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Pulkit Kapur


TOP is India's leading automotive components manufacturer. They specialize in manufacturing high-quality visors, fenders, tail panels, side panels, and visor glass for all motorcycles. TOP has been serving the automotive engineering sector since 2008, providing globally accepted products catering to domestic and international markets. Their globally accepted product portfolio includes major categories that ensure they have a wide reach in the market, expanding their customer base. TOP’s products are manufactured to meet global standards, ensuring customers receive the best quality products.


Vishal Jain


WP Technology is a web development and digital marketing company that specializes in website development, marketing, and SEO among others. With a focus on providing exceptional websites and providing ongoing services for website maintenance and marketing, WP Technology has established a reputation for excellence in the industry. From custom web design to Google Ad setup, WP Technology offers a range of services that cater to the needs of modern businesses. Their team of experienced developers and designers use the latest technologies and techniques to cater to the client's unique needs.


Rahul Mishra


Goodrich Tedco offers one of the finest bakery education to aspiring bakers and pastry chefs with their specialized curriculum that covers all aspects of baking, through hands-on training and classroom instruction, you'll learn the techniques and methods used by professional bakers and pastry chefs to create delicious baked goods that delight customers. Goodrich Tedco's commitment to providing a well-rounded education ensures that graduates are prepared for a successful career in the baking industry, whether as a pastry chef in a high-end restaurant, a bakery owner, or a culinary educator.


Mr. Aditya Arya


Venus BCS is an IT consulting company that helps businesses and organizations to manage their financial and analytical aspects. They aim to help their customers manage their financial data and help businesses serve their customers in a better manner while keeping risk at bay. They have wide experience in helping organizations in the financial, health and public sector.

The team uses advanced technology and custom strategies to help organizations enhance their operational processes and make the bottom line efficient.


Dr Dilip SIngh


Physiofy's platform is dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals by streamlining their workflows and making patient care easier than ever. The Physiofy website provides a comprehensive platform for physiotherapists to create personalized treatment plans for their patients. By allowing therapists to input information about their patient's conditions, goals, and preferences, Physiofy helps ensure that each patient receives tailored care that is specific to their needs. Moreover, the website offers helpful courses, quizzes and certifications on various physiotherapy treatments, allowing therapists to stay up-to-date with the latest practices.


Aditya Arya


The Arya Agency is a well-established insurance consultancy that offers top-tier risk control services and tailored insurance solutions. Their comprehensive range of specialized advisory services encompasses life insurance, retirement planning, commercial business insurance, and home and automobile coverage. The website boasts a user-friendly interface that's easy to navigate, featuring a refreshing colour scheme of blue and white that emanates a professional and inviting ambience.


Sumit Agarwal


GoGecko provides unprecedented customer convenience with its comprehensive and cloud-based platform for ordering essential products, such as toiletries and hotel amenities. Through its easy-to-use platform, customers can obtain information about the products they are looking for and purchase them securely with just a few simple clicks. Moreover, GoGecko offers ultimate users control with custom options to manage orders and accounts through the website. GoGecko is dedicated to providing admirable customer service while helping meet numerous needs without hassle.

Go Gecko

Ravi Singh


HoRenSo Consulting strives to provide its clients with the best possible services to meet their needs. With offerings ranging from market research and consulting for businesses to cultural exchange activities and trade advisory work, HoRenSo can cater to a wide variety of clientele. The modern and stylish website allows users to navigate the interface quickly and find valuable information about HoRenso's mission, philosophy, and core competencies.

Additionally, visitors are given direct access to a contact form on each page, where they are encouraged to reach out if they have any further questions. HoRenSo Consulting makes it easy for anyone looking for specialized services to find the assistance they need.


Chandan Sharma


Swallowtherapist.com is the answer for comprehensive and reliable information about conditions, treatments, and resources related to swallowing disorders. Visitors can quickly find what they need without any distractions or confusion with an aesthetically pleasing layout and a friendly user interface. The website has easy-to-navigate tabs at the top of the page from where users can access general topic information, in addition to sections specific to healthcare providers.

All of the content one would want regarding these common issues is clearly laid out on Swallowtherapist.com for both desktops and mobile devices, making it easily accessible wherever you may be. By offering up-to-date facts in a clean, organized manner, people will have everything they need at their fingertips with Swallowtherapist.

Swallow Therapist

Virendra Chowdhary


This website offers a wide range of services to help customers relax and escape the stress of everyday life. The site's easy-to-use design makes finding what you're looking for simple. The site showcases the different spa treatments available and provides detailed descriptions to help you choose the best one for your needs. There is also a range of booking options, allowing you to customize your experience according to your budget and time constraints. In addition, the site's blog provides helpful advice about different spa treatments and relaxation tips to get you in the perfect mood for your retreat. Finally, the homepage contains all the necessary information, including price ranges and special offers. You can even get in touch with a consultant to discuss your requirements.


Sanjal Upadhyay


The purpose of Sanjal Speech is to provide a comprehensive stuttering and dysphagia treatment service for individuals seeking help to improve their verbal communication. The website is designed with the latest technologies( WordPress) to ensure a smooth user experience. It features an intuitive interface and easy-to-use navigation system that allows users to access information about treatment options, schedule appointments, and obtain education about their specific communication disorder.

Additionally, Sanjal Speech includes helpful FAQs. The mobile-friendly interface allows users to access the website from any device. Professional speech therapists with years of experience can provide comprehensive assessments and treatments for stammering and dysphagia. In addition, they specialize in providing individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient's specific needs.




Jangid Modspace is a modular kitchen designer in India, offering quality products and services to its customers. The website was made to keep in mind the Indian kitchen design needs of the customers. Here, you can find modular kitchen designs crafted with precision and attention to detail that suit your requirements. The site is easy to navigate and has detailed information about each product, helping customers make informed decisions. Not only that, but here you can also get help from professionals who will guide you through designing and creating a perfect kitchen for your home. In addition, Jangid Modspace offers custom design services to ensure that your kitchen is exactly how you want it.


Navneet Khare


For both online and offline organizations, Navneetkhare.com is a reputable website that offers a vast range of services. The development of websites, mobile apps, e-commerce, and digital marketing are all areas in which they are professionals. They also provide content writing, search engine marketing (SEM), local SEO, e-commerce SEO, graphics design, and UI/UX design for offline business requirements. The website has a trendy, polished appearance with material that is simple to navigate.

The website provides easy-to-read information about their services and a profile of their team of knowledgeable specialists. Visitors can also look through the client's work in the case studies and portfolio sections. The "contact us" section is available for individuals who want to learn more about their products and offerings.




Trident Energy India is an energy firm that offers a wide range of products for the production of oil and gas as well as other services including logistics, shipping, and warehousing in India. Mud chemicals, production chemicals, well- stimulation chemicals, and cement additives are Trident's main areas of interest. Their website was created with the intention that it would serve as an online brochure for potential clients and partners. Trident Energy India sought a slick, expert website that would demonstrate its dedication to providing the country's oil and gas sector with affordable solutions.

Trident Energy



This website represents a company that offers translation, interpretation, and language instruction services. The firm needs to collaborate with customers from all around the world and provide top-notch services. In light of this, the website was created with the target audience and business needs in mind. As a result, the website is very user-friendly and informative. It is written in simple language and contains all the information a buyer might need.

The website is simple to use and connects to sections for all the essential topics, such as Languages, Blogs, and the company's courses.

Global Diction Studio

Sunil Sharma


This website was developed for hotel Haut Monde (Part of Contitel group) was developed in WordPress and bootstrap. It shows various barnches of the chain nicely. The website generates good leads for its banquets and events on a shoe string SEO budget.

If you are looking to promote your business online, do connect with me.

Website developed using - Wordpress and Bootstrap

Pulkit Kapur


This personal website of IIM Indore director was migrated form an old wordpress them to a new one. The old database was migrated successfully to the new theme and server with no glitches. The theme is a cusotm one designed to connect users with Dr. Himanshu Rai.

If you need a personal website to build your own brand, do connect with me.

Website developed using - Wordpress and Bootstrap

Dr. Jacob


The website developed in wordpress for an Ayurveda brand highlights the brands services and offerings. The website has high end aesthetics with a detailed back end admin pane. The website is very light in loading and provides good SEO results.

If you are looking for a website developer in wordpress to build your digital presence, do connect with me.

Website developed using - Wordpress and Bootstrap

Sanjeev Gupta


This single page website shows the services of the brand to users.

Built in wordpress, the website is highly mobile responsive and aesthetically pleasing. The website uses a dark theme to connect with the entertainment and information sector it operates in.

Website developed using - Wordpress and Bootstrap

Dr. Amit Gupta


The website developed for an eye surgeon in Delhi shows his services clearly. Developed in wordpress with a customized theme, the website shows the specialties of the surgeon and generates leads through digital marketing.

Are you looking for a website developer to showcase your skills and services? Do connect with me.

Website developed using - Wordpress and Bootstrap

Girish Wadhwa


The website developed for a brand selling food products in Delhi uses WordPress and woo commerce plugin for e-commerce purpose. The theme developed from scratch is highly customizable and has been performing really well on SEO. The website caters to lots of categories in the food products and is very good in loading.

Website developed using - Wordpress (Woo Commerce) and Bootstrap

Vrinda Loiwal


The website was developed in wordpress for a new brand working in soft skills education sector. The design was done completely to the satisfaction of the owner. Highly customized theme, the website showcases the brand and its services very clearly.

The website is highly mobile responsive and light in loading for SEO purposes.

Website developed using - Wordpress and Bootstrap

Vishal Bhati


The website was developed for a hospital in Delhi on WordPress and bootstrap. It shows the hospital staff and their facilities very nicely. The website is very light and has high page speed which gives it a boost in SEO ranking.

The WordPress theme for the website was developed from scratch without use of nay plugin.

Website developed using - Wordpress and Bootstrap

Dr Dilip SIngh


The website was developed for a vehicle repair brand using react JS as frontend and laravel as backend. The website has a feature where in users can create their own repair plans though various filters. The detailed backend panel was developed to ensure no dependency on us in long run.

The website has good blog panel with SEO features.

Website developed using - React JS, Laravel, Bootstrap

Ms Simi


The website was developed in WordPress for a fashion designer to sell dresses online. The website uses woo commerce plugin for e-commerce purposes and has custom filters for various parameters. The website uses the logo colours very nicely and the design was made as per the owner's specifications.

Website developed using - Wordpress and Bootstrap

Piyush Madhav


This website was developed for a brand working in the field of events and activities for schools. Developed in laravel, it has features where students can make their own profiles, participate in various events and pay for them. The website has been instrumental in various events that the brand organized within the country over the years.

Website developed using - Laravel and Bootstrap

Dr. Anil Verma


Made in laravel, this ecommerce website made for a pharmaceutical company showcases the pharma products and the manufacturing capabilities of the brand. It also has features for franchise and advanced searching through various product lists.

The website has its own blog system carefully designed for SEO purpose.

Website developed using - Laravel and Bootstrap

Rishi Kumar


The website designed for a chartered accountant showcases the organization and the services provided. The website is developed from scratch using wordpress and bootstrap and is completely mobile responsive.

The owner can change the contents of the website easily though the admin panel has undergone a multitude of changes in past.

Website developed using - Wordpress and Bootstrap



This website was developed for a Japanese brand entering India.

The website is developed from scratch in wordpress with a nice and unique slider focusing on the core values of the brand. The complete website, especially the blogging system is customizable and developed from scratch.

Website developed using - Wordpress and Bootstrap



This website is developed in wordpress in less than a day as most of the frontend design was already provided by the client. They had made the website using elementor plugins which did not allow them to make blog pages. So I made it again using wordpress coding everything from scratch.

The website uses Animation on scroll libraray nicely and has a unique feel good design around it.

Website developed using - Wordpress, Bootstrap

Study Spectrum


This website is developed in React JS and laravel and has a lot of features in it. The website has modules like test series which checks the paper instantaneously, teachers can create their profiles and apply for requirements. The website has a detailed admin panel with a focus on SEO.

The website has payment gateway options where tutors and students can add money to the wallet and the same gets charged for the services.

Website developed using - React JS, Laravel, Bootstrap

India Enigma


This travel website is made in React JS as frontend and laravel as backend. This website has a detailed admin panel with features like - blogging, user authentication system, page text for every country, state, city and sight. Notice how the blogs changes as per change in page.

The website has a full option for scailibiity and changes whenever required.

Website developed using - React JS, Laravel, Bootstrap

Sunita Pandey


The website has been developed in WordPress for a financial Advisor. It shows the products and services of the advisor in a clear and concise manner. Built using Tailwind and Apline JS, the website is easily scalable and has a good SEO system too.

Show your products and build your brand

Ms. Anju Bisht


The website is basically an admin panel for an app. Built using React JS as frontend and Laravel as backend, the site has good table structures with lots of data manipulation systems developed as per requirement. The website is robust in terms of API handling and analysis.

A robust Admin Panel in Laravel

Rajeev Goel


The website is developed in WordPress for Fintree Money which is a financial consulting company based out of Delhi. It shows the products of the consultancy beautifully and has forms to capture the queries easily. The site has a robust SEO system as the theme has been custom developed.

Sell your products online

Yash Pahuja


This is a WordPress based website made for photographer, Yash Pahuja. It shows the photography and video portfolio beautifully with options to upload pics and YouTube videos. The UI Design and colour palette has been chosen carefully as per client's requirement.

Show your Portfolio easily

Mr. Sachin Nagpal


This is a Laravel based website made for an iron and steel manufacturing company. The website was intended to be an e-commerce with last minute changes making it to a static website. It has a good SEO and blog system for digital marketing.

Static Website on Laravel

Ms Priya


This WordPress based website was developed for an overseas education counsellor who wanted a website to connect with students. It shows the countries and the courses which the client operates in beautifully. The website does not employ any builder plugin and the whole theme was developed from scratch.

Website for educationalist and career counsellor

Gayatri Sharma


The website was developed for a marketing agency on shoe string budget. The website uses ReactJS as frontend and NodeJS as backend. It UI design has been highly appreciated by peers and client. The website showcases portfolio and the services of the agency in a clear concise manner while maintaining its uniqueness

A high end design for Digital Agency

Prashant Chanchal


An e-commerce website developed using Laravel, Livewire and Alpine JS, it showcases its products very beautifully. The website is highly scalable and its UI design was customised to the tilt. The website has a strong server side rendering as well which helps it to rank on almost 30+ keywords on SERP. The page speed touches 90 on both web and mobile.

E-commerce website developed for puja sector

Mr. Deepanshu Budhija


A custom theme WordPress based website developed for a business selling online courses giving a high page load speed. The blog system of the website is robust and highly optimised for SEO. The website also uses mailerlite for forms and connecting with users. The whole sites just used 4 WordPress plugins and is independent of everything.

WordPress Website using mailerlite

Ms. Pooja Aggarwal


Another e-commerce website developed on Laravel with a unique UI design to target tea lovers. The laravel based website has a nice user flow with a very detailed admin pane. SEO system has been beautifully built in the website to target and optimize individual pages automatically. High page speed of the website further helps in SEO.

Website Developed using Laravel - Livewire, Tailwind

Asif Ali


This website is supports an e-commerce mobile application built on flutter to sell courses and products. Not just apps users can also shop on website. Seamless payment gateway integration with a well thought of user flow makes the website a good digital asset for the business to build on. It also has abundance support for APIs for the mobile application.

Website Developed using Laravel - Livewire, Tailwind

Mr. Sovi Bipneet Singh


This website was developed for a legal firm looking for a digital solution to build and ease communication with their client base. Developed on Laravel, the website lays out the communication history of the legal cases in a comprehensive manner. It also showcases the team effectively while providing a section for blogs.

Website Developed using Laravel - Livewire, Tailwind

Vivek Bakode


This website is developed for a restaurant that also has its own food delivery system. They have multiple brands under their roof. Their menu section is a fully customized one and has a smooth interface. They also have their own blog system for SEO purposes. The website is minimal and only has the necessary features to it. Coming back to the menu section, you can go through the menu and order food directly from there. You'll see the dish name, picture, and description of the food item on each card. It is like a digital menu card.

Website Developed using Laravel - Livewire, Tailwind

Debashish Bal


This website was made for a platform that is like social media for all poker players. It has a simple design that is easy to understand and smooth. It has forms to register, and there are options for creating a new account and logging in as well. Two different versions of the website are available depending on what position you register for. Reading through blogs and testimonials is also easy.

Website Developed using Laravel - Livewire, Tailwind

Mr. Rahul Mishra


Tedco is a website for a school of Culinary Arts and bakery. The main goal was to make the website smooth and easy to navigate while making sure all the essential information was easily found. The loading speed of the site is extremely fast, and anyone navigating to and fro between courses and blogs won't have to wait even for a second. This website also has its own blog system that is a boost for SEO.

Website Developed using Laravel - Livewire, Tailwind

Mathew Jacobs


This website was created for one of our clients who wanted to create a community for all music fans. The main goal was to build a user-friendly and quick website that would make it simple for the intended audience to find artists. This website has been completely optimized for a powerful SEO system. The website has a smooth interface that lets you search and discover artists and music quite easily. The sliders on top make it appealing for all the visitors and highlight upcoming new events in a subtle way.

Website Developed using Laravel - Livewire, Tailwind

Anuradha Sharma


This website supports a business that provides solutions for business setup in Dubai. Their list of services is long and a bit complicated, but the website is designed to support their needs. You can easily find all information in various sliders. Video integration is also done to provide relative information. The website has a great speed despite all the videos and other content. ChatBot integration is also done for a better customer experience.

Website Developed using WordPress Alpine.

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