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We are here to help you run the entire email campaign for your targeted audience. Whether you offer the list of your audience or define your target audience. AMITKK comprises more than 50 million B2B contact allowing us to execute the whole lifecycle of the email campaign.

Email Program Management

We are a business text messaging software that uses innovative ways to enhance business growth. Below are the industry-leading features:

Build A Base

Our experts will look at everything from your previous historical campaign data to the value proposition. We will offer the best solutions to nurture your potential audience into the sales pipelines when doing these prices.

Develop Best Solutions

We create a roadmap that will let you know where we will take your program. Our services are backed by data-driven and rock-solid research for the most effective email marketing campaign.

Create Campaigns

Our company comprises a full team of designers, developers, and copywriters who are experts in their respective fields. They all share one similarity: the obsession with the ROI and the knowledge on how to get it.

Creative Email Campaign

Take the full benefits of AMITKKs design capability to develop stunning landing pages and templates for emails. We are here to help you create these landing pages with the help of the latest technology that we will host for your domain or ours. You spend time messaging and leave the creative work to us. With our in-house UI experts, we can create landing pages that are user-friendly and bound to drive better conversions.

Email Marketing

All About Authenticity And Honest Emails

We at AMITKK provide the most efficient email marketing services to help connect businesses with their potential customers directly and engage. We offer the most reasonable prices to boost the companies' online presence. Email marketing is not just about getting the target of sending emails to various numbers of subscribers. Rather it is about forming a connection with the potential prospects and building trust between the company and consumers.

Email marketing is amongst the most active direct messaging forms, which is essential in enhancing brand awareness amongst people. We provide our services which will be remembered by many. We help our clients to achieve a broader customer base most efficiently. Approaching people with the means of Email spend 138% more than they spend those approached via other methods. Our email marketing methods can help you to create personalized messages for your targeted audience.

Benefits Of Email Marketing

We help your customer to go from "browsing" to "buy."

  • Assured Audience Management
  • Build Credibility
  • Low Marketing Cost
  • Maintain Customer Relationships
  • Measurable Results
  • Quick results
  • Global Audience Reach
  • Easy To Get Started

Powering Email Marketing

We constantly inspect and monitor the trends that will become the big thing shortly. The continuous growth in the market calls for continuous development in email marketing trends as well. Our working professionals keep track of these markets, and with their expertise and knowledge in the field, we create and implement strategies to help your brand succeed. We plan and design strategies that are bound to ensure the best results. Every effort we make while operating your campaign aims at not only fulfilling your expectations but surpassing your expectations and doing better than anticipated.

Types Of Email You Can Send

We are here to help you to start email campaigns that make sense for your brand. Due to this, we provide as much control over the Email as possible.

Broadcast Emails

Talking to everyone at the same time is all you need. Send one-time emails to anyone from your list.

Email Autoresponders

Send welcome emails and get in touch immediately. We help you to initiate a series of welcome and delivering leads.

Email Funnels

Increase your sales with Email. We are here to help you set up email automation to turn your contacts from interested leads to customers.

Scheduled Emails

Send scheduled emails for a specific timeframe. This one is best for events, birthdays, holidays, and sales teams.

Send Exactly What Your Contacts Want

What happens when you want to send different emails to different audiences?

and segmentation content will help you to make it easy to customize the mail and send them to the appropriate contact.

Personalized and Personal Email Marketing

Personalize the emails based on the contacts information you possess. When sending exactly what your clients want to see, you will make your Email more personal. It will attract more people to engage with emails.

Find What Works Best and Test

Reporting will assist you in seeing which emails are doing best and which emails need more work. After that, you will use simple split testing and make your emails to get more leads and sales.

Our Email Marketing Services

Email List Management

We help our clients manage the Email of customers and grow it with loyal customers to ensure good customer engagement.

Custom Email Designing

We are well-versed in creating specialized B2B emails and customized emails for consumers to connect with them in the best way to establish long-lasting and meaningful relationships.

Content Marketing & Strategy

Content creation is a part of a marketing plan based on the purpose of the audience, medium, and campaign type of email marketing.

Email Segregation

Email segregation is for targeted campaigns to provide relevant email marketing, which leads to better customer engagement.


We help the best execution of the email marketing and help to reach the target audience efficiently for better customer engagement.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Looking at the responses to evaluate the campaign's efficiency and make appropriate changes in the email campaign when needed.

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Clients testimonials

AmitKK Client - Nishant Gupta

I wanted to do e-mail marketing for my business and got connected with AMITKK. They ran my entire campaign of e-mail marketing and delivered one of the best click through rates. AMITKK has got extremely talented people. Certainly, recommend their email marketing services.

Nishant Gupta

Owner - Trueloans

AmitKK Client - Yash Pahuja

AMITKK is best when it comes e-mail marketing. Their dedicated team of designers, copywriters and researchers make the whole structure of marketing. This detailed analysis is only done at AMITKK company for e-mail marketing. Their work is extra ordinary.

Yash Pahuja

Owner - Prateek Studio

AmitKK Client - Shrom Budhraja

AMITKK company can run entire cycle of e-mail marketing say from finding the target audience to making a campaign and implementing it. I was so relieved after handing over to them marketing of my company through email marketing. What a great team AMITKK company has got!

Shrom Budhraja

Owner - Shake Buster

AmitKK Client - Ms Priya

My company producing baby products was facing losses due to improper marketing. AMITKK company came to our assistance and they implied all possible techniques of marketing. One technique which came out very useful was e-mail marketing. As many were targeted at the same time, my company started making profit.

Ms Priya

Founder KionOverseas

AmitKK Client - Rishi Kumar

If someone is in search of personalized marketing then you can confidently contact the team at AMITKK. Their team studies your past campaigns, products, target audience and then decides on how to structure e-mail marketing. The team is dedicated and deliver what they promised.

Rishi Kumar

Owner - Profiling

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning for an Email Marketing service and confused how to go about it? Let us help you by answering some of the most common questions, that perhaps cross your mind.

Is Email Marketing Effective?

Email marketing is among the most efficient digital marketing factors to present yourself to a wider audience. It is not fundamental that whatever you have online will be accessed by everyone. You need to take a step forward and use email marketing to send messages directly to the prospective customer's inbox.

Is Email Marketing Necessary?

Of course, if you want to reach a huge audience at the same time, you will need email marketing services to help you get more value via information and customer engagement. As time goes on, you will develop credibility and build loyalty amongst your customers.

What Is The Right Frequency?

The frequency of sending emails depends on the goal of your brand and business. However, you will have to balance the long-forgotten and mail clusters that are a nuisance for customers. You can get this by keeping an eye on the audience's behavior on your mail by determining the audiences who are opening the emails, spending the time on the mail, and checking whether they are going to the landing page or not. These will help you to know how your emails are viewed.

Is It Better To Send Email Newsletters?

These usually come with special offers and advertisements. They will help you to cover much wider topics. It is better to avoid it. You can opt for segmenting the contact lists and emails, which focuses on the narrow aspect. Sending frequent emails will be sufficient and does not need any need for sending the newsletter.

Does AMITKK Help To Build Email Campaign Strategy?

Of course, our working professionals are always here to help you make your brand reach greater heights. We help you with your custom-build email marketing strategy. We come up with solutions after understanding the goals and objectives of your brand or business.

What Is Lead Nurturing?

It is about building a bond with customers at all stages of the purchasing process. It will need marketing and communication involving listening to customers and understanding their needs, and offering relevant information they want.

Should I Use Custom Design?

There are many services provided that offer templates. You can choose them or choose a custom design. The custom design will help you to promote the consistency of the brand. Customers usually remember the name or the brand.


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