Facebook Marketing Services for Small Business Facebook Marketing Services for Small Business

Facebook Marketing Services for Small Business

Facebook Marketing Services - Facebook is nothing new for anyone, it is the world’s most popular social networking site. More than 1.5 billion users visit the Facebook page daily. Then why shouldn’t we use this largest platform for our brand marketing?

Millions of businesses whether it’s big or small can connect with millions of people through Facebook. The Facebook page allows users to like your business, follow your activity, and get updated about your services.

This article will help you to become a master in Facebook marketing and guide you to build Facebook marketing strategies for your business.

What is Facebook Marketing

A mode of marketing using the platform Facebook to reach millions of people daily and target the potential audience through paid advertisements and organic posts.

Over the last decade, Facebook has become the biggest marketplace to put your business in front of a huge number of audiences. However, a business needs a strong Facebook marketing strategy to stand out among the business crowd on Facebook!

Types of Facebook Marketing

Facebook offers several types of ad formats which sometimes makes advertisers confused to choose the right type for their business. Here you need a skilled Facebook Ad strategy that can help you to choose the best type of ad for your business.

In this post, we’ll let you know about different types of Facebook marketing which will help you to choose the right one for your business.

Lead Ads: It’s more of a natural way to connect with your audience. Unlike others, Facebook lead ads don’t require any form filled up by the audience. It allows customers to access the offer without leaving Facebook.

Video Ads: As a video advertisement platform, Facebook is the best option ever. Video ads always catch the audience's attention. It allows you to promote your brand and increase brand awareness. The most interesting thing is you can retarget your audience based on how long they have watched the video.

Boosted Page Post: Getting maximum audience reach through organic posts is difficult. Thus, when you post something on your business page Facebook allows you to boost the post to get maximum reach. It looks like a normal post with ‘sponsored’ mentioned on the top.

Link Click Ads: This type of ad is good for website promotion. Through link-click ads, you can measure how many people have shown interest in your site. The fun is it doesn’t matter where you click, the entire area is clickable, and it directs the consumer to your landing page once gets clicked.

Collection Ads: People who click on your ad can then see more products or services of yours, and know more details about you without leaving Facebook.

Dynamic Ads: Facebook dynamic ads target audiences who have already visited your site. It automatically promotes products as per their interest.

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How to Create Facebook Ad Account

Organic success has become a bit difficult nowadays, thus here comes paid advertisement and good Facebook ad strategies are the key to success. Let us take you through the methods to set up a Facebook advertising account. For advertising on Facebook, you should have a business page on Facebook. You also need to create an account on Facebook Ads Manager or Business Manager. Below are the steps you need to follow to set up a Facebook Ad account:

Setup Your Objective: After logging into Facebook Ads manager, you need to create a campaign to get started with a new Facebook Ad campaign. Then you need to choose an objective for your campaign from the listed options.

Choose a Name for the Campaign: Now you will have to name your campaign and go for A/B testing but for that, you need to create multiple ad sets.

Setup Ad Account: For new users, need to click on the setup ad account button and then put some basic information like country, currency, and time, and then click on continue. Point to be noted that this information once put won’t be modified later.

Target Your Audience: Now scroll down and set a target for your campaign audience. Here Facebook will show you first the audiences who already have interacted with your business. You can customize your audience as per their age, language, location, etc. There’s also an indicator for audience size which indicates your audience reach.

Set a Budget and Schedule for the Campaign: Next, you must decide how much you want to spend on your Facebook Ad campaign and set a budget for your campaign. Then schedule the campaign with the dates (from and to)if you don’t want it to go live right away.

Create Your Ad: Now to create your ad you need to select a format from the provided options. These options depend on the objective you have set for your campaign.

Now check the preview if your ad looks good and if it is good to go then confirm.

Best Target Audience for Facebook Ads

Facebook advertisement, targeting custom audiences is one of the best Facebook ad strategies. There are several ways to create a custom audience. Here, you will get a brief on how to improve Facebook Ad targeting with this custom audience.

Create a custom audience from existing customers

  • Custom audience allows you to retarget your existing customers or the audience who had already interacted with you.
  • Create a custom audience
  • Select the ‘Customer File’ option
  • Import customer data
  • Select the identifiers (There are 15 different identifiers)
  • Upload a customer file
  • Name your custom audience

Custom Audiences based on Website Traffic

You can customize your audience on basis of your website traffic. It allows you to remarket for those who have already interacted with you or know about your business. Through Facebook Pixel you can create this type of custom audience very easily. Just go to create a custom audience and select website traffic. There are multiple options for targeting website traffic you can target everyone who has visited your site or people who visited specific pages etc. All these are high-value audiences as they already have shown interest in your business.

Custom Audiences based on Engagements

Facebook allows you to customize your audiences on basis of the engagements. This means you can target those audiences who have visited your page or liked your Facebook content or the page or clicked on the call to action button etc.

So, now it’s clear to you that custom audience is one of the most effective Facebook marketing techniques which allows you to reach the potential audience for your business.

The Ultimate Guide to Testing and Scaling Facebook Ads

Split testing or A/B testing is a Facebook marketing services that helps you to get a fair idea about your ad performance. A good split test helps to improve business ROI.

In split testing, you need to create multiple ad sets and each set should have one difference - a variable. Facebook divides your target audiences into different random groups. It duplicates your ad and tests the ad set against each other by changing the variable. Then measure the performance on basis of the campaign objectives and show you which ad is performing best.

So, when you are running an Ad campaign on Facebook, one thing that must be considered in your Facebook Ad strategies is testing your Facebook ads.

Facebook Messenger Ads Best Practices

If you want to build a personal connection with your audience, a Facebook messenger ad is a better option than a Facebook ad. Facebook Messenger ads allow your brand to go private from the public. You can start a conversation with your audience through this. Just like a normal Facebook Ad, you can also create a Facebook messenger ad by following the steps mentioned below (you need to have a business page on Facebook):

  • First, go to Ad Manager and create a new campaign.
  • Choose an objective for the campaign from the listed options.
  • Next, name your campaign.
  • Now, select the type of ad (click to messenger ad or sponsored message).
  • Target your custom audience or create a new audience.
  • Select a place for your ad to show up.
  • Set a budget and schedule for your campaign.
  • At last set up your ad.

I hope, through these simple steps you cannot easily set up your Facebook messenger ad for your business.

How to Measure Success of Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most popular social networking site to promote a brand. Facebook marketing strategies play an important role in a successful campaign and the success of any Facebook campaign is measured by its conversion rate. Conversion doesn’t mean only driving sales but also actions.

Here, we’re sharing some valuable tips to improve your Facebook advertisement

  • Create a very eye-catching visual
  • Keep the content copy short and crisp
  • Include a call to action
  • Choose the right format
  • Keep a broad audience.
  • Always track across multiple devices

Now you know the basic mantra of a successful Facebook Ad campaign. But there are many other things like Facebook posting strategy which require expert’s skill.

To get the most out of your Facebook ad budget with AMITKK. We ensure our experts will help you to improve ROI with their Facebook Marketing Services.

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