LinkedIn Marketing Strategy LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

In this article, we will show you the best LinkedIn strategies and how you can use this platform for your business to achieve your business goal. There are various LinkedIn marketing tools available for every types of business. This guide will help you to get the best out of your LinkedIn marketing strategies.

What is LinkedIn marketing?

A way of marketing using the LinkedIn platform to engage with a community of professionals. This powerful marketing tool helps you to generate leads, share content, improve brand awareness and traffic to the site. Through LinkedIn marketing, you can share content with potential employers, business partners, new employees, and customers.

Don’t have a business profile on LinkedIn?

No need to worry!

We will take you through the simple steps to set up a business profile on LinkedIn.

  • Visit the LinkedIn marketing solutions website and click on the 'create your page’ option.
  • Choose a category for your business from the list.
  • Now fill in the company details and choose a good URL for your brand.
  • Next, upload your company logo and add a tag line. Though this is optional but remember a profile with the company’s logo helps to gain visitors' trust easily.
  • Click on the ‘create page’ button and your profile is ready to go.

Advertising on your LinkedIn business profile

Now, you might have a thought in your mind that I have my LinkedIn business profile but how to advertise on LinkedIn?

Let’s deep dive!

First, you need to have a campaign manager account to advertise on LinkedIn. The campaign manager gives you total control over your campaign. You can set your budget, set a timeline for your campaign, target your audience everything through this platform. All you need is a strong LinkedIn marketing strategy to achieve your business goals.

Choose your business objective: The first step of creating a campaign is to choose an objective from the listed options. Here, you get the below options to go with:

  • Awareness: Brand awareness
  • Consideration: Website visits, Engagement, Video views
  • Conversions: Lead generation

Target your audience: For the success of any advertising campaign, it is very important to target the right audience. You can target your audience from the below categories:

  • Company name
  • Company size
  • Interests
  • Groups
  • Job Titles
  • Skills

Choose a format for your LinkedIn Ad: There are different Ad formats available, you need to choose a suitable one for your Ad.

  • Sponsored Ads: Sponsored ads shows up on the LinkedIn feed of your target audience. Through this type of ad, you can reach out to your potential customers which not only generates leads but also increase brand awareness.
  • Message Ads: Through this type of ad, you can reach your audience through LinkedIn messages. This directly sends messages to your target audience where you can build a professional conversation with them. It gives a better response than traditional email marketing.
  • Dynamic Ads: In this format, you can personalize your creative for each individual in your target audience. It attracts audience attention easily and increases engagement.
  • Text Ads: Text ads work like PPC (pay per click) or PPI (pay per impression). It is the simplest ad format. Create your own ad and message to the people you want to reach and pay only when the ad works.

Set your budget and schedule: Now, it’s time to set a budget and schedule your campaign. LinkedIn posting strategy plays an important role in campaign success. You need to bid a certain amount for relevant keywords, set a daily budget and a timeline for the campaign. You can cancel your campaign anytime. LinkedIn runs an auction system for bidding and decides who wins.

Measure and optimize your campaign: Once your campaign is live, it’s time to optimize the campaign on basis of its performance. The detailed analytics of the campaign is available in the campaign manager. You can track everything like clicks, impression, action, etc., and edit your ad based on the performance.

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Analyzing metrics on your LinkedIn business profile

LinkedIn helps all business profile holders with performance metrics but using these metrics to improve the performance is very important. Good knowledge of statistics can easily implement it into action. There are many LinkedIn analytic tools (Hootsuite, Brandwatch) available that allow you to have detailed analytics.

Analytics Dashboard: Through the analytic dashboard, you can monitor your page’s performance. Here, you can see 3 main categories:

  • Visitors data- Data of people who visit your page
  • Engagement data- Post engagement data
  • Followers data- Demographic and numerical data of your followers

Activity Dashboard: The activity dashboard gives you the qualitative insight (like, view, share and mention) of your page.

Post Analytics: It gives you the performance of posts that you shared. It gives you the entire engagement data of a post like impressions, reactions, CTR, comments, shares, clicks and more.

Profile Analytics: This dashboard shows your profile metrics like who viewed your profile, post views, search appearance.

So, all these metrics help you to analyses your overall page performance and improves your social media ROI.

Generating leads through your LinkedIn business profile

LinkedIn is a platform with around 660 million users across the globe. It is the most effective tool for generating leads and a strong LinkedIn marketing strategy is the key. Now an important question for you: is your business getting the most out of it in terms of generating leads or conversions?

This guide will help you to use this powerful platform for generating leads. Below are few tips for you:

  • Add connections to your network: “Connect” button on LinkedIn plays a significant role in generating new leads as whenever you connect with someone, your business gets exposure.
  • Post regular updates: Posting an update on a regular basis means you get displayed on the feed of all your connections.
  • Join LinkedIn groups: Join different LinkedIn groups that are relevant for you and your business. LinkedIn allows you to connect with people who are in groups with you. Not only that from these groups you can learn new things about your industry and can get exposure.
  • Reach out to your all clients: Lookup for your current clients as well as the former clients. Follow their business pages and get connected for future opportunities.
  • Post relevant content: LinkedIn content strategy is very effective for generating leads. The content of your LinkedIn posts should be relevant and helpful for others. Try to avoid sales pitched content. Sharing relevant content in different groups helps to catch people’s attention and improves conversion.
  • Create your own LinkedIn group: Last but not least create your own group which gives you the full freedom to control everything like from its content to reach people. You can engage end number of people through the group who could be a potential lead for you.

Broadcasting video on your LinkedIn business profile

We all know that video always works better than any other media. LinkedIn video marketing is an effective marketing strategy for every business. Video says the story behind a brand. Broadcasting video on LinkedIn business profile helps to build brand awareness, generate leads, increase conversion rates. Like another campaign, you need to choose your objective before you run a video campaign. Then create the video as per the objective.

LinkedIn allows you to get detailed metrics like views, likes, you can also track leads and conversions of your posted video. It will give you an overall idea about how your audiences respond to your campaign. So that you can modify it and improves business ROI. Thus, it is considered as one of the best LinkedIn strategies.

So, are you ready to start LinkedIn marketing for our business?

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