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SEO has lots of components in it and the amount of work it requires can be can be overwhelming. It can also include getting a good website to regular posting on social media and many more. In below points we are only considering the activities that get covered in pure SEO itself.

SEO Services in Chennai

  • Guest Blogging

    We have a good network of our own guest blogging sites and also reach out to other guest bloggers from the sector to post articles. This helps in creating good quality backlinks and also gain traffic from the guest blogging sites.

  • On Page SEO

    Our team of content writers create compelling Meta tags that make users to click when the site appears in search results. Internal links, image optimisation, keyword placement and headings are some other on page SEO work we do.

  • Off Page SEO

    Our team creates steady backlinks on websites with high DA PA and low spam score to boost the ranking of the pages. Off page SEO activities ensure variety of submissions are done like classifieds, bookmarking, image submission etc.

  • Quora Marketing

    We use Quora marketing extensively for our SEO as it is one of the best tool for content marketing. Our team of writers and SEO experts answer on questions that show the business as a market leader.

  • Technical SEO

    We place a strong importance on technical SEO as it impacts the ranking and user experience. Our development team ensures that the website is free of all technical issues and has a good page speed.

  • Local SEO

    Although SEO is digital, location proximity factors also play an important role in it. Many users prefer looking for service providers near them and this is why local SEO becomes important. This also helps in building loyal user base.

  • E commerce SEO

    Our team of SEO experts have worked on a wide range of ecommerce websites and know how to get it ranked on search engines. If you are running an ecommerce website and looking to hire an SEO company, look no further.

Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

Outshine with our out of the box SEO services

We have the best in-house SEO services that help you rank on the keywords effective for your business. Getting ranked on keywords is imperative for every business that looks to perform well in digital marketing. Our experts identify and target these keywords so that you don't have to spend a lot on running paid campaigns.

Guaranteed SEO Results

Guaranteed SEO Results

Our SEO team gives assured results and you can see the rankings moving up in the first 2 months itself. We get the site ranked on at least 15 keywords in the first quarter and add 10 every month from there on.

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Team of SEO Experts

Team of SEO Experts

Our SEO team has average of more than 10+ experience and have worked on a wide range of websites, sectors and projects. The team is highly capable of delivering SEO results on targeted keywords.

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Technical SEO Expertise

Technical SEO Expertise

Technical know-how is a crucial factor for the success of an SEO company and this takes years to get developed. Working on projects our team has developed technical expertise in SEO and search engine algorithms.

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Creativity in SEO is awarded by improved user experience and our SEO team ensures we have some creative work in every page. Our emphasis on infographics, videos helps us in SEO as it decreases bounce rate.

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Our SEO efforts have full transparency and we keep our client in close loop for all the activities. We share a monthly report that covers all our efforts, results achieved and plan for the coming month.

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Proven SEO Strategy

Proven SEO Strategy

Our SEO strategy has been time tested to give guaranteed results. The SEO strategy and the process are carefully planned to give assured results. We monitor the latest trends shaping SEO and align our services accordingly.

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  • Logo of Dr. Jacob

    My company needed expert opinion and the team at AMITKK did not disappoint us. They helped us with a strategic road plan to achieve our goals. The team sticks to the deadlines and this helped boost our SEO ranking, and traffic. Really happy to find a team that puts the needs of their clients first.

    Dr. Jacob

    Owner - Shadanga

  • Logo of Ms. Pooja Aggarwal

    SEO is very important for any business to build and success, and the team at AMITKK understands it. The assistance and knowledge of the team is par excellence. Their strategies have really made a remarkable impact on my business. All in good way of course.

    Ms. Pooja Aggarwal

    Owner Hindraj Tea

  • Logo of Rajeev Goel

    AMITKK SEO company in Jaipur is backed by an amazing SEO team. Their strategies work and show results as they do research and surveys. Their team lead my company from nowhere to a good rank in Google search, thus leading into ravishing sales. Recommended their services to anyone looking to boost their website traffic.

    Rajeev Goel

    Founder Fintree Money

  • Logo of Amit Jain

    I always wanted my company to rank in the first page of Google search, and the team at AMITKK helped me achieve it. AMITKK, a SEO company in Jaipur applied strategies, based on the needs of my firm. Every business has different SEO and goals, AMITKK team is very well aware of the fact. Their team is very efficient and talented.

    Prashant Chanchal


  • Logo of Dr. Ankur Jain

    Very few companies actually do what the SEO company should do and AMITKK SEO company in Jaipur is one of them. After contacting them, their team immediately modified everything and eventually my company website started appearing in SERPs. My business boosted and so do my profits. I am happy I found them.

    Dr. Ankur Jain

    Owner - Whitesmile

Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for SEO company in Jaipur?

What is SEO Marketing?

SEO marketing refers to a cluster of strategies that e-commerce companies across the globe resort to, in order to enjoy a better degree of visibility or brand presence among global audiences. The marketing strategies are aimed at building and optimizing websites using ethical principles and guidelines so that web users can locate your brand easily. You can combine a mix of on-page and off-page SEO strategies so that your brand or firm enjoys higher rankings among the world's greatest search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. This way, your audiences can locate you on the web easier and faster too.

What is Schema in SEO?

Schema refers to a procedure by which you add micro-bits of data to your HTML tags so that the search engines are able to categorize the data or content you have in a systematic or streamlined manner. Say, for instance, you are running an online clothing store, and if you add dresses, it is a huge amount of data. You add a sub-category HTML as Kid's wear- frocks, the search engines will categorize the product according to its beta values. Searches are made easier and that would direct more web users to visit your web page.

What is on-page and off-page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to a set of strategies that are aimed at streamlining the content according to the requirements of the firm or brand you aim to build. For instance, you can build a web page to drop your company's product descriptions, categories, and address on the site and add valuable blogs or articles on the know-how of products you aim to promote in the market. This is a typical instance wherein you use an on-page SEO strategy to reach out to people. Coding or including automation protocols can also be on-page SEO initiatives by which your team finds it easier to drop info at regular intervals.

On the other hand, off-page SEO strategies relate to procedures wherein you promote the brand after going live. Say for instance, post building a web page, when you send a Welcome email to your existing customers to reach out for your page. Or you include Call-to-share buttons to audiences so that they can share your content or blogs among their known circle of friends on online or social media, this is an effective off-page SEO strategy by which you aim to promote your fleet of products or services online.

What is indexing in SEO?

Indexing is an inbuilt process that is undertaken by search engines like Google Inc., in order to organize and streamline data sets in an order that is easier to understand by web users or target audiences across the globe. Again, if you have a look at it, indexing is a normal part of the search engine’s process protocol and content that does not cover under indexing does not get ranked by search engines. Adding meta description tags, headers, footers and streamlining content can help search engines index your web page’s content in a more indented and precise manner.

What is black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO refers to unethical guidelines or practices a company adapts to get higher rankings among search engines like Yahoo, Google Inc and Bing. More often than not, these are guidelines a company should not follow as these practices can end the brand or company from receiving penalties from search engines. This can pull down the reputation of a brand among its target audiences. Examples of black hat strategies include keyword stuffing, cloaking, resorting to plagiarism, using private link networks, not providing sufficient credits to the source companies, and so on.

Make your online business grow fast and easily

We have the best SEO experts at our company and assure you that our services will not disappoint you. All the employees working at our company are experienced in the field and bring a lot of knowledge to the table. We help you with every kind of problem you might face regarding search engine optimization on your website. We will help you increase your customer reach and help you reach the potential audience to make your business grow fast and easily.

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