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AI Services offers a diverse range of services containing prebuilt machine learning models, which simplify the integration of AI into various applications and business operations. These models have the flexibility to be fine-tuned to suit specific business needs, leading to more precise and reliable results. The convenience doesn't end there; teams within an organization can efficiently share and reuse models, datasets, and data labels across the services, further promoting collaboration and efficiency.

With Amitkk's AI Services, you can gain the ability to develop, manage, and expand your AI and Machine Learning solutions, all while enhancing your work's capabilities and driving greater business value.

Below are some AI services we offer:


Data Collection Services

Collecting data involves gathering and measuring information from various sources. This data is crucial for creating useful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions. By utilizing the data, we collect effectively, we can develop practical applications of AI and machine learning. We offer fully-managed data collection services from diverse areas, containing Human Posture Video Dataset Collection, Document Datasets Collection, Surveillance data, Voice Recordings, and Facial Images of Different Ethnicities.

Our Data Collection services further extend to various categories, including Facial Emotion, Facial Gesture, Faces with Multiple Complexions, etc.


Computer Vision Data Solutions

Computer vision systems harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to imitate the human brain's abilities in recognizing and classifying objects. Just like our brains can identify and categorize objects, these AI-driven systems can perform similar tasks, making them highly valuable in various applications. Our expertise in Computer Vision covers Data Collection for Natural Language Processing, Managing Human-Computer Dialog Systems, Machine Perception, Natural Language Generation, Natural Language Classifier, and Natural Language Understanding.

Additionally, we excel in Speech Data Collection, including Conversational Speech, Kid's Speech, Emotional Speech, Far-field Speech, Whisper Speech, Multi-language Mixed Speech, Background Noise, In-car Speech, and Voiceprint Recognition Speech.


Data Protection & Management

Data protection management (DPM) involves overseeing and controlling the entire backup process to guarantee that backups are executed as planned, ensuring data is securely stored and can be retrieved when needed. We take data protection and management seriously, implementing robust Information Security Policies, Access Control & Authentication, Data Encryption & Protection, Operations & Communication, Network Security, and Application Security. Our team manages real-time incident responses and sticks to physical, environmental, and human resource regulations.

We also conduct Security Assessments using advanced frameworks and technology methods. Compliance and certification are essential, and we perform periodic audits and assessments, conduct risk assessments, and implement mitigation strategies.


Annotation Services

Annotation services play a critical role in getting the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Through the process of labeling and marking up data, this service improves the comprehension and usability of the data for training AI models. Our unique Annotation Services cater to diverse needs, here are some examples -

  • Polygon Annotation: It enables object detection and localization in videos or images.
  • Semantic Segmentation: It partitions images for applications in autonomous vehicles and healthcare.
  • Landmark Annotation: It will help you to determine the shape of natural objects like facial features, emotions, and expressions accurately.
  • Polylines Annotation: It is applied to lane detection in autonomous vehicles, and Bounding Box is a popular method for classifying objects in retail, robotics, and machine learning needs.
  • 3D Cuboid Annotation: Our 3D Cuboid Annotation offers in-depth dimension views, leading to comprehensive models for detailed information.

Why Choose Us?

At AMITKK, we believe that the future of technology development lies in the groundbreaking potential of Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning (ML) for generations to come. As we go on this transformative journey, we recognize that data, or datasets, form the lifeblood of any AI-powered application. Below are some additional reasons why should you choose us:

Empowering Business

Empowering Business

Our mission is to empower businesses and startups to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape. By leveraging our experience and capabilities, we help accelerate their growth and success, turning their visions into reality.

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Swift and Reliable Services

Swift and Reliable Services

Time is of the essence in today's fast-paced world. We pride ourselves on providing swift and reliable data collection and annotation services, ensuring that our clients can keep up with their project timelines without compromising on quality.

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Focus on Speed and Security

Focus on Speed and Security

We understand the criticality of both speed and security in AI development. Our processes are designed to be efficient and agile while maintaining the utmost confidentiality and data protection, so you can move forward with confidence.

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Help you Gain AI's Full Potential

Help you Gain AI's Full Potential

With our support, companies can get the full potential of their projects. By providing them with accurate and comprehensive datasets, we enable them to develop powerful and efficient AI applications and websites.

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Innovative Research and Development

Innovative Research and Development

We invest heavily in innovative R&D to stay at the top of AI technology. Our team tries to continuously explore newer advancements in Deep Learning and Machine Learning, to improve our AI models.

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Quality Assurance and Scalability

Quality Assurance and Scalability

We focus on delivering quality datasets and services to our clients. Our aggressive quality assurance processes guarantee accurate and reliable data, which in turn paves the way for robust AI models and applications. We also offer scalable solutions to fill the needs of businesses, accommodating growth and expansion easily.

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Complete AI Solutions

  • Data Collection

    Collect and analyze the data to construct predictive models through machine learning algorithms, and anticipate future changes.

  • Computer Vision Data Solutions

    Derive valuable insights from digital images, videos, and diverse visual data—empowering personalized recommendations.

  • Data Protection & Management

    Analyze and detect vulnerabilities in your network traffic to give an efficient response to cyber threats.

  • Annotation Services

    Ensure the scalability of your AI and ML projects by labeling and marking data to train machine learning algorithms.

Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

Our Process for AI development services.

At AMITKK, our approach is very systematic. It ensures excellence at every step. Our dedicated team, clear communication, and commitment to delivering results make us the ideal choice for your requirements.

  • 1

    Tell Us Your Requirements

    You have a brief discussion with one of our skilled AI specialists about your project and particular requirements. They will attentively listen to your needs, understand your objectives, and guide you through the entire process.

  • 2

    Initial Setup and Sample Data

    Before starting the project, we conduct an initial setup and, if available, gather some sample data. This step ensures that we align our approach to your specific requirements and prepare for the data analysis.

  • 3

    Production and Review of Results

    Moving forward, we execute the project. Our team timely reviews the initial results to guarantee accuracy and reliability. Upon successful completion of the project, we export and share the results with you.

  • 4

    Our Responsibility

    Throughout the process, our team takes full responsibility for ensuring the project's smooth progress, maintaining quality standards, and sticking to timelines. We greatly appreciate your active involvement and collaboration. Your input, feedback and timely responses help us enhance the project's outcome and deliver the best possible results.

Looking for AI Services in India?


  • Find My Fixes

    AMITKK is the best AI service provider right now. Their prebuilt machine learning models and integration solutions have streamlined our processes. We are extremely satisfied with their services.

    Harshit Kumar


  • Logo of Mr. Rahul Mishra

    AMITKK has been very helpful during the project. Their AI services have not only improved the horizon of our work but also enabled us to understand our customers better. With their work, we are now more active in the market.

    Mr. Rahul Mishra

    Founder Tedco Education

  • Logo of Sudeep

    AMITKK, in my opinion, is undoubtedly the best AI service provider right now. Their team guided us through the entire process, explaining each and everything to us at every step. The data provided by them has been very helpful to us. The most amazing part of this whole process was how easily we can understand the needs of the masses.



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    The annotation services provided to us by AMITKK have really changed our perspective of the potential of AI. The accuracy in labeling data has been exceptional, saving us from weeks of work. AMITKK’s handling and management have also given us relief, working with them has been a fantastic experience.

    Vivek Bakode

    Owner- Pakwaan Factory

  • Thai Rose Holiday

    AMITKK has really helped us set up and integrate AI into our business. They help us achieve a very clear understanding of the patterns. We are now able to make a data-driven decision rather than an individual choice – which has really impacted our growth.

    Farhan Khan


Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Does computer vision play a role in intelligent automation?

Intelligent automation is like a smarter and more advanced form of regular automation. It's when machines can do things just like humans and even understand some things on their own. This includes abilities like understanding and processing language, recognizing speech, using computer vision technology, and learning from experience through machine learning. Computer vision is a crucial part of this intelligent automation because it helps machines "see" and understand images and videos, just like we do with our eyes.

How does artificial intelligence use data collection?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is super helpful when it comes to collecting data from the web. It's like having a smart assistant that can quickly and efficiently process huge amounts of information. One way AI does this is through a process called web scraping. This means using special automated bots or scripts to gather data from websites.

How does AI benefit consumers?

AI can do some amazing things for consumers – It can predict how customers will act and what they might want to buy based on their past purchases and searches. It can even give them suggestions for things they want or need before they even know it themselves. AI uses all this information to make shopping and decision-making easier for everyone.

How can AI help keep customers coming back?

AI can help you build strong customer loyalty in various ways:

  • Paying attention to unhappy customers and solving their problems to make them happy.
  • Creating lasting bonds with customers by making their lives simpler and more convenient.
  • Studying customer information and continually enhancing your products and services.
  • Enhancing your self-service approach to better assist customers.
Why is data annotation crucial for AI?

Data annotation plays a vital role in AI because machines don't have built-in knowledge about the world. Without data annotation, every image or piece of information would look the same to them. Data annotation helps make AI systems provide accurate results by labeling and marking different elements in the data. This is especially important for training computer vision and speech recognition models. By annotating data, AI systems can learn and understand patterns, which ultimately improves their ability to perform various tasks effectively.

Connect for the best AI Services

At AMITKK, we offer various AI services that have streamlined countless businesses to optimize their customer relationships and boost sales growth. Our AI solutions are highly customizable and are easily integrated with your existing systems. Contact us now to get all the benefits of AI to achieve your growth objectives and improve customer satisfaction.

Don't miss out on this opportunity! Contact us today to explore how our AI services can revolutionize your customer relationships and help you in sales growth for your business.

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Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

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