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Got a great idea for your business app? We have the team to make your imagination come to reality. We have earned the reputation of a top app development company in Delhi by creating innovative iOS, Android, Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps for various brands for years. With latest trend and technologies like IoT, AI, Cross-platform, Blockchain we help you give wings to your dream app.

Our apps are developed using the latest technology with the best UI designs and are thoroughly tested to give the best UI/UX experience. Connect today with the top mobile app development company in Delhi to bring your idea to life.

Your app, our passion.
Mobile App development Services

App Development Services

Minimum 30 days delivery

AMITKK is the leading mobile app development company in Delhi.With the rise of mobile usage in last decade, the development and usage of applications have skyrocketed. You can find a good number of apps for whatever service you can think of. The difference lies in user experience and the way you offer your service.

We develop all kind of mobile applications for you to build and engage users for your services. Whether you are looking for an android or IOS or a hybrid app, we deliver all kinds of apps easily. With high aesthetic value and a focus on user journey, our mobile applications make you stand apart from the crowd.

Our robust admin panel ensures that you have all the tools, analytics and reports on your finger tip. We place a strong emphasis on how the data is captured in apps and reflected in the admin panel.

App Development Cost

Starting @ ₹ 75,000

The costing of app development is pretty ambiguous unlike that of website development. However, it will be fair to state that a bare minimum android or an IOS app starts from ₹ 75,000. But if you are looking for a hybrid app in either React Native or flutter, the cost touches @ ₹ 1,00,000.

The cost also includes the cost for admin panel which itself is worth around @ ₹ 30,000. Third party charges like that for domain, hosting, SSL, firebase, Google APIs are not included in the cost and are charged extra.

The costing further depends on the scope of work and features that go in its making.

Why Choose us for Mobile App Development

Our super strong App development team has the capacity to develop apps of all scale and size. We have expertise in all languages and frameworks used for app development. Flutter, React, Java, iOS are some of the languages we use to build all kinds of apps.

If you are looking for an app development company in Delhi to shape your idea, feel free to connect today.

  • On time and on budget delivery
  • Unique UI/ UX for your app
  • Strong research and analysis
  • Good understanding of requirements
  • Robust testing and load test
  • Team of expert app developers
Service Costing Why Us?

Types of App Development

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Web App Development

iOS App Development

We have our proven expertise in developing next-gen ios mobile apps development, be it commercial app or gaming exclusively for iOS platform. With experience of developing thousands of iOS apps in various categories, we know what it takes to create that bug free perfect application for a niche segment like iOS. User experience is critical; thus, we incorporate the technologies compatible to latest functionalities in the most recent iOS release. We make use of geolocation, gyros, accelerometers, and other features to create an attractive and addictive application.

Android App Development

Android covers a large part of the audience segment. Therefore, one cannot miss the android version of the app. We have excelled in designing and developing custom Android apps for businesses across varied domains. Our unique concepts and innovative ideas complemented by brilliant widgets in integration with latest IoT technology has created many wonders with quality android applications. We promote enterprise smart mobility solutions by leveraging the latest tools and techniques making the best use of resource, experience, technologies, and infrastructure.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid applications are faster, simpler, and much easier to maintain. Therefore, to meet the increasing demand of hybrid apps, we have our expert developers specialized in modern technologies for providing tailored scalable hybrid app development solutions. We are capable of delivering any dynamic evolving business requirement with optimal performance. We develop highly sophisticated apps on cross-platform framework programmed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript within the allocated budget.

Web App Development

From simple to complex, feature rich, customized web applications, we excel in creating world class web apps in secure and customizable environment. We provide technology consultation on OS and server migration, software upgradation and platform. Our USP is our service. With legacy app and data migration, plugin, chrome extensions and API, add-on and server integration, we develop the mobile app from the scratch to meet the business goals effectively. We make use of latest blockchain, advanced ML & real-time chatbots concepts.

What Makes us the Top App Development Company in Delhi

Ready to grow with us? Let us give you an overview of our deliverables for SEO that drives results.

Best competitive price

Best competitive price

Highest App development services at lowest prices

Creating a mobile app might cost heavy on your pocket, but not with us. We work for big, mid, and small-scale companies and thus we are flexible with our rates. We charge depending on the nature of the application and the complexity involved in its functionalities. You can expect best affordable rates with no compromise on the quality.

Latest technology & scalability

Latest technology & scalability

We deliver the best and latest app technology

We are abreast of all the latest technologies and trends. Our excellent development team keeps themselves at the forefront of emerging technological innovations and incorporate the industry best practices to the mobile applications they build. Our mobile apps are easily scalable and support any technical upgradation that is further needed.

Experienced and skilled team members

Experienced and skilled team members

Team of highly expereinced App Developers

We are armed with experienced and technically competent team who have proven their mettle over the years. They are capable of executing any complex app development projects of any scale. They can guide you with relevant industry insights and knowledge garnered through the years working for various projects of various nature.

Dedicated technical support

We want to create a seamless experience for our clients. We offer 24x7 technical support so our customers so they can always connect with us whenever in need. We are just a call away and always on our toes to provide necessary assistance to our clients. Our dedicated support team are always happy to help.

Attractive design and UI

Attractive design and UI

We provide top UI/UX Designs for App

We create designs that stand out. Our in-house design studio has all the modern-day capabilities and most of all a pool of great creative minds that work behind creating those stunning designs for your business applications. With an attractive UI to catch the attention, we also ensure to integrate advanced cloud-based features, google map location, OTP verification, Facebook login, push notifications etc.

Flexible payment plans

Flexible payment plans

Choose a highly flexible payment method

We believe in "client-first" motto in our business model. Therefore, like our services, we are also flexible about the payment procedure. For the comfort of all our clients, big or small, we have kept multiple payment options to choose from. We not only charge lesser price but also offer the flexibility of payment- one time, monthly, quarterly through various modes of payment.

Timely delivery

Timely delivery

On time delivery of Apps guaranteed

Time is money in business. So, we value our client's and our time. We always stand true to our commitments. Thus, we set realistic deadlines. We deliver projects within the promised timeline with no compromise on quality and no deviation on project submission. We have an excellent track record of timely project launch.

A top mobile app development comapany will always plan and deliver on time. This is because of the internal mechanisms and processes already set up in behind.

Strong communication & complete transparency

Strong communication & complete transparency

Clear communication with carefully laid down plans

Ambiguity and miss communication can lead to business disaster. Therefore, we believe in clear communication to refrain from any ambiguity. When you work with us, expect complete transparency. We keep our customers on the same page with timely updates on project status, progress report and with respect to any challenge we foresee.

Any top ios app development agency in Delhi will have a clear channel of communication to track progress and keep the client in loop.

Innovative & proven approach

Innovative & proven approach

We practice and follow the proven approach of app delvelopment

Innovation is in our DNA. We ideate to make our products unique and stand out. We take learnings from our proven cases and apply the success stories to our projects. This reduces the risk factor associated with the development and also the number of iterations. We always bring in newness to the products we create for adding that exclusivity to the application.



Highend customisation in app design and functionalities

Different business has different business needs. Same service cannot accomplish different business goals. Therefore, we believe in customization of the services we offer. With us, you can get your complete app customized as per your requirement. You can personalize your application with the features you want to keep in order to create the desired user experience.

Benefits of Mobile App

Connect with on the Go Customers

Mobility is a blessing to mankind. Addressing customer query 'as and when', providing purchase or service assistance to them all can be made possible with a mobile app. Stay connected with the end users.

Instant Communication with Customers

Sales related information can be smarty pushed through mobile notification. You can keep your users aware of any discount, new offers, new launch, and releases instantly or even real-time.

Brand Building & Recall

When a user has your business app on their mobile, you have access to their user behavior, buying pattern and many such other critical information that help you feed them with right content, i.e. e-commerce company can decide which item to be promoted. Also, mobile app ensures your logo presence and that your brand is visible to the users creating top of the mind recall.

Customer Loyalty

A user will only spend data in downloading your app and retain it on their phone consuming space if they are truly interested in your brand. So, your app usage also speaks volume for customer loyalty.

Increased Sales and Revenue

Ultimately, as a result of all the above points, brand recall, constant communication with the users, ease of access helps you boost sales and thus the revenue of your business.

  • Connect
  • Communicate
  • Branding
  • Loyalty
  • Sales

Mobile App development Process

Information architecture & navigation framework

The app development process starts with outlining the structure of the app content just like a blueprint. The information architecture helps in structuring the flow of information. IA helps in making the process simple for the designer and intuitive to navigate. We always make the IA scalable and comprehendible.


The next step is the documentation and wireframing. This helps in creating a logical flow of the requirement and envisioning the usability. It can also act as a great collaboration and communication tool. It streamlines the features and ideas that will combine into a functional app. Identifying the challenges, technical limitation in the backend development process gets much easy with this.

Specifications and Guidelines

After wireframing, outlining the specifications and guidelines is key for defining the functions and purpose of the product. How the app will perform and what will it do, a guideline to this lays the foundation of the development process and help keep each stakeholder of the project on the same page.

Front end & Backend Development

Front end app development involves the interface development, how will the application look. Deciding the theme, images, font, style, and its presentation, while backend app development involves the development of the functionalities, how will it function or work. Managing the database, the users and their security, and app performance issues etc. We create the front end using primarily 3 languages, such as HTML, CSS, Java script while our great coding minds who excel in programming languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, and Java and proficient in MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server databases develops the backend.


Once the development is done, comes the crucial part of testing. In any development cycle, the further we go, the cost increases, therefore, it is wise to test the product often and at the early stage. It helps identifying the bugs and fix it in minimum cost. Testing also is a time taking exercise as it covers many facets like usability, interface and compatibility, security, usability, and performance. Any good mobile app development agency in delhi will spend a good amount of time in testing the app before making it available for launch.

Alpha Testing

Many companies go live with the app after initial testing. But we always recommend alpha testing in close group. Once an app undergoes the User Acceptance Test, we make it available to a limited group of identified users within family and friends. Learn about the user experience, bugs, issues, and concerns in the real-world scenario and accordingly make necessary changes.


At last, it is the formal launch of the application for the larger audience. On a stipulated day, we submit the app on various application stores, following their respective guidelines. Our job does not end here. Once we make the app available to the end users, we closely monitor the feedback. We take necessary analysis to incorporate the changes required in the next version.

Looking for App Development Company in Delhi?

Languages used for App Development

App Development in Flutter

We develop beautiful native applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase on flutter, the Google's UI tool kit. We recommend flutter for fast development, flexible UI, and its expressiveness. Flutter offers outstanding native performance. The widgets incorporate scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts. The flutter code adjoins ARM machine code using Dart's native compilers. We use the rich set of fully customizable widgets to build the native interface. We always keep our focus on end-user experience. Layered architecture enables customization, which helps in fast rendering.

With flutter development, we ensure delightful experience by built-in motion APIs, natural scrolling, and material designs. With flutter-based applications, users experience minimum reload time without losing state on emulators, simulators, and hardware.

App Development in Flutter
App Development in React

App Development in React Native

We are also into React native application development. A lot of our clients rely more on this open-source mobile application framework developed by Facebook Inc for applications on Android, iOS, Web and UWP. React native enables developers with native platform capabilities in fresh as well as already existing projects. Our apps are supported by the best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

With React Native, we create platform specific component for versions to help share the codes across platforms. Sharing a common technology, two platforms can be maintained on React. React Native framework helps in robust app performance and fast development.

App Development in Java

For Android application Java is the most widely used programming language. At AmitKK, we use this class based, object-oriented programming where the syntax is influenced by C++for its simplicity, and robust security. It helps application developers to with WORA- write once and run anywhere. It does not require any recompilation. Once Java code is complied, it can be run on any platform supported by Java. As one of the leading Java App Development company, our expertise and experience lie in delivering full-stack, comprehensive Java-based solutions.

We also deal in complex, multi-layer web application environment, custom product development and integration with third-party tools that fuel high performance. We are also empowered with capabilities like legacy app migration, product reengineering and monitoring, along with customization of existing applications.

App Development in Java
App Development in iOS

App Development in iOS

For the development of iOS mobile apps, Apple provides tools and resources to run on various platforms like iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. Our proficient iOS developers program the apps in native languages like Swift or Objective-C. We also develop cross-platform native applications with React Native (JavaScript), Xamarin etc. Xcode, Apple's IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the graphical interface that our developers use to write both Mac and iOS apps. It integrates the iOS SDK, tools, compilers, and frameworks and help design, develop, code, and debug iOS apps.

For native mobile app development on iOS, we use modern Swift programming language. We understand, this niche segment and thus, we strenthen our offerings with tailored solutions supported by extraordinary set up and resource pool.

Looking for Best App Development Company in Delhi?

Why Choose Us for App Development in Delhi?

On the hunt for the ideal team to turn your app concept into reality? Your search ends right here. Our App Development Company in Delhi is dedicated to turning your visions into tangible creations. Our specialisation lies in crafting remarkable apps tailored to your distinct requirements. Here's why you should choose us:

Expertise and Experience

Expertise and Experience

Backed by years of experience, we have established ourselves as a prominent app development company in Delhi. Our team consists of skilled professionals who have honed their expertise through numerous projects. Count on us to provide exceptional apps that surpass your expectations.

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Expertise and Experience

Innovative Solutions

In the rapidly changing landscape of technology, keeping pace is paramount. We ensure that we are always current by embracing the latest trends and technologies, such as IoT, AI, Cross-platform development, and Blockchain. This commitment empowers us to equip your app with the competitive edge it needs to thrive.

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Expertise and Experience

Beautiful UI Designs

Our apps are not only impeccably functional but also boast captivating aesthetics. We meticulously focus on user interface (UI) design to guarantee a visually delightful experience for your users.

A well-designed mobile app can significantly boost your business. It enables you to engage with customers on the move, communicate instantly, and foster brand recognition. Our development process is tried and tested, guaranteeing results. We follow a proven approach that combines creativity, innovation, and technical expertise to bring your app to life.

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Expertise and Experience

Rigorous Testing

We recognise the significance of providing a seamless user experience (UX). This is why we subject our apps to rigorous testing, eliminating any glitches and guaranteeing their flawless performance across various devices and platforms.

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Expertise and Experience

Clear Communication

Transparency and clear communication are foundational to our team. Our commitment lies in collaborating closely with you throughout the development journey, ensuring you're well-informed at every step of the process. Your insights are highly valuable, and we're here to listen and work on them.

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Expertise and Experience

Customisation and Flexibility

Your app should mirror your vision. We provide top-tier customisation choices, enabling your app to be meticulously crafted to align with your distinct needs. Furthermore, we provide flexible payment plans, ensuring that our services are accessible to all.

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  • Logo of Piyush Madhav

    AMITKK company gives the best results as far as app development in Delhi is concerned. My company produces a different variety of snacks and premium biscuits and chocolates. AMITKK crafted App in a very effective way and thus leading us toward the success of our company. Their USP is the user interface and speed. I would strongly recommend them to other entrepreneurs.

    Piyush Madhav

    Co-founder FGSI

  • Logo of Vrinda Loiwal

    Games are part of everyone's day-to-day life, so I also wanted to develop a gaming App. I had an idea for a game but needed a reliable company that can build an App. AMITKK company developed my gaming app better than I had thought of it. Their team is very talented and quite responsive. The design, interface, and technology everything is perfect. High recommended as a leading app development company in Delhi.

    Vrinda Loiwal

    Owner - CSEL

  • Logo of Mr. Deepanshu Budhija

    We have a big clothing store. But, wanted to cover a bigger market, an App seemed to be a better way of doing so. AMITKK company has been really very cooperative as they developed the App in very short span of time. The app developed is user-friendly and has all the features we requested for. An excellent team to work with.One of the best app development companies in Delhi.

    Mr. Deepanshu Budhija

    Owner Pynet Labs

  • Logo of Rajeev Goel

    My company is of bathroom fittings. There is too much variety involved in bathroom fittings, so to have a better market we got developed an App from the AMITKK the best mobile app development companies in Delhi. Their team is quite experienced and does respect the time and suggestions of the clients. Their professional team is dedicated to providing the best of everything.

    Rajeev Goel

    Founder Fintree Money

  • Logo of Rishi Kumar

    I run a restaurant which has its branches all over the city. So, to increase the availability of food for customers we decided that there should be an app for all our branches. AMITKK website development company is expert in this field. They developed the App with best UI. The App has no flaws in it and it's very extraordinary.

    Rishi Kumar

    Owner - Profiling

  • Logo of Nikita

    AmitKK's team is phenomenal. Their eye for detail, beautiful customizable designs, highly skilled developers and the way they manage a project starting from the pitch to project delivery is commendable. Transform your ideas with their expertise in mobile solutions. They are the best mobile app development company in delhi, highly recommended.



  • Logo of Sudeep

    Talking about AmitKK, they are not a just vendor or an agency to us, they are our partner. They are very dedicated, professional, and easy to work with. They are capable of providing end-to-end app development solutions. We recommend working with them for flawless app development.



  • Logo of Asif Ali

    If you are looking for an affordable and reliable mobile app development company in Delhi, then you must try AmitKK. Just know when they take up a job, they give more than 100% and deliver the quality they promise. You can take your business to the next level with their customizable mobile app.

    Asif Ali

    Owner - Amina Boutique

  • Logo of Vivek Bakode

    We had vetted many app development companies before hiring AmitKK. But their unmatched scale and array of services really got us believe in them. They met rather surpassed our expectations by creating a class-apart mobile app for us. They have the industry expertise that you must leverage.

    Vivek Bakode

    Owner- Pakwaan Factory

  • Logo of Swati

    Build your dream app with AmitKK. They are affordable and create user-friendly, feature-rich applications for businesses. Whatever the requirement is, iOS, Android, or Hybrid, you name it they can do it for you. They could be the finest fit for your business. Give it a try!. AmitKK is definitely the best mobile app development agency in delhi.



Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs Secrets of our Work Revealed in Blogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create apps that work offline or in areas with limited internet connectivity?

Yes, we specialize in developing online and offline apps with smooth functionality. Whether it's for iOS, Android, a native app, or a hybrid one, we implement a multi-step process that involves storing data for offline mode using technologies like ServiceWorkers and IndexedDB, creating offline storage for iOS and Android, and implementing data syncing to ensure the app functions smoothly even offline. 

How do you handle app security and protect user data?

To safeguard user data and enhance app security, several key strategies can be employed during mobile app development:

  • Data & Code Encryption: Utilize encryption techniques to transform data and code into unreadable formats, preventing hacker exploitation.
  • High-Level Authentication: Implement strong authentication mechanisms, including periodic password changes, alphanumeric passwords, biometric authentication, and one-time passwords (OTP).
  • Security Checks: Conduct rigorous pre-launch security checks and continuous testing post-release to identify and address vulnerabilities.
  • Caution with Third-Party Libraries: Be cautious when using third-party libraries, thoroughly test their code, and monitor for security updates.
  • Control Data Sharing: Employ signature-based permissions to control data sharing between apps and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Secure APIs: Implement secure APIs for data transfer, allowing access only to authorized applications through robust gateways or OAuth servers.
Do you offer custom app development, or do you use templates?

We are experts in creating personalized apps that are made just for you. Instead of using pre-made designs, we build impressive and effective apps in different languages. Our team is skilled in making apps for iOS, Android, Native, and Hybrid platforms. 

What technologies and programming languages do you use for app development?

We are fluent in app development languages like React Native, Flutter, Swift and many more. 

Can you explain the app development process from ideation to launch?

The app development process has a few important steps. First, we plan how the app will be organized, like making a blueprint. This is called "Information architecture." It helps the designers make the app easy to use. Then, we create a document and draw sketches called "wireframes" to show how the app will work. It's also good for teamwork and discussing ideas.

After that, we write down all the details and rules for the app. This helps us know exactly what the app will do and how it will work. It's like making a plan. Once all this is done, we will start building the app based on the plan. Once the application is fully tested and approved by the client, we move forward with the launch.

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