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AMITKK is a renowned and well-established company that powers SMS marketing for countless leading industries

Promote and strengthen your brand via SMS marketing services. Our SMS marketing services are the most efficient and economical way of targeting potential clients on smartphone devices. They are from a campaign set up to schedule for the messages from sending to reporting. Our experts are SMS service providers who will provide an efficient marketing method to promote business online with just a click. We believe that sending bulk messages is better than sending them to individuals. However, it eats loads of time, and the process is also highly lengthy. We at AMITKK promise to provide the most efficient SMS marketing services at the best price. We are known for offering a discount to our clients based on the plan they choose. We also offer monthly and yearly packages for our clients.

Advanced Texting Features

We are a business text messaging software that uses innovative ways to enhance business growth. Below are the industry-leading features:

97% Open Rates

We help you reach 98% of the audience within 3 minutes of sending your mass text message.

100% Prefer Texting

Texting is the most preferred way to communicate, whether for friends, family, or businesses.

4 billion Phones

Most people around the world own a cell phone. No other marketing method offers better access.

Routes for SMS Marketing?

We have varieties of SMS routes that you can choose according to your business need, whether for consumer engagement or Bulk SMS Marketing. Get the best services here to provide the best services.

Promotional SMS

It is for businesses to send offers and promotions to their potential and existing customers. Our experts configure it for all new signups. We deliver the SMS to opt-in and DND numbers only anytime between 8 am to 8 pm. Contact us for the free trial.

Business SMS

Without any cost, we will help you to send any business SMS without any hassle. Our partnership with the reputed company and intelligent routing technology makes us stand out from the other companies. Our SMS gateway assures our clients of the best-in-class delivery rates for both SMS alerts and Bulk SMS.

Transactional SMS

You can use this transactional route to send transactional SMS such as OTPs and back alerts to registered users. We will give you your 6-character Sender ID with which you will be sending IDs. You will need to create an account contact SMS world for configuring it. There are not any set-up fees for it.

International SMS

Our services are a highly efficient method for promoting products and offers globally to all consumers beyond the borders. Our international SMS campaigns will help our clients send global messages to their overseas audience regardless of the network provider they use and the time zones in which the customers live.

SMS Marketing Process

You do what you are at best in, and we will take care of your business text messaging required for your business growth.

  • 1

    Free Sign Up

    We do not ask for credit. Instead, you will get access to more than 30 advanced features, making us stand out.

  • 2

    Upload Contacts

    Work with our customer success manager and ensure that you know all about us and our services.

  • 3

    Start Sending Messages

    Send SMS texts messages and MMS pictures free of cost. You can rest assured and track your performance.

Build A Great Bond with Your Customers

Your business texting platform is amongst the best ways to show new customers and clients you care and keep your business at the top of their minds. Check-ins messages and gratitude notes are the tips of the iceberg of how we can help your business to build stronger relationships.

What makes us the best SMS Marketing Service?

We Are the most trusted, powerful, easy, and reliable SMS Service Provider with the best SMS gateway

Advanced Dashboard

Get a quick review of the complete message status, sender ID, configure, and template in real-time. With our services, you will check the number of credits on a single day, weekly, monthly. You will also be able to check messages for the previous month. So make the experience appealing for all users.

Customized Messaging

Our services allow businesses to communicate with customers on a personal level and offer effective messages. With our customized messages, you will be able to send messages by mentioning custom fields such as mobile number, message template, customer name, and many other things.

Multiple Sender IDs

Manage and create several sender IDs with our efficient web portal. We help businesses build brand awareness and promote brand visibility with send IDs those customers are familiar with. Our working professionals know what they are doing and work professionally.

Analytics and Reports

Our graphical analytics will help businesses see the number of messages we have sent, delivered hourly, monthly, and weekly.

Bulk Contact Upload

Our services will send more than 600K contact in a single batch via bulk upload. You will know about the file upload process and get Information almost immediately about pending SMS yet to be sent.


Our SMS API at AMITKK lets our clients send messages in bulk offers, offer updates for transactions, manage contacts, etc. You will get all the benefits with our services. Our SMS gateway routing ensures best-in-class delivery.

24*7 Support

You can contact us whenever you want to, and we are more than happy to help you help your clients with any questions or doubts. AMITKKs customer service team is always contactable, along with the assurance of faster resolutions to the questions.

Multiple Language Communication

We help companies connect with their customers better by sending messages globally in their preferred languages with the help of Unicode messages and send messages.

Triggering Auto Responders

  • Two Way SMS

    Initiate the client communication by letting the customers respond to the mass messages. With our creative and innovative inbox feature, you can see that customers will reply and respond to the messages individually. There are no efficient ways for businesses to offer top-notched customer service with a real and measurable impact.

  • Mass Group Texting

    You can use our seamless and functional AMITKK user interface to blast urgent messages to all subscribers at once with the bulk message. It is perfect for urgent Information and requests. You can write mass messages and send them in seconds.

  • Upload Contact List

    If you use another business text messaging software, you do not have to provide the contact list to switch to another provider. With AMITKK, you can upload the contact list within seconds. All you will need to do is upload the Excel file of the opt-in contacts, which will be added to the account. Our services are like magic.

  • Zapier

    With this integration, AMITKK allows your business to share the SMS marketing data with more than 4,000 business applications you are using already. HubSpot, Facebook, Salesforce, and Intercom are some of the tips of the iceberg to integrate your key business applications with the text marketing strategy.

  • Unlimited Contacts

    Our services are known to help you grow, and we will help you to greater heights. In other words, you will get unlimited contacts, whether it is in the thousands. With unlimited contacts, you can contact customers worldwide.

Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

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Why Choose AMITKK as Your Ultimate SMS Marketing Partner?

Maximise the reach of your brand, forge connections with your audience, and benefit from all the potential of direct messaging. Here's why we are your ideal SMS marketing solution:

SMS Blasts

SMS Blasts

Boost your brand's visibility and impact through our effective SMS marketing services. Reach potential clients on their smartphones with ease and efficiency. From campaign setup to comprehensive reporting, we're here to support you at every stage of the journey.

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SMS Blasts

Bulk Messaging, Simplified

Sending bulk messages to individuals can be time-consuming and complex. Our SMS marketing experts streamline the process, ensuring efficiency and a hassle-free experience. We have faith in the potency of bulk messaging to connect with a broader audience effectively.

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SMS Blasts

Affordable Services

At AMITKK, we guarantee exceptional SMS marketing services at the most competitive prices. We're renowned for offering discounts based on your chosen plan, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.

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SMS Blasts

Unmatched Features

Our innovative approach sets us apart. With a staggering 97% open rate, your message is sure to reach 98% of your audience within just 3 minutes. Texting is the preferred communication method, making it a powerful tool for businesses.

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SMS Blasts

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Our platform goes beyond mere message sending; it's about creating meaningful connections. Show your customers you care with check-ins and gratitude notes, fostering stronger relationships.

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SMS Blasts

Advanced Dashboard

Stay in control with our real-time dashboard, which gives you insights into message status, sender ID, and more. Track your progress daily, weekly, and monthly effortlessly.

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  • Logo of Shrom Budhraja

    AMITKK company offered the best SMS marketing services that my business could ask for. The sales and website traffic jumped by good margin with the SMS campaigns. They offer great SMS marketing services at very affordable rates. We used them for rolling out regular offers through SMS marketing. Amazing team to work with.

    Shrom Budhraja

    Owner - Shake Buster

  • Logo of Arun Singh

    I had very less time to do the marketing and promotions of my products but it was mandatory to sustain in the market. I came across few companies but didn't find the perfect one. Then AMITKK company came to assistance, and we decided to start with SMS marketing. Their work is extra ordinary and also at very reasonable prices.

    Arun Singh

    Owner Tech Reflects

  • Logo of Rishi Kumar

    SMS marketing plays a crucial part in marketing and AMITKK understands the same. Being a newbie in the industry, I wanted to work with a team that is thorough and have a creative approach to marketing. AMITKK is a very professional and time efficient team, and I recommend their services to all.

    Rishi Kumar

    Owner - Profiling

  • Logo of Dr. Amit Gupta

    My company keep on bringing new offers for customers. So, to keep the target market updated we hired AMITKK company for SMS marketing services. They provide the best-in-class services and they know how to portray the offer as it seems more attractive to customers. I'm glad to hire them.

    Dr. Amit Gupta

    Owner - Friends Eye Care

  • Logo of Dr. Jacob

    I have contacted AMITKK marketing company for SMS marketing services. My small business of jewelry has witnessed good sales due to the services provided by them. Their contact list is upgraded from time to time and they have a keen knowledge of the target audience. So, their strategies have worked in a very fruitful manner for my business.

    Dr. Jacob

    Owner - Shadanga

Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning to hire a SMS Marketing service and confused how to go about it? Let us help you by answering some of the most common questions, that perhaps cross your mind.

Can I Add Images to My SMS Messages?

Yes, images can indeed be added to your SMS messages by using either MMS or rich media messaging. Let us have a look at the detailed explanation of the same.

MMS Messaging

Brands can use MMS Messaging to share various multimedia content like audio, images, GIFs, and videos along with the text. The use of MMS makes the message appealing visually and improves engagement as well.

The Benefits

Enhanced Engagement - Images can capture attention more effectively than text alone, increasing the likelihood that your message will be noticed and acted upon.

Stronger Branding - Including your logo or branded images reinforces brand recognition and can make your messages more memorable.

Improved Response Rates - Engaging visuals can prompt quicker and more enthusiastic responses, whether it’s a purchase, a click, or an RSVP.

Rich Media Messaging

Modern SMS marketing platforms often support rich media messaging through technologies like RCS (Rich Communication Services). This can include images, videos, and interactive elements within the message itself, providing a more dynamic experience.

Advantages of Rich Media Messaging:

Interactive Content - Enhance engagement with buttons, carousels, and other interactive features.

Analytics - Track user interactions with your rich media content to gain insights into engagement and effectiveness.

Enhanced User Experience - Provide a professional experience that feels app-like within the messaging interface.

How to Use Messages with Images Effectively?

Promotions and Offers: Showcase product images, promotional banners, or discount coupons to attract customers.

Event Invitations - Send visually appealing invitations with event details, making it more likely for recipients to receive and attend the event.

Product Launches - Send images of new products via MMS to keep your audience updated and interested in your brand.

Reminders - Use images to make appointment or event reminders more engaging and harder to miss.

Adding images to your SMS messages via MMS or rich media messaging can significantly enhance engagement and communication. While MMS allows for multimedia content that captures attention and conveys messages more effectively, rich media messaging offers an even more interactive and dynamic user experience. Consider your audience, budget, and messaging goals to determine the best approach for incorporating images into your SMS marketing strategy.

What Should Be the Tone and Voices in Messages?

The tone and the voice of the SMS message you send play a very important role in the success of your marketing campaign. The tone you use in the message can determine how your audience will engage with your brand or business. Mentioned below are a few considerations that can be focused on when planning SMS marketing.

Professional yet friendly tone – The messages sent should have a good balance between a friendly and professional tone. The messages sent via SMS should be personalized and welcoming as it helps build a connection with your customers. However, the messages need to be concise and professional as they portray your brand image in a positive light.

Be consistent with your brand identity – The voice and tone of your SMS should match your brand identity. If your brand stands for being authoritative or formal, the SMS should reflect the same. The same applies to a brand that is fun or casual. Brands should let their personality shine through the SMS messages they send.

Be clear with the message – We all know that SMS messages have a character limit, hence being clear very important. Your messages should be direct and to the point, conveying the essential information without any unnecessary fluff. By doing so, you are respecting the time of your audience.

Personalize the message – Personalized Messages that include the name of the recipient often perform better. You can also check your customers' previous interactions and understand their preferences to form a deeper connection and boost the response rate.

Use action-oriented language - Encourage immediate action by using clear, action-oriented language. Phrases like "Buy now," "Register today," or "Claim your discount" prompt the recipient to take the desired action promptly. This is especially effective in time-sensitive promotions or urgent notifications.

Keep the messages engaging and positive – Ensure your messages have a positive tone throughout. Even in situations like a reminder or about an issue, make sure that the message is written positively and is engaging as it can make a difference in how it is understood by the recipient. Instead of sending messages like “offer ends soon” you can send messages like “do not miss out” etc.

Remember that the voice and the tone you use in your SMS messages should be professional and friendly at the same time. Craft your messages carefully with the above principles and you will for sure improve engagement and build loyal customer relationships.

Is SMS Marketing Right for Your Business?

There are a lot of factors to consider before you determine whether SMS marketing is the right fit for your business or not. Mentioned below are a few considerations that can help you decide if SMS marketing is right for your business.

Audience Demographics - SMS marketing is highly effective if your target audience frequently uses mobile phones. Statistics show that a significant majority of people own and regularly use mobile devices, making SMS a viable channel for most demographics. However, it is particularly beneficial if your audience includes younger consumers, who tend to be more engaged with mobile communications.

Instant Communication Needs - If your business benefits from instant communication, such as flash sales, event reminders, appointment confirmations, or urgent notifications, SMS marketing is ideal. The immediacy of SMS ensures that your messages are seen and acted upon quickly, which is crucial for time-sensitive information.

High Engagement Goals - SMS marketing boasts impressive engagement rates, with open rates around 98% and high response rates. If your marketing goals include increasing customer engagement, driving quick responses, or encouraging immediate action, SMS marketing can be a powerful tool.

Cost-Effectiveness – SMS marketing is a very budget-friendly solution for those businesses who wish to spend wisely on brand marketing. The relatively low cost per message combined with high engagement and response rates often leads to a strong return on investment. This makes SMS marketing accessible to businesses of almost every scale.

Personalized Marketing - If personalization is a key part of your marketing strategy, SMS marketing provides an excellent platform. Brands can segment their audience with ease, and tailored messages can be sent based on the past interactions and preferences of the customer. Such personalized messages often increase conversions.

Compliance and Opt-In Requirements – It is important to consider regulatory compliance and the need for explicit customer opt-in for SMS marketing. Ensure you have a system in place to collect and manage opt-ins and comply with relevant laws and regulations. If your business is prepared to handle these requirements, SMS marketing can be a seamless addition to your marketing toolkit.

Customer Relationship Management - Businesses that prioritize strong customer relationships can benefit significantly from SMS marketing. Marketing agencies can help improve brand and customer communications via SMS marketing and this in turn enhances trust and loyalty and improves conversions and retention rates. 

SMS marketing can be highly effective for a wide range of businesses, offering instant communication, high engagement, and cost-effective marketing. By considering your audience, marketing goals, and integration capabilities, you can determine if SMS marketing is a suitable and beneficial strategy for your business.

Why Should I Choose SMS Marketing Services?

SMS marketing can be used by brands to reach the target audience. Here are a few reasons why brands need to choose SMS marketing:

Impressive Open Rates – Messages sent via SMS have a high open-rate as many users open their messages in a few minutes after receiving them. This makes sure that your message is seen almost immediately by your audience, making SMS a powerful tool for time-sensitive promotions and updates.

Direct and Personal - SMS marketing allows for direct communication with your customers. Unlike other marketing channels that might get lost in the noise, SMS messages are sent straight to the recipient’s phone, making them hard to ignore. This direct approach helps create a personal connection with your customers, enhancing brand loyalty and engagement.

Wide and Immediate Reach – With the increase in the use of mobiles, SMS marketing can be used by businesses to reach any audience with ease and in minutes. Brands can use SMS marketing to reach their target audiences in both urban as well as in rural areas, and the only criterion is that they have a mobile phone. Such accessibility makes SMS marketing a versatile option for a business of any size.

High Engagement – SMS messages are known to have higher engagement rates when compared to other marketing methods like email campaigning. Customers are more likely to respond to SMS messages, whether it is to redeem a coupon, participate in a survey, or reply to an appointment reminder. This high level of interaction can significantly boost your marketing campaign's effectiveness.

Cost-Effective – SMS Marketing when planned right can be quite cost effective. The cost per message is relatively low, and the high engagement rates mean you get a good return on investment. Also, many agencies provide scalable plans for SMS marketing which allows businesses to expand the services as their business grows.

Easy to Implement and Track - Setting up an SMS marketing campaign is straightforward, and many SMS marketing platforms provide user-friendly interfaces. These platforms often include tools for segmenting your audience, scheduling messages, and tracking the performance of your campaigns in real time.

Easy Integration – Brands can easily combine SMS marketing with other offline and online marketing campaigns with ease. By integrating SMS with your overall marketing plan, you can create a well-organized multi-channel approach that enhances customer engagement and this helps drive better results.

Choosing SMS marketing services provides numerous benefits. It is indeed an efficient way to communicate with your audience, making it an essential tool for modern marketing strategies.

What is the Best Time to Send Bulk SMS?

The optimal time to send bulk SMS messages hinges on several factors, including your target audience, the nature of your message, and regional time zones.

Morning From 9 AM - 12 PM - Sending SMS messages in the morning can be effective as people are starting their day, checking their phones for updates, and planning their activities. This timeframe is particularly good for announcements, reminders, or promotions that require daytime engagement.

Lunchtime From 12 PM - 2 PM - Lunchtime is another strategic window because many people take breaks and check their phones. Messages sent during this period can catch people in a relaxed state, making them more receptive to marketing offers or event notifications.

Afternoon From 2 PM - 5 PM - Afternoons can be less effective as people are often busy with work or other commitments. However, this period can still work well for certain audiences, especially for B2B communications, where the recipients might be making business decisions or planning for the next day.

Early Evening From 5 PM - 7 PM - This is one of the prime times for sending bulk SMS. People are usually winding down from work, commuting, or starting to relax at home, making them more likely to engage with their messages. This timeframe is ideal for promotional content, sales alerts, or event reminders.

Night From 7 PM - 9 PM - Sending messages later in the evening can also be effective, particularly for promotions or reminders that are intended for the next day. However, it is crucial not to send messages too late as it can disturb recipients, leading to negative perceptions of your brand.

Always account for the time zones of your audience. If you have a national or international audience, segment your messages to ensure they reach people at appropriate times locally.

What is the Best Time to Send Bulk SMS?

Yes, there is, more essentially, there are good and bad times to send the messages. It would be best if you opted for midday to be considered for those who are awake and are sleeping, and it is essential to consider the difference in time zone.

Why Should I Choose SMS Marketing Services?

Text messaging is one of the most robust, strongest-performing digital channels. It has an open rate five times greater than email marketing and 20 times greater than app notifications.

Is SMS Marketing Right for Your Business?

For most businesses, SMS marketing services are the best way to increase brand awareness. It is an efficient, affordable marketing tool that helps to complete customers' desires.

What Should Be the Tone and Voices in Messages?

SMS is a general communication channel in our lives, so using a casual tone is the most appropriate tone. However, using a professional tone with SMS may not sound appropriate and may not sit well with the promotion.

Can I Add Images in My SMS Messages?

In SMS marketing services, you will not be able to add images, but with our MMS services, you will get the freedom to add pictures such as GIFs, Emoticons, Images, etc.

Get in touch to grow your business

SMS marketing is something which every business owner, small or use, is using nowadays to market their product or services and reach their potential audience. If you wish to reach the potential audience for your product or services through the same method, we can help you with the same. We have experts in the field who have been working for over a decade to get you the best results for your business. So let us know right away.

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Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

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