Mobile App Development Company in Delhi Mobile App Development Company in Delhi

Mobile App Development Company in Delhi

A newbie in the mobile application development space? Planning to create a mobile application for your business but not sure where to start? Well, read on! By the end of it, you will get a fair understanding of the mobile application development process, its nuances, various types, benefits and much more. Get an overview of how mobile applications can aid your business, how to find the best mobile application development company in Delhi, the aspects you need to consider, application development cost in Delhi, etc.

Mobile application development is the process in which a software application developer creates an application to run on mobile devices supported in different hardware specifications, configurations, screen sizes etc. The mobile app development field is steadily growing and opening avenues for new job and revenue opportunities. The mobile applications can be formulated to be pre-installed on the phones during manufacturing the platforms or could be delivered as web applications using server-side processing giving an application-like experience on a web browser.  

Now wondering if your business needs a mobile app or not? Well, find your answer here!

In this digital era, while your consumers are making the paradigm shift to digital platforms, being in a competitive business environment you cannot help but need to adapt and keep up with the change quickly. With the increased adoption of smartphones, mobile applications have emerged as a great tool to broaden business opportunities. Mobile application comes with various advantages.   

  • It acts as a great promotional platform
  • It enhances the support system 
  • It makes inroads to better connect with the users
  • Value addition through loyalty and reward programs
  • Driving user engagement & interactivity
  • Instant access at all time
  • Better opportunity for personalization

Hire an efficient mobile application development service provider in Delhi and see the magic it can bring to your business.  

An introduction to the various types of mobile applications

While planning for developing a mobile application the fundamental question that will come to your mind is ‘what type of mobile application will suit your business?’. To answer this, you need to first understand the various kinds and formats of mobile applications available in the market. Once, you understand the types, their advantages, and disadvantages, it will help you take a smart and informed decision.

So, based on the technology used, mobile applications can be categorized under three types- 1. Web 2. Hybrid 3. Native. Basis the platforms, however, the popular three broad categories are Windows, Android, and iOS mobile applications. Any mobile application development company in Delhi shall have the expertise to be able to create all categories of mobile applications. Application development cost in Delhi, however, could vary as per the requirement.

Native mobile apps

These mobile applications are built for one platform exclusively, be it Apple iOS, Google Android, or Windows. Therefore, it delivers a better user experience. Optimizing the platform completely, it also ensures quick and intuitive app performance.

Hybrid mobile apps

Unlike native mobile apps, hybrid apps are not separate for different platforms. These kinds of apps are installed on devices just like native apps but are usually run through a web browser. These are not as reliable or quick as native apps, but faster to develop and easy to maintain. Built in HTML5 programming language, the advantage of hybrid apps lies in the development process which is easy to be streamlined and therefore saves a lot of time and resources. These are primarily ideas for content delivery platforms.

Web apps

Unlike the other two, web mobile applications cannot be sold in any app store or use hardware of mobile devices. Built-in most popular programming languages, adaptive web apps fit into different screen sizes of various mobile devices, while responsive websites switch into a different design when accessed via mobile.

How much a mobile app development company in Delhi NCR could cost you?

Well, there is no such fixed, pre-defined application development cost in Delhi. There are several variables that a mobile application development service provider in Delhi considers in determining the price for a mobile application. Forex. app functionalities, user interface, UX configuration, geo-location, technologies, mobile application development company, and others. The service provider (IT firm, smaller digital agency, etc). A few other factors to be considered are as follows:   

  • Nature of application
  • Location of the vendor
  • Rate card      
  • App features and highlights         
  • Platforms (iOS, Android, Web)               

If you opt for freelance app developers in Delhi NCR, they might charge you relatively less than agencies or companies. On average, a mobile application development company in Delhi might charge you something between INR 50,000 up to a few lacs.

How to find the best mobile application development company in Delhi?

Delhi NCR is a growing hub for digital companies and agencies. It is home to many small, mid, and big scale mobile application development companies. You can get a whole list from on the internet, but the ideal way would be to go by recommendations. See what mobile application development company in Delhi your peers from the industry suggests, check within your peer groups, you might a lot of tried and tested options. This removes your effort to analyze the basic aspects of their capabilities, delivery timeline, strength, and weak links. Rest can be discussed and analyzed as per your requirement.    

 If you are clear about your requirement then you straight away get to RFI (Request for Information) followed by RFP (Request For Proposal). Else, you can first have a discussion with the mobile application development company to get their expertise and then figure out your actual requirement and accordingly ask for a pitch or proposal. You must evaluate multiple vendors before shortlisting one. You can even hire freelance app developers in Delhi NCR for your mobile app development services.

Well, looking for a mobile application development company in Delhi? 

It might seem like a cakewalk to find a mobile application development company with plenty of choices available at your disposal. But how do you know if you are choosing the best? Having too many options can lead to confusion. Therefore, you must be clear about your goal and the list of parameters you need to vet before finalizing the mobile application development company in Delhi. Let us look at the benefits that mobile application development service provider in Delhi like offer.

  • Know-how of eCommerce, enterprise, gaming, utility, and educational mobile app development
  • Extensive work history with small, medium, and large companies across the globe
  • Expertise to develop and deploy apps across multiple channels
  • Reliable and customizable mobile apps development solutions
  • Robust industry knowledge & competition updates
  • Multiple solutions at one place at an affordable rate
  • Quality work delivery and process alignment
  • In-depth knowledge of coding and frameworks
  • Experienced mobile application developers
  • Close attention to user experience
  • Good turnaround time
  • Best resource utilization
  • Crafted many success stories in developing an innovative high-performing mobile app
  • Team player understands the customers’ needs and works as a partner
  • Keep the clients ahead in the competition

It is always advisable to choose a mobile application development company that will get you multiple solutions in one, from planning, strategy to design, execution, development, deployment, and even optimization. Considering all of these, is certainly the best mobile application development service provider in Delhi that offers it all.

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