How to Find SEO Keywords How to Find SEO Keywords

How to Find SEO Keywords

When we talk about Search Engine Optimization, the very thing that comes to mind is "Keywords." Google never fails to alert us from one to time with algorithm updates. However, one important aspect that has stayed consistent for years is "keyword research."

We know how important keywords are for SEO, and everyone who is into inbound marketing tells us the same. But have you ever wondered how you could find the right SEO keywords to rank better?

How to find the Right SEO Keywords?

There are various ways to do keyword research, and one of the most common methods is to use a Keyword tool. Whatever method inbound marketers use, there are a few steps one can follow to achieve the best results. Let us see what they are in detail.

Understanding Your Niche

Before you start looking for keywords for SEO optimization, you need to know more about your niche. By doing so, you often think out of the box, and you can even develop unique marketing strategies that can be game changers.

  • Let us also look at some ideas to help you understand your niche better.
  • Start by talking to your customers as you get to know them better. You can also note down the terms used by them when they describe your product or brand.
  • Think like your potential customer. How and why would you do that if you had to share this brand with a friend or family?

Find other online communities, like social media platforms, and join them. Engage and read discussions to know the pain points of the customers.

Set a Goal

When you plan an SEO strategy, you also need to define an achievable goal. Before you even plan and define your goal, you must know why your brand is special, the promises made on the website, and what your brand is about.

By answering these questions, you can come up with the goal of your brand. Do you have a sales target to reach? Or do you want to reach more loyal customers? Having a goal is like having a direction.

Make sure you write down what your goals are or make charts. These goals are the framework to create your digital marketing strategy and plan on the content required.

List Out the Topics

Before you list any topics, explore the brand goals and its main category. You then need to break it into sub-categories and list out the topics. Make sure the topics you pick closely relate to your product or service. You can also choose topics that are relevant to your target audience.

List Out the Seed Keywords

Seeds keywords are also known as focus keywords. Now that you have different topics to create content for, you can start creating a list of focus keywords. The keywords you pick are relevant to your brand and the topic you want to create content for. Focus keywords are crucial as they are the foundation of your digital marketing. When used correctly, the focus keywords can also help brands stand out.

Use Efficient Tools for Keyword Research

Most marketers, especially new ones, often think keyword research begins with the keyword tool. Well, there is no right or wrong way to do it. However, there is an added advantage if you finish your topic research first and then use the keyword tool. By doing so, you will not get too confused with the keywords and will have a better perspective on the online marketing strategy you plan to implement.

One of the best tools one can use is Google Keyword Planner. To do extensive research, you need tools like Keyword Tool. Using these tools, you can narrow down the keywords and find new keywords relevant to your niche/brand.

Know the Importance of Search Intent

Using high-volume keywords to bump the content to obtain rankings does not work the magic anymore. Google uses machine learning algorithms, and these compare the user queries with the search terms to understand the search intent better. So, before you pick your keywords, you need to understand the search intent better and know its importance too.

Once you know that, you should think from your audience's perspective. What might search terms your audience use for your product or service? Do they want to know more about the products your offer, or do they want to buy one? Once you understand the search intent, you can tune the keyword research in a better way. This way, you can also find the right keywords that match the search intent of your target audience.

Don't Miss Out on the Long-tail Keywords

Focus keywords are mostly shorter as they relate to your niche, the topic, and the brand. However, long tail keywords are often chosen for sub-topics, consist of 4 or more words, and are quite descriptive. Though long tail keywords get few clicks, they often help with conversion rates.

Check Out Your Competition

Doing keyword research using different tools and Google might not always be enough. If your brand is a part of a very competitive niche, you certainly need to spend time learning more about your competition. By knowing the keywords that are hard to rank, you can easily find some "keyword opportunity gaps." These keywords are related to your brand and have a low or medium competition level. You can always use keyword tools to find such keywords.

Once you have done your keyword research, you can start crafting good content that is on par with your SEO marketing strategy. Be it a blog or an established business, keyword research is a must before you start working on your content. Though a time-consuming task, it is very useful in the long run.


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