Website Development Company in Bangalore

Get started with the best website development company in Bangalore to take your business to greater heights. From Ecommerce to static websites we have you covered with our development process. We develop aesthetically beautiful websites with all the functional requirements you need.

Based on your vision we suggest technology stack that best suits your requirement. Once finalised, we ensure that the final website gets delivered in time and is all set to get ranked in digital marketing.

Website Development Company in Bangalore

Top Website Development Company in Bangalore?

Business is booming everywhere. People are searching online, from products to services and the numbers are greater than ever before. You not only should be online, but make a good first impression too. Having a well-designed website should be your top priority! We are an experienced team of skilled professionals to take your call and build a website you can be proud of. AmitKK is a specialist in every aspect of creating a professional website for your company. We have graphic designers, website design enthusiasts, and hardworking on-time developers who have been designing websites for businesses for years.

As the leading website development company in Bangalore, our goal is to provide our clients with a simple, quick, and affordable web development experience. Work with us and you will get to know how inexpensive a website can be. It's amazingly really that simple.

Anyone with a professional website can tell the world who they are, what they have to sell, and what information they have to share. We need not tell you the importance of a well-built website for your company. We combine emerging technologies to enable businesses to easily interact with an increasing number of new and existing customers at an affordable cost.

Take Your Company to the Next Level with Website Development.

A highly interactive and fully functional website is required for your company to stay on track. To stay up-to-date and strive forward with the modern world. A website helps your business in a variety of ways, including helping to sustain the fast-paced competition, increasing brand awareness, highlighting products and services among customers, increasing sales and revenue. As a website development company in Bangalore, we strive to serve as many businesses as possible across multiple platforms with our world-class web development services. We provide a wide range of website development services to meet the various needs of our clients.

As a reputable web development firm, we are committed to providing you with world-class web development solutions. At each stage of web development, our professionals communicate with you to gather feedback and implement it as needed. We do everything possible to create your website based on your needs and expectations in order to help your business. You are welcome to contact us for any of the services that you require.

Mobile Responsive and SEO-friendly Websites

We plan, design, develop, and engineer websites with a clear understanding of the needs of our clients in mind. Every member of our team is user-centric, and all efforts are based on this principle. You can stay assured of getting an aesthetically superior website loaded with functionalities as per your requirement.

High Quality

High Quality

We provide high-quality functioning website development services for various platforms at affordable prices to our clients.

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Highly Specialized

Highly Specialized

Our highly specialised web developer understands your needs and requirements and delivers the best results by utilising the most recent technologies.

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Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

We create our code and websites in a way that allows people to access the site from any device. We develop compatible websites for you.

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Fast Load Time

Fast Load Time

Making things load faster is important for your business's growth, and we do it better with optimization.

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Browser Consistency

Browser Consistency

We go through each and every browser to ensure that it is cross-platform compatible.

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SEO focused

SEO focused

We develop websites with SEO in mind and rest all things are aligned accordingly.

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Our Website Development Process

We take a comprehensive approach to providing high-quality web development services. Our professionals use an efficient methodology to create a professional website while maintaining project consistency and meeting the deadline. We adhere to a simple web development process that consists of several steps, which include:

  • 1

    Requirements Gathering

    Our team understands the needs and expectations of our clients. Then brainstorm and research various ideas to implement them.

  • 2

    Crafting Website Design

    Our skilled designers craft innovative website designs to make your business stand out. We are experts in creating creative designs.

  • 3

    Development Part

    Our developer team starts coding on the approved designs and are experts in building compatible efficient website development services.

  • 4

    Test The End Product

    Testing is as important as coding. We test the website completely and make sure that it is fully functional before going live.

  • 5

    Launch the Website

    We launch your website on time, within the delivery date with amazing results, and bring them to internet with a bang.

Looking for a Website Development Company in Bangalore?


AmitKK Client - Ms. Pooja Aggarwal

The webpage is greatly appreciated by us. AMITKK used expert, effective, and competent workflows to produce a clean and professional platform. Additionally, the team has excellent communication skills and freely offers substitutes for any request and demand. They didn't shy down from correcting our mistakes or giving us a practical timeline.

Ms. Pooja Aggarwal

Owner Hindraj Tea

AmitKK Client - Girish Wadhwa

AMITKK has been a cooperative partner throughout the process and has shown professionalism. They work across several time zones while maintaining a seamless workflow and are straightforward and responsive. They are able to produce on time and on a budget because of their understanding of the project.

Girish Wadhwa

Owner - Deli Chic

AmitKK Client - Debashish Bal

AMITKK has gone above and beyond to further improve the site with additional functionalities and is able to identify and fix issues within it promptly. They are a trustworthy partner because of their ownership, transparency, responsiveness, and dedication to the client's success. Their quick thinking and reaction amazed me.

Debashish Bal

Owner TGOP

AmitKK Client - Prateek Suri

The websites that AMITKK's team helped create significantly increased our ability to generate leads. We like the team's adaptability when modifications were required and the speed with which they were carried out. It's amazing how things get done fast, and there's no delay once the timelines are set.

Prateek Suri

Sales and Marketing Manager

AmitKK Client - Dr. Jacob

We have had a ton of positive feedback from stakeholders because of AMITKK. The team stands out for their diverse skill set, strong interpersonal relationships, and commitment to excellence. They've done a good job overall of satisfying our needs.

Dr. Jacob

Owner - Shadanga

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for Website Development company in Bangalore?

How do you create an e-commerce website in Magento?

Here are outlined series of steps in creating an e-commerce website on Magento. Let us discover what these are:

  • Firstly, you must review the stack requirements of Magento 2. You can view a video tutorial on Google or YouTube for this step.
  • The next step involved is for you to choose a hosting provider. Choose a firm that hosts and supports Magento-friendly sites.
  • Now is the time to install and download the software, namely Magento 2.
  • You can complete an overall configuration for the site.
  • Then, you can upload an apt design for your e-commerce store.
  • Then comes the time for you to review your store’s catalogue. You can include a personalized shopping cart and secured payment gateways and choose web templates that appeal to your users.

You can preview the site and then go live.

How do you develop a static website?

These are the steps you will need to develop a static website. Let us discover what these steps are:

  • You must log in to the website using the credentials of your WordPress Account.
  • Then, this is the next step that is involved. Select ‘Go to Pages.’ Choose Add New.
  • You must then add a title to your web page. You can start creating thumbnails and provide good content for each hyperlink you intend to promote on your site.
  • The next step involved is to ‘Click the blue publish button.’
  • After this, you must choose the option ‘Go to Settings> Reading
  • Under the homepage displays, now is the time to choose a static page. Then, next to the homepage, click on the created new page.

Finally, it would help if you chose ‘Save Changes.

How do you develop a mobile version of the website?

You can develop a mobile responsive site in the following manner:

  • You can choose layouts or templates that support a mobile interface.
  • It would help if you aimed to make images more CSS or HTML-compatible in nature.
  • You can infuse pop-up elements so that you can display your website on a mobile or tab in a flashy manner.
  • You can approach a leading web developer to convert your existing site into a mobile portfolio.

Above all, you can increase the font size of your content to be more readable on a mobile-friendly interface.

How do you develop a bootstrap website?

These are 4 outlined steps by which you develop a website. Let us see what these are:

  • Using Bootstrap's Content Delivery Network: You must choose the type of bootstrap layout concerning its CDN. You can choose whether it is through HTML or any other CSS style.
  • Downloading: You must now download files manually.
  • Import: The files may have to be imported into a bootstrap-compatible snippet. The files are converted into HTML/ CSS.
  • Check whether the file has been converted- This is the last and final step to developing a bootstrap website. You may check whether the files have been uploaded onto the bootstrap website and whether the site is perfectly functional.
How can you create a dynamic website from scratch?

To develop a fully functional and dynamic webpage from scratch, these are the five basic steps you must follow:

  • Designing the Web Page- You must create a visual design for your web page. You can create the homepage links and thumbnails neat and structured manner.
  • Creation of content source- You can create content and backlinks for your website. You must include the 'About us" section if this is a brand's business page. 
  • Adding Informative Content- Under the thumbnails, you must provide informative content. For a business page, you can provide brief snippets on the type of products or services that are part of your brand's niche. For a personal blog, you can create thumbnails under varied lifestyle blog sections.
  • Meta Tags- Once the content is created, you must label the content. It is done by adding tags, meta descriptions, and source links. This way, Google pages can index the contents of your web page in a streamlined manner.
  • Testing- You must test your web page's usability and navigability by opening it repeatedly. You can debug prevalent errors on the page.


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