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WordPress, the best framework for website development

WordPress is the ideal solution for small businesses or startups looking for website development. Not just easy to develop and maintain, WordPress serves most of the requirements you might be looking for. From regular websites to e-commerce WordPress has fully developed modules for everything. Not to forget its celebrated blog system which is used almost in all websites. There are a lot of gaps even in WordPress development done by freelancers and agencies that you might not be aware of. Our WordPress development team ensures such gaps and shortcuts are covered well leading to a top of class website.

What do we develop in WordPress?

Although WordPress is PHP based and theoretically can be used for all kind of works, we use it only for specific kind of website development. This is because the framework has limitations of its own and do not want to stretch its boundaries. For bigger projects and the ones, we feel are unsuitable for WordPress we use other technologies. Below is the kind of work we develop in WordPress.

Wordpress Website developer in Noida

Regular websites

If you run a business that is not into e-commerce and just need a simple regular website that showcases your brand, WordPress is exactly what you need. You can play around with designs and structure, but do not witch over to any other technology unless you have a very compelling reason. These websites can be easily maintained with little to no fuss. There is no limit to pages that you can create and also do SEO yourself.

Woo commerce

Woo Commerce plugin of WordPress allows us to build a robust e-commerce system where you can do a lot of changes in admin panel. Our team of developers develop custom e-commerce websites on woo commerce which are highly suitable for startups and businesses that do not require a lot of functionalities. There are plugins for most of the functionalities and a lot of them come for free, but we do not suggest their usage.

Woo commerce
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Blog System

WordPress has a very robust blog system that is copied when we develop blogs in other frameworks. The blogs are easy to create and edit and come up with ton of functionalities of its own. We are masters in developing the blog system and can develop such blog systems in less than a day for you. Not just build, our team is also expert in optimizing them for SEO and optimize the websites by default while developing them.

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Why us for WordPress website development?

Of all the WordPress website development agencies in Noida, we are the best by a huge margin. Our expertise in WordPress is deeply appreciated by users and our team of digital marketing whose half the work is done during development itself. Below are some of the factors that make us the best WordPress website development firm in Noida.

Custom theme

We never buy or use pre developed themes as they come up with lots of codes and scripts that you might not really need. A bloated website never performs well as it gives poor user experience and also impacts SEO. Custom them development means we use only as much code as is necessary. Being light in code ensures, the page loads fast and also ranks well.

Minimal plugins

We have seen websites with 20+ plugins in them used for all kind of works. We on the other hand use not more than 3 plugins to make the website work smoothly. Minimal plugin usage ensures that the site’s page speed is good and helps in SEO. It also means that the website is not dependent on any external agency and works independently.

SEO Focus

We always keep SEO in mind while developing websites and all our steps are in this direction. Our development team ensures that all the basics of SEO are followed and tested before handing over. WordPress itself comes up with a lot SEO stuff through its plugin Yoast which is the most preferred plugin.

Easy maintenance

WordPress sites are easy to maintain owing to it file structure and our team handles dozens of such sites easily. We charge a nominal fee as part of annual maintenance contract (AMC) of the website and keep it free when we do SEO for it. Even if we do not do AMC, minor changes are done for clients at very nominal fee whenever they come in future.

If you are looking for a WordPress development company in Noida, do try the best one.


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