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Why using a website builders is a bad idea?

Creating a website is an interesting and challenging work and often the first step in your digital marketing initiative. Website development coding can be a bit tricky if you are not comfortable with it or have some experience. Amateur developers on novice users, start using website builders abundantly available in the market. This makes them super confident and happy as they see their work getting developed.

Using website builders is analogous to shooting you in the foot before the race even begins.

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Disadvantages of using Website builders

  • Unnecessary bloated HTML codes
  • You have no access to these codes
  • Very low Page speed
  • Poor Scalability

Advantages of using custom website themes

  • Full control of Codes
  • High Scalability
  • High mobile responsiveness
  • High page speed
  • SEO results

So why do people use website builders?

  • Easy to use website builders
  • The difficult learning curve of website development
  • Little understanding of technical SEO
  • Website Development Cost

What is “WYSIWYG”

It is an acronym for what you see is what you get.

It is a software application for designing and developing your website. You simply select, drag and drop elements to the desired part of the website to build on it. This looks pretty easy as you do not have to remember coding and apply them. It is ideal for people without any coding background.

The website builder creates its own HTML, CSS, Javascript as you use these elements. You do not have to code any part of the website using these applications. So what’s wrong with using website builders?

Disadvantages of using Website builders

Let’s look at a few points that make using website builders a nightmare for all purposes

Unnecessary bloated HTML codes

Website builders create huge layers of coding which are not at all required. This bloated HTML code impacts the website adversely as the time to evaluate and parse them increases with each layer. The codes on inspection look very confusing and most of the layers are redundant.

This happens as the website building software is designed to take all the anomalies into the account. But you might not need all these layers and still have to use them

You have no access to these codes

If you think of editing the codes in the final rendered output, you won’t be able to do so. You only have the frontend WYSIWYG frontend editor and you cannot do anything beyond them.

This puts a serious handicap on technical SEO as you need to edit the codes to do technical SEO.

Very low Page speed

The page speed is the most seriously impacted part of using website builders and everything in it contributes to it. Bloated HTML codes, unnecessary CSS and Javascript codes add to this.

The page speed of these websites does not cross 20 on testing on the Google page speed test whereas 80+ is required for good user experience.

Poor Scalability

If you think of scaling up the website in the future, you face abundant challenges. More often than not, you have to give upscaling up or get the website redeveloped.

This is due to the limitations of these WYSIWYG software applications.

If you are looking to include some customized features like show different blogs as per the page the user is on, forget it.

Poor mobile responsiveness

Most of the website builders are designed for desktop screens only. Making them mobile responsive requires monitoring the impact of screen change on various elements and making changes accordingly. This is not really possible in website builders making your website not good for mobile.

Considering the amount of traffic that is generated through mobiles, it becomes imperative for your website to be mobile responsive.

Advantages of using custom website themes

On the other hand, let’s look at the advantages of building custom themes

Full control of Codes

Since you have developed the website from scratch, you use only what is essentially required. This leads to bare minimum coding in all files and hence their evaluation and parsing time reduces drastically.

High Scalability

You find something interesting on the internet and want to integrate it into your website? It can be done very easily as the codes are completely scalable. You can even change the aesthetics of the website easily with a little effort.

High mobile responsiveness

The website comes out to be 100% mobile responsive as you have complete control over what goes where. In fact, the website can be made to be responsive to all screens possible very easily.

High page speed

The websites that I develop touch the speed of 80 + without having to do any effort on them. With some minimal effort, I have even touched the sweet score of 100 out of 100.

SEO results

The SEO results of websites built from scratch also come out to be good. This is because of good reception by Google crawlers as they have to read and analyze fewer data. On the other hand, websites build using website builders have poor SEO impact for the very same reasons.

So why do people use website builders?

In spite of the disadvantages, these website builders are still used a lot and some of the reasons are:

Easy to use website builders

People look for easy solutions without thinking of the long term impacts of these solutions. You might get a decent looking website on the desktop screen at least but the truth is it is nothing but trash. The only reason you feel proud of it is that you designed it.

The difficult learning curve of website development

The learning curve in website development can be a bit difficult for many to negotiate. But once negotiated, you start to reap benefits and the advantages are multifold.

Little understanding of technical SEO

People understand SEO and its technical part pretty less. Because of this, they are not able to connect it with the website coding and its importance.

Website Development Cost

Still, people see website development as an unnecessary cost and look for ways to reduce it. Website builders come in very handy as people can develop themselves. However, the long term cost and its disadvantages of this is not considered in account

So if you are looking for a website developer who builds really nice website from scratch, feel free to connect.

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