blogging. We have redefined the space with our network and approach.

Connect for guest blogging today and do check the rates.

Guest Post Packages

Starting @ USD 50

Costing of a guest blog starts from 50 USD but you can get some sites that charge as low as USD 20 for a blog. The charge for the service depends on the DA PA of the site, traffic it generates and the sector it works in. The cost is primarily decided by the owner of the site and we have little to no influence in it.

With each guest blog you can get do follow backlinks for life on keywords of your choice and the blog shall always remain in place. This provides high quality link for your website which plays a big role in SEO.

We also do guest blogging swaps where in you publish our blog on your site and we do the same for you. This ensures we both mutually benefit through co-operation while not spending anything. However, just like you we would be checking your site before we go ahead with this.

Why Choose us for Guest Blogging Services?

We understand the importance of guest blogging and look forward for webmasters to connect with us and engage us. We have the capability of providing you websites for sector of your choice and within budget. Do try out our guest blogging service and see the benefits it does to your SEO.

  • Websites for all sectors
  • Predefined rates and terms
  • Lifetime creation of backlinks
  • Increase traffic through guest blogging
  • Available for all kind of budgets
Service Costing Why Us?

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging, also known as guest posting is a marketing strategy where you write and publish content on other bloggers or the company's website. Many bloggers use guest posting to

Guest blogging is not only beneficial for guest bloggers but works like a charm for the website or blog that hosts the guest content. So, once you get into guest blogging, make sure you are open to accepting guest posts on your blog or website too.

Why is Guest Blogging Important for Your Business?

While many bloggers have many questions about how beneficial it is to publish their content on another website, it does come with its advantages and provides you with an opportunity to grow your blog like never before.

Some of the benefits of guest blogging are as follows.

Why Should Bloggers Join Us?

We at AmitKK encourage and welcome guest bloggers to share their content on our platform. We not only offer high quality and user-friendly website but also provide bloggers with amazing benefits at the same time.

Fix your own rate

The bloggers on our platform get to fix their very own rates. We understand your effort in penning down a unique and relevant piece of content and we want you to earn right for the same. It is time to stop writing for pennies and earn some money for real. So, it's your content, your rate!

Easy to start

Joining, as a guest blogger at AmitKK is an easy and hassle-free process. All you need to get started is to fill the form provided on our website. Our team will get in touch with you when there is a requirement for you.

No client hunting

The guest bloggers on our platform need not opt for other resources to find clients. With a wide network of existing clients, we ensure you get the best clients, who pay as per your rate.

How Does Guest Blogging Impact SEO?

If you are wondering if guest blogging influences Search Engine Optimization, the answer is yes. Guest posting or blogging as it is called adds great value to newbie blogs and helps them move up with their SEO rankings. Having said that blog owners need to be beware of the “spam bloggers” who often end up posting low-quality posts affected the website authority.

Guest blogging adds value to both bloggers and website owners when relevant, high quality, and educative content is shared. Therefore, if you have high-quality content, you can use guest blogging to improve the ranking of your website. As people add a link back to your blog on their websites, Google sees it as relevant and interesting content, which helps your blog gain good visibility and helps it move up the ranks.

How do We Help in Guest Blogging?

If you are looking to submit guest posts, we ensure to provide only the best. The guest bloggers on our platform are handpicked, as we do not want you to waste your time on any hearsay.

Connect You with Bloggers

Connect You with Bloggers

We at AmitKK connect you with the best bloggers based on your industry and niche. Our services are the best if you do not wish to deal with writing or outreach. Just get in touch with our team and we get back to you with a list of potential bloggers with the highest caliber.

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Ensure Standardization

Ensure Standardization

No more worry about receiving a low-quality guest blog. Our team carefully checks every piece of content to ensure proper implementation of all the SEO factors. We provide bloggers from the same industry and ensure zero spam.

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Take Responsibility for Delivery

Take Responsibility for Delivery

We commit and we deliver. All the guest bloggers on the platform are verified and are established writers and authors, and this allows us to provide you only the best content, and on time.

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Looking for Guest Post Sites in India?

Business Guest Post Guidelines

Guest blogging is all about quality content, sans any fluff, but you need not be afraid to show off your personality or writing skill. Make sure the tone of the content is conversational, as we want the audience to engage. Make sure that,

Want to know more about the submit a guest post? Get in touch with our team today!

Looking for Guest Posting Services in India?


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Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to submit a guest post and confused how to go about it? Let us help you by answering some of the most common questions, that perhaps cross your mind.

Why Should You Submit a Guest Post?

Guest blogging on a popular site helps you grow your brand. Your site gets instantly noticed when you submit a guest post frequently. Further, when you optimize your site content, your CTA or conversion rates improve drastically. As a popular site that has several followers, your blogs too get the desired social media shares. Likewise, you have plenty of benefits when you take to guest blogging.

What is the Keyword Density in a Guest Post?

The targeted keywords can appear in a post or a blog only a specific number of times. Overloading content with the keywords can make the articles or blogs look sloppy. For a crisp or precise guest post, the ideal keyword density can be 1-2%. For a 500 worded article, you can mention the target keyword 5 times.

What is the Best Way to get Guest Post Backlinks?

You can build natural backlinks when you publish guest posts in an industry that is like yours. You can review the performances of industries belonging to the same niche as yours. You can look for successful followers on the online site. And then, when you post informative and relevant content and place your landing page links, you get noticed.

What is the Benefits of a Guest Post?

The kind of exposure you get via guest posting is incredible indeed. You can network efficiently using these effective SEO strategies. This way, you help your brand win profitable partnerships or business collaborations. Guest posting can also be beneficial to your firm. By sharing your expertise on other industry websites, you get introduced to newer audiences. The effort can simultaneously boost your SEO.

Guest post to increase your business sales

Are you looking for a guest post company or want someone to write a post for your company to enhance your business sales? Well, if yes, then you are in the right place. We Are a company specialising in guest posts, and we will help you achieve your business goal much faster and more efficiently than you imagine. Moreover, we do not believe in charging a fortune from our customers. So all our services are very affordable and convenient for all the customers. None of our customers, New or old ones, have ever been disappointed with our work. Contact us today and claim our services.

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