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Promote your business digitally with guaranteed results.

Are you on the hunt for the best digital marketing services in Mumbai? Then you are unquestionably at the proper place. AmitKK is a premier organization in the field of digital marketing. We empower thousands of companies, industries, and start-ups worldwide to market themselves professionally. With our vast range of quality services at affordable prices, we help customers and clients to achieve their target and rock in the online world.

The digital presence of a business affects the consumers' decision to buy a product. Hence, it becomes essential to look after your social advertising and search engine optimization.

We understand the importance of digital marketing and can assist our clients efficiently with their online appearance. If you are looking for a 360-degree digital marketing solution to promote your brand, let us know. We are the most trusted name for crafting your digital marketing strategies efficiently.

SEO agency in Mumbai


We have well-experienced SEO specialists who can help you smoothly in gaining high levels on search engines. Acquiring organic traffic on your website makes it more comfortable for your brand to improve. Hence, we will help you with this well enough to pull traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing

Being an essential part of digital marketing, we care for your brand's social media marketing. Our team has social media experts who will help you plan, create, and execute efficient social media strategies. Hence, no doubt, you will receive the greatest ROI on your social media campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai
Website Design and Development in Mumbai

Website Design and Development

Whether you administer a large-scale enterprise or a startup business, selecting us would be sensible to receive an SEO-friendly and converting website. Our web design professionals and developers strive to analyze and present full-fledged web development services that will make impactful alterations to your brand.


SEM or Search Engine Marketing is used to boost traffic on website by targeting keywords, it might not be ranking currently. Websites pay for their ads, and when customers search their products, these paid ads are shown by the search engine. This funded aspect also makes SEM distinctive from SEO.

Our skilled team of digital marketing earns us the principal digital marketing experts in Mumbai. Our powerful strategies will assist you in promoting your conversion rates and your brand's digital presence. Also, we maintain, optimize and summarize the campaigns constantly.

keyword research services in Mumbai
Online Reputation Management services in Mumbai

Online Reputation Management

We are a distinguished digital marketing agency in Mumbai that offers unique online reputation management services in India. We allow clients to overcome the negative status and create a positive reflection for their services, products, and brands. We plan out result-oriented ORM procedures that include the following:

  • Enhancing SERP results to deal with negative posts
  • Strengthening the brand image for a positive impression
  • Improving interactions with the consumers
  • Observing the online reputation consistently

PPC Campaigns (Pay-Per-Click)

We are the best digital marketing consultants in Mumbai ofering PPC services. Our specialists present you with the organized PPC Campaigns like Google PPC, Social Media PPC, or Affiliate campaigns with guaranteed high ROI.

We see and use PPC campaigns as a fill in gap for keywords where we might not be ranking currently or will take time to do so. Our focus being on organic ranking on traffic, PPC campaigns become a fill in gap for our digital marketing strategy.

PPC Campaign services in Mumbai
Content Writing services in Mumbai

Content Writing and Marketing

The priority of any business should be to maintain good content quality. And this is where our company comes in. We provide one of the best-optimized content. We are optimized because business success cannot be ensured without proper search engine rankings. In other words, the more you rank on Google, the more customers you get. With extensive research, we find the best keywords that can benefit your website. Adding attractive taglines leaves an impact on readers' minds and eventually creates plenty of conversions too.

Email Marketing

If your company doesn't communicate with email marketing, then you are limping in the field. The purpose is that a lot of consumers are inspired by charming and personalized communications. Nevertheless, this may be a difficulty for you now. To bring you out of this jumble, our company is here. We specialize in yielding a classic email marketing strategy that will be exceptional for business.

Email marketing services in Mumbai
Influencers Marketing in Mumbai

Influencers Marketing

We generate and accomplish influencer marketing strategies on a global scale. Based on your brand intentions, we develop the optimal strategy that is appropriate for you. This involves connecting you with the best vloggers, social media influencers, and content creators to support you retain your target audiences.

We manage it all: from generating creative thoughts to campaign fulfillment and measuring and recording the results, we ensure it's done correctly.


Ordinarily, the CTR for remarketing advertisements is ten times more expensive than regular ads. For companies, it makes more sense to target the customers who have previously shown curiosity in your brand than attempting to grab the attention of those who haven't. With 97% of visitors leaving a website without purchasing, retargeting is the vital marketing strategy to turn your visitors into buyers.

We develop and design effective remarketing campaigns that heighten brand awareness and generate lifelong customer commitment. Partner with us, and you'll profit from decades of expertise and a diverse team.

Remarketing services in Mumbai
Lead Generation services in Mumbai

Lead Generation

Being a notable Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai, India, we shoulder the responsibility to take your business climb new heights. We specialize in strategic client management and end-to-end lead generation.

We concentrate on uncovering innovative solutions to increase sales opportunities and provide to maintain client relationships. Our well-tailored policies help you receive high-quality leads that regenerate and increase your return on investment (ROI).

Video Marketing

We plan, produce, distribute, and optimize your marketing videos on various channels with our exclusive video marketing services. We guarantee that the videos gain the best visibility within the target user base. We have been helping customers for a prolonged time and have already benefited more than 100 leading organizations from all around the country. We focus on producing the best Video Marketing Services in India.

Video Marketing services in Mumbai

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Why are we the best Digital Marketing services in Mumbai?

Why should you work with us?

Finding the right company for your business might be challenging, as you will find a lot many digital marketing company everywhere. Quality and Affordability are what we focus on; thus, your search for the best company ends here. No other company can give you guaranteed results and total transparency.

Guaranteed Results

Our services are of top-notch quality. Excellent results when you choose us as your digital marketing partner.

Team of professionals

We have experts who analyze weak points and turn them into strong points.

Stay updated

Making adjustments in strategy as per the latest Google algorithm.


ou can get a short outline of your growth plan from our end. This makes us a reliable choice.

New voice

We start with understanding every aspect of your business. From product to consumer, our specialist takes everything into account. Then begins the polishing work that gives a new voice to the brand.

Improved sales

Your business will reach out to more people. A large network brings a significant number of customers as well. Hence, much higher profits

Our Approach: Driving ROI

Digital Marketing can only be profitable for your business when it returns on your investment. Thus we try our best to offer you 3x results than what you invest. We maximize our efforts by leveraging different tools and channels to improve campaign performance and implementing strategies that deliver excellent results. We aim for customer growth - our techniques and expertise ensure that we provide great ROI to our clients.

We logistically redefine your brand through #DigitalSupremacy. We are open for communication, and we want to know your target - traffic acquisition, increasing engagement, building awareness, or spreading content. We scheme, strategize, execute and return subsequently.

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