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Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi

Our social media marketing services make the most of social media platforms to promote the brand and communicate its USP, offering and engage audience. Our creative team comes up with eye catching graphics, videos and animations that are used with thought provoking copywriting.Our campaigns on social media are well planned months ahead with proper setting of target for results. The campaigns are regularly boosted to expand the audience base of the social media accounts. Communication forms the central pillar of our social media marketing services and we make sure that right message is delivered in right way to the right audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Brand engagement and building

AMITKK is the best Social Media Marketing company in Gurgaon and is a must for brand building purpose and to be in regular touch with your customers. You can engage your customers in a two-way communication and understand their pain points as well promote your offerings in a big way.

Hire the best SMO services in Gurgaon today and boost your social media marketing.

Communication and creativity play a strong role in bringing a brand out of all the clutter and connecting it with the users. This is where our team of graphic designers, video editors and animators play a crucial role. They craft beautiful messages that catch the attention of users and communicate the brand message clearly. Do check our graphics portfolio for more.

Not just communicate, we also monitor the activities done by competition and other brands along with identifying and trying to predict the latest trends. This keeps us a step ahead of other social media marketing agencies.

Hire the best SMO services in Gurgaon today and boost your social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Cost in India

Starting @ ₹ 25,000

Monthly social media marketing costing starts from ₹ 25,000 and increase as per the quality of posts created and shared across platforms. For five star Hotels and established restaurants the same can start from ₹ 50,000 as the quality of communication is very high end.

The cost generally includes 15 graphics based posts and 1-2 videos or GIFs. We handle up to 4 platforms in the budget and share monthly progress and efforts report, plan for next month. We also plan out a detailed campaign every month for brands depending on the social calendar and objectives.

This cost does not include cost for boosting posts and campaigns. This is always charged over and above the SMM budget. We advise our client to keep a budget of at least ₹ 5000 as media budget for boosting of posts and increasing the follower base.

Why choose us as a Social Media Marketing Agency?

Our strong hold on creativity and communication makes us the most ideal SMM agency Gurgaon for your brand. Our team of content creators create and execute beautiful campaigns and communications.

  • Assured buzz around the brand
  • Increase in follower base
  • High quality creatives and posts
  • Solid sector and competitor research
  • At least 15 high end creative posts in a month
  • End to end handling of up to 4 platforms
  • Follow up on SMM activities of other brands
Service Costing Why Us?

Social Media Platforms we normally hande

  • Social Media Platform Facebook Logo Facebook Marketing
  • Social Media Platform Linkedin LogoLinkedin Marketing
  • Social Media Platform Twitter LogoTwitter Marketing
  • Social Media Platform Instagram LogoInstagram Marketing
  • Social Media Platform Youtube LogoYoutube Marketing

Facebook Marketing

With more than 300 million Facebook users in India, no business, big or small can ignore the power of this platform that connects with so many users at all time. Facebook helps creating business pages for organization, companies or any form of business set-up and use it as a communication channel to target users and develop a followership for the brand and its product and services. Today, Facebook presence has become as important as having a webpage for any business-local, or multinational. Through right Facebook marketing strategy and the power of engaging content business can have great sales leads, referral traffic on their sites and in-depth user connect. Through paid Facebook advertising, targeted campaigns can be set up to reach the most relevant audience for the business.

Facebook marketing strategies evolve continuously as the guidelines change and competition adjust themselves. A coninuois focus is what is required to stay on top of the game.

Linkedin Marketing

While Facebook and Instagram are more relevant for B2C marketing, LinkedIn, the largest professional network comes as a great platform for B2B. To connect with potential partners, generate B2B leads, tie-ups and alliance opportunities, having presence on LinkedIn is essential. It offers all-in-one advertising platform that enables the organizations to set up campaigns via respective LinkedIn ad account. The process includes outlining the objective, profiling, and targeting the audience with personalized messages, and set the budget for the campaign. LinkedIn marketing can help establish good brand image in front of the business decision makers to drive conversion.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing strategy involves creation and distribution of content for different buyer personas of a company to increase the number of followers and influence their decision to grow business. Led by the hashtags, it ensures better reach right communication to reach right audience influence to help grow the business. Twitter is quite useful to build brand awareness and image. It helps the businesses host chat, create twitter list, increase followership, and advertise through paid ads for driving traffic to the website. With best practices the companies can own verified accounts, that further enables many better solutions.

Twitter marketing is much more difficult than its counterpart and only few social media marketing service provider will be able to deliver on this. You need to work out you

Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is a recent phenomenon. Until five years ago, no business would have probably thought of this medium to emerge as an effective communication tool. But, today, Instagram is not only aiding as a platform for large followership for the brand but also dissemination of information like product awareness and display, review, manuals and much more. With surge in influencers marketing, creating product awareness and influencing the buying decision, getting referral traffic and business have become way easier. Engaging contest to connect with the users, discount drives and paid advertising to get more leads are some of the many ways to optimize the platform of Instagram.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube, one of the most popular online video platforms has revealed that not only they have 265 million monthly active users in India, but also a very high video views in terms of depth. This goes to establish the higher time spent and engagement by Indian audience on YouTube platform. So, how can a business miss out on such an effective social media channel? YouTube's solution in regional languages gave it an edge to grow in India and this is also helping the local businesses to target the users with ads in the language the users can connect with.

Social Media Marketing Services Components

With rapid adoption and increase in internet access, social media penetration in India has reached 326.1 million. Thus, social media has now become an essential part of the marketing strategy for any brand. Strong social footprint helps in creating goodwill for the brand, strenthen customer connect, increase brand awareness, and boost sales.

Social presence

Social presence

Check the social hygiene and analyse presence

We analyse the health and hygience of the brand on social media platforms and make necessary changes to it. We make sure that standard guidelines are followed and all information is placed properly in the accounts.

Communication Planning

Communication Planning

Plan communication that will go on social media

We plan out the communication that will go on social media for the next 2-3 months. New ideas are generated, worked on and finalised to reach out to the audience. Timely dissemination of information like new launches, offers and sales are crucial to keep the audience engaged with the brand.

Our team makes sure that the tone of the communication matches the platform. For example, our linkedin marketing strategy ensures that the communication is very formal and on he lines of corporate style of communicating.



Bring creative ideas for engagement

Our creative team then brings in their creativity to make the page and the brand more happening. Ideas are brainstormed as to what kind of creatives will go in it. Suitable graphic posts, videos, GIFs are made for regular posting. Product offerings, discounts are shared in new ways to generate buzz and leads around them.

Strategy to be implemented

Strategy to be implemented

Develop SMM staretgies to be followed

In social media marketing, strategy is the key. How much budget to allot on which platform, what content to push- how and when, what all activities to undertake, changes in plan if the campaign performance does not meet expectations, all these are part of constant monitoring and ever-evolving strategy.

For example, our youtube marketing strategy, centres on running campaigns on youtube through videos and ads.

Plan campaigns

Plan campaigns

Create campaigns on social media and boost them

Manging social media marketing involves time, energy, and resources. It starts right from the briefing and objective identification to crafting of social media strategy & execution to performance optimization and reporting. This end-to-end campaign management decides the success and failure of a campaign.

We plan out campaigns to ensure errorless execution. The creatives and collaterals for the same are created in advance and approved to avoid last minute hassles.

Report and Analysis

Report and Analysis

Follow up, modify campaigns and prepare reports

We analyse each social media campaign and the activities done in a month to share an insightful report every month. The report shows the activities done and their results to boost the marketing of the brand. We also share next month's plan and new campaign ideas to be undertaken.

Our holistic approach to Social Media Marketing Services

We have successfully delivered hundreds of social media campaigns for various brands and are armed with the needed expertise and workforce to extend end-to-end SMM / SMO services.

  • Research & analysis: The foremost task that we do once we receive a brief or win an account is a thorough research and analysis. We analyze the industry leaders, the competitors, national and international trends, ongoing best practices so we can be one step ahead while planning the campaign
  • Setting goals and objectives: Without a proper plan in place, activities cannot be streamlined for the campaigns. In order to do that, a complete clarity of objective is needed at all levels.
  • Develop strategy: For any marketing effort to work, a well-defined strategy is the starting point. Once the goal and expectations are set, strategy comes to play. We take all the aspects and possibilities in account and use our best minds to chart out the campaign roadmap.
  • Content creation: Content is fundamental to any marketing campaign. We have experienced and extraordinarily talented pool of writers who craft the brand stories and creative posts for the brands for the world to know.
  • Listen and engage: On social media, engagement is one of the key parameters. So, social listening and engaging with the audience are two critical areas where we put our emphasis on while planning and executing a campaign.
  • Create campaigns: Once the creative and content is ready, communication plan is closed and approved, we roll out the campaign as per the pre-defined strategy. Everything goes live on time and relevant social outlets.
  • Analysis & report: Our job does not end once the campaign is set. We closely monitor the analytics across platforms and adopt changes wherever necessary or accordingly plan the next course of action.

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Why choose us for Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi?

We phase out the whole process as follows:

Role of content and creativity in social media

Social media is an unconventional medium, which is driven through engagement and depth. Creativity is the key here. How to play with the content, which type of content (contest, poll, video / audio, Gif) would be suitable for which platform and suit the campaign objective, how innovatively content can be used to grab the audience attention, all these play a key role to decide the success of the social media campaign.

Instagram marketing strategies followed by huge number of brands and celebrity are the best examples among others that reward creativity and content.

Is social media more for branding than sales?

Social media showcases the personality of a brand. It engages the audience, answers to their queries, and helps build confidence in their mind about the brand. So, when the consumer needs something similar you deal in, there is high probability that they would give your brand a try. So, social media channels help position the brand in turn to push sales.

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SMM Clients testimonials

AmitKK Client - Piyush Madhav

Professional, Perfect, Proficient.
The three words that sum up my experience with AmitKK Advertising. From the earliest starting point we were facing a cutoff time, and they worked so PROFICIENTLY all through the whole task that complying with the time constraint was not an issue. They kept up total PROFESSIONALism from the proposition stage to the last conveyance of the item. Also, to wrap things up the last item was just, PERFECT!!!

Piyush Madhav

Co-founder FGSI

AmitKK Client - Dr. Jacob

AmitKK the best social media marketing service provider has been radiant to work with.As another business, we stood up to the trial of causing a solid look and to feel for a wide scope of publicizing materials. (Name of your Company) recently checked out our contemplations and thereafter organized a grouping of materials, from standard mail pieces to tradeshow things that passed on correctly what we are scanning for. Likewise, they did this while remaining fiery, capable and incredibly strong from start to finish.

Dr. Jacob

Owner - Shadanga

AmitKK Client - Prateek Suri

Social media marketing from Amitkk was an important learning experience for our organization. It truly helped make us fully aware of certain things about our business that we'd prefer to change. It additionally clarified how new innovation can influence the pace of development for our business. AmitKK is the best SMO company in Delhi and we recommend them very strongly.

Prateek Suri

Sales and Marketing Manager

AmitKK Client - Shivani Patro

When we started our company, our social presence was not very strong. AmitKK, not only helped us create professional handles across social outlets but also helped in managing them well. We did not miss out on any relevant trend or opportunity to increase our followership, referral traffic to our website and business transactions.

Shivani Patro

Owner - Squizzl

AmitKK Client - Dr. Amit Gupta

Social media being our key part of the branding strategy, a performance driven company was all what we needed. Amit KK had an impressive portfolio of clients for Social Media Marketing. So, we trusted their capabilities. In a short span of time, engagement on all our social handles got stronger. It became quite interactive.

Dr. Amit Gupta

Owner - Friends Eye Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking to hire an SMO Agency in Delhi and have some doubts that need to be cleared? Let us help you by answering some of the most common questions, that perhaps cross your mind.

Why should I choose Social Media?

Social Media Marketing improves brand recognition and loyalty

Social media is abuzz right now. It is where almost the entire internet population resides. Having social media presence will ensure regular connect with your target audience, user engagement, opportunity for branding & promotion and visibility for top of the mind recall. All these would essentially influence the buying decision of your consumers, be it first time or repeat purchase contributing to business growth.

What social media platforms are best for me?

Depending on the nature of business the platforms may differ. Some of the popular, must have social media outlets for business would be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Some of the other platforms are Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

How do you measure result in SMM?

In social media marketing, the performance is measured by engagement & reach. How many people your business is reaching out to, the engagement on the posts i.e. like, share, comment is some of the parameters. In paid promotion number of clicks, leads and conversions are also accounted for.

How much does it cost for SMM?

The cost always depends on the services being rendered. However, to begin with for a typical social media marketing service provider will charge about INR 20,000 and it might vary depending on the agency experience and profile.

Do I need both SEO and SMM?

Well, yes! Both are two different digital marketing platforms that function differently and deliver separate results, ultimately generating revenue for the business. However, one cannot be treated as the substitute of the other.

Generally every SMO Agency in Delhi will also provide SEO services and you need not hire anyone separate for SEO services.

How soon can i start seeing results in SMM?

Social media marketing services is no magic wand that will work overnight. It takes at least 2-3 months to start performing and 6 months to show the results. The time is primarily required to build the followership to capitalize on

Any decent social media marketing company in Delhi will be able to deliver result only after a month. As it takes time to be social in real life, in social media marketing services too you get momentum only after 15-30 days of efforts.

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