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Gurgaon is a hub for website development with a lot of website development agencies around. But, finding the perfect one is very tricky if you do not have much idea of how web technology works. You might not even know the right questions to ask and likely to get influenced by the sales pitch of the agency. This is where the portfolio of the agency and the range of technology it works on comes handy.

Well, portfolio is obvious as it shows the creative side along with the functionalities they have developed. The range of language and framework is crucial as it shows their learning curve and the options the agency have to offer. If the company works only in one or two frameworks, they would be hard selling it to you as this is only what they know. Instead, if they know a wide range of languages and frameworks, they would listen well to your requirement and then figure out what suits you best.

Web Languages and frameworks we work on

We as a leading website development firm in Gurgaon work on a multitude of languages and frameworks. Our experienced development team has delivered projects on all web development languages, some of which we do not consider in our forte. Below are the set of languages and frameworks that might interest you.

PHP Developer in Gurgaon


PHP is the mother of web languages as it a lot of frameworks come from it. Some of the top ones are Laravel, Code Igniter, Symfony, Cake PHP and the list is really huge. WordPress too is based on PHP and powers a third f websites in the world.

Our developers have been working on PHP and its frameworks for more than a decade and are highly versed with it. We promise to build anything and everything you need in PHP from core or in any of its framework of your liking.


The way JavaScript has taken off in last few years is simply amazing and astonishing. From being used to few lines in a typical website to being the backbone of both frontend and backend, it is simply amazing. We too have been pushing our learning curve with JavaScript through our teams building projects in ReactJS, Vue Js, Quasar and NodeJS.

Our team use these frontend frameworks with other frameworks like Laravel very easily to build robust admin panels for mobile applications.

JavaScript developer in Gurgaon
WordPress Developer in Gurgaon


WordPress is one framework that is highly suitable for a new startup or businesses looking just for their digital presence or even selling online. Our team of WordPress developers build websites for you which are custom designed for your sector with a high focus on UI and UX. You can also go for an e-commerce website in WordPress built on Woo-Commerce.

We also customize the woo-commerce plugins to fit in your requirement along with an eye on digital marketing.


Laravel is the most happening PHP framework amongst the huge list of frameworks built on PHP. With Laravel 8 launched recently, it has the potential to match the JavaScript frontend frameworks through its Livewire module. Using tailwind with Laravel makes the website more beautiful along with speeding up its development.

E-commerce websites based on Laravel are mostly ideal ones as it allows extensive customization which might not even be possible in WordPress.

Laravel development in Gurgaon
React JS developer in Gurgaon

React JS

React JS is the leading JavaScript frontend framework and is used very widely for its scalability. It also allows you to develop hybrid apps through React native, allowing you to maintain the similar technology stack throughout. React JS has all the beautiful features it needs to make your frontend scalable, dynamic and interactive.

Our React development team has been working with React JS for many years and has delivered multiple websites and admin panels in it.

Node JS

NodeJS is highly preferred for backend language as it is very fast and scalable. It can also be used in frontend framework keeping the same technology both in front and back. Our team builds scalable and highly customized websites in node that meets your requirement and expectations.

Moreover, we can couple Node with any frontend framework of your liking to the perfect tee. We also provide server management and maintenance for node based websites.

Node JS developer in Gurgaon
Vue JS developer in Gurgaon

Vue JS

Vue JS is another leading framework of JavaScript which ranks just behind React and comes with its own bag of goodies. Laravel has an inbuilt module for Vue JS and its development takes place very smoothly. Easy to build, maintain and scalable, Vue JS is a very good framework for website development including e-commerce.

VueJS can be coupled with Laravel, PHP, Node JS among others for backend to give a unique user experience.


Quasar is a brilliant framework that delivers, a website, android and IOS app and software, all on one codebase. Based on Vue which further is based on JavaScript, this framework is expected to take development to new heights and bounds. Development on Quasar is easy and post development, maintenance becomes too easy as you have to make changes only in one codebase. Our team has good hold of the technology and can build you a full digital module for your business.

Quasar developer in Gurgaon

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Points to consider before finalizing a website development agency

Technology stack used

This gives an idea of how much deep the website development agency in Gurgaon is into development. If they are comfortable with 1-2 languages and frameworks, it will be better to avoid as it indicates they are amateurs and would not be able to do justice to your project.

A good development agency will have 5-6 languages and frameworks to offer you and explain why you should accept or reject any of these before finalizing one for your requirement.

Past Projects

This shows the acceptance and success of the development agency in market. A good website development company will have a decent profile to show you. Don't forget to ask for the technology used and what makes the project good.

Digital Marketing service

People often forget the primary purpose of the website; to promote you digitally. For this to happen the website has to be built in the perfect way to be optimized for SEO. The developer should have spent time perfecting the website for SEO in past else would never understand the requirement. Minimal usage of CSS, JS libraries including bootstrap, optimizing images are just few points to start with.

Ask the website development agency to show the page speed of the websites they have developed and this will say everything else.

UI designer

It is imperative to have a UI designer in house who can visualize the design and the user interaction in the website. Development companies and clients normally forget this aspect of the website and suffer. Any good website development company in Gurgaon will have a good UI designer in their team who will kick start the work with his beautiful designs.

These are some of the things you should check in a website development company before finalizing one for your website work. Do check our website portfolio and connect if you have any such requirement for us. We have a full fledge team for website development and digital marketing who deliver on cost in time.

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