How can WhatsApp be used for Marketing How can WhatsApp be used for Marketing

How can WhatsApp be used for Marketing

Latest WhatsApp Global Statistics disclosed that over two billion Smartphone users access WhatsApp for instant messaging service, which is only 50% of email users worldwide. However, business advertisement on WhatsApp has become a digital artifact of communication. WhatsApp defeats email advertising because 65% of emails either go to spam, archived, or blocked sections. In comparison, only 29% of users avoid advertisement messages on WhatsApp.

Henceforth, from the numbers' evaluation, it is pretty clear that WhatsApp is now leading as the mainstream platform for business advertisement. But, how to do it exactly? Unlike Facebook or Email Advertising, WhatsApp Advertising is a new and unfamiliar subject to newbies in the field of digital marketing.

Thanks to our expert's days of research and experimentation on WhatsApp ads, we brought to most effective strategies on how to advertise on WhatsApp! According to our real-time experiment related to WhatsApp advertising, this practice will cost you much less than advertising on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Gmail.

Before you go ahead, we find it essential to note that WhatsApp Advertising or WhatsApp for Business still has its drawbacks. But because it is a new concept for digital marketers, there are still many updates to come in the future.

#1: Create Ads on WhatsApp

To begin with, WhatsApp acts as one of the most private and secure communication platforms. Here, you can connect with your clientele without any possibility of Data Misuse. Now, imagine if instead of pitching your business's mainstream products and services to each clientele in your inbox separately, you can do it all together. This way, you can also avoid one clientele having information about other clientele. Henceforth, you will be working to make a deal with each clientele separately but using the same tactic. To support this concept, the WhatsApp Create-Ads option is a perfect tool.

Following is a brief manual on How to create ads on WhatsApp for your reference:

STEP 1: Link your WhatsApp for Business Profile to your Facebook Business Page

It is crucial to note that the WhatsApp Advertisement system is partly dependent on Facebook. Presuming that you already have a Facebook page for your business up and running, follow the instructions given below to link two and two together:

  • Login to your Facebook Profile.
  • Enter the "Facebook Business Manager" option.
  • Open the page that you want to link with WhatsApp business.
  • An automatic dialogue box will pop up on the screen saying, "Connect your Facebook Page to WhatsApp."
  • Enter your Mobile Number (must be mutual for both platforms).
  • Tap on the "Send Code" button at the bottom.
  • Next, enter the code.
  • You will see a "tick" on the screen as a sign of a successful connection.

STEP 2: Create an Ad Campaign on Facebook 

By creating an Ad Campaign on Facebook, you can boost the same campaign among your WhatsApp audience. The process is much easier and only takes a few minutes if you are creative. Here's how to do it:

First of all, go to the "Facebook Ad Manager" section (it is recommended to use a PC for full disclosure of features).

  • You will see a green button with "create" on it. Click on it.
  • Then, change the tab to "Create New Campaign" in the pop-up box.
  • You can set up objectives for the campaign. Click on "Messages" under the Consideration section for WhatsApp advertisements.
  • Then, set up a daily budget for your campaign. There are various options: Bid Cap, Lowest Cost, and Cost Cap.
  • If you are a beginner, the "lowest cost" option is best.
  • After that, select "WhatsApp" in the traffic section.
  • In the next step, set up the location and age of your targeted audience.
  • Toggle-on Optimize text per person option at last.
  • For a call to action, select "WhatsApp Message."

This step will ensure that each interested customer can connect with you or your executives directly.

STEP 3: Create an Attractive Template for WhatsApp Feed

For the most part, your WhatsApp Ad Campaign will mainly reach out to users who are on your contact list. Or those who try to connect with you on WhatsApp for business via Facebook. Henceforth, the final digital premises for your customer will be your WhatsApp inbox. Thus, you will have to set up automated messages and other factors beforehand.

Here's a list of things you can set up:

  • Greetings Message: For example, We are here for you!
  • FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions: Set up the most common questions along with answers so that if any customer asks them, an automated message goes through immediately.
  • Once your setup is done, click on the "Save and Finish" option on the right bottom of the dialogue box.

STEP 4: Check the Effectiveness of Your WhatsApp Advertisement

Thanks to the developers of WhatsApp for Business, you can check the effectiveness of your campaign by the hour. As long as your WhatsApp runs, you can check the results using WhatsApp Business Analytics. Here's how:

  • Go to "Business Tools" from the main menu.
  • Then, tap on the "Statistics" option on the top.

Here, you can check the following:

  • Messages sent
  • Delivered
  • Read
  • Received.

Although, it is not much. But, in the future, WhatsApp Advertisements will surely upgrade to provide more insights. For now, you can access campaigns on Facebook to check results, if needed.

#2: Create WhatsApp Status for Business Broadcasting

This may be noted as over the top, but the WhatsApp status feature plays an effective role in broadcasting business accomplishments, upcoming events, and much more. Curiosity is a part of human behavior. And, you can use it to your advantage by crafting attractive Whatsapp status. For example, you can shout out discount-loaded deals. This will give you an edge over competitors. And last but not least, the audience will start taking an interest in your product or service.

#3: Don't Overestimate the Power of Content

WhatsApp Ad campaign is not the only measure to advertise content. If you cannot afford to boost Facebook advertising campaigns linked with WhatsApp, you can directly create powerful and short messages to attract an audience. The good part about sending broadcasting messages on WhatsApp is that there's no word limit. You can communicate with potential customers without any barriers.

Above all, you only need to ensure that your ad-based message is so good that it is worth sharing. The power of the WhatsApp forwards chain is not unknown to the world of marketers. Why not use it to your benefit?

#4: Set up Automated Messages

No customer wants a late reply, and that's the major reason customer services are up and running successfully. Presuming that you are away from the keyboard or stuck in a meeting, it is crucial to satisfy your customer in the waiting line in your inbox. Thankfully, WhatsApp Advertising allows you to set up FAQs along with automated answers.

Scroll above for a complete guide on WhatsApp Ad Campaigns.

#5: Communicate Directly with Interested Customers

Once you have released an advertisement for your product or service on WhatsApp, your job is not over. Indeed, it starts here. There will be customers interested in your product, so they will connect via WhatsApp in the hope of a quick response from your end. You can benefit from this opportunity by inviting customers on a call and talking about the product. Of course, it will be easy-on-pocket for you as well because WhatsApp calling is free.

Once your number of loyal customers on WhatsApp expands, you can interest them in joining WhatsApp groups where they can get first-hand opportunities on availing discounts, giveaways, new and better products, etc.

Bottom Line

WhatsApp can serve you best if utilized correctly. Even though Facebook Advertisements are much more effective, they are not free. Henceforth, as a newbie business person with limited working capital in hand, you have second thoughts. But, with WhatsApp, you don't have to worry about budget sheets, post boosting, etc. Thus, in our opinion, it is a great platform to begin collecting customers for your startup.

Thank you for taking this journey with us!

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