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WordPress theme is one of the most sought-after services by brands looking to boost their digital presence. WordPress is the leading CMS platform right now and fuels more than 60 million websites or every third website one comes across over the internet. Developing the best WordPress themes is one of the most sought-after works online. Launched in 2003,

WordPress has been widely accepted and used by the developer and SEO community worldwide. You can develop any kind of website using the WordPress framework with almost all the functionalities one might want. Many of the in-built functionalities in WordPress are so well done that developing the same in any other framework will take a lot of time and effort. Not just having a good website, it also has a lot of functionalities for SEO purposes.

Webmasters with a decent knowledge of SEO can work their way around search engine optimization in WordPress websites.

Advantages of WordPress Website

How to install WordPress on cPanel

Setting up WordPress is very easy and has set steps. Hosting providers like Godaddy come with Installatron where you can install WordPress easily by selecting a domain. Simple steps like creating a database, user name, selecting the domain, and then installing WordPress will suffice for you to set up. All necessary files are downloaded and installed on the server with three themes provided for free.

WordPress theme for the small business website does not require a lot of setup as the files come in simple pre-defined packages that easily get installed in one click.

wordpress theme installation

Customizable WordPress Designs

You can customize the designs in WordPress very easily and even switch between themes. Whether designing the slider or the header or even the footer, all parts of the design can be separated into files and customized very easily. You can also use various libraries like Jquery, Bootstrap, Datatables, etc. to develop different design components.

When it comes to WordPress development in Delhi, team AmitKK is the leading name providing customizable designs from scratch.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress is very SEO-friendly thanks to its well-thought structure in its framework. Websites developed in WordPress get ranked comparatively easier than other frameworks. Simple but basic functionalities like providing alt text for images, meta tags for pages and posts through its famous WordPress theme plugin like Yoast, keyword focusing, text analysis, etc. go a long way in getting SEO ranking.

Design Responsive Mobile Sites on WordPress

Every best WordPress theme gives you a fully mobile responsive website. This is mostly due to the bootstrap library that one uses. Mobile responsiveness has taken the top slot in digital marketing as most of the searches are through mobile. Google pays a lot of importance to mobile responsiveness and even highlights whether your website is mobile responsive is or not.

Even in WordPress's theme for small business websites, mobile responsiveness is just because a bigger chunk of traffic comes from mobile now.

WordPress is very easy to use

WordPress is now available as a mobile app and you can create, edit, and publish blogs and pages on the go. You do not have to wait to get in front of you laptop or desktop to make changes to your website. Imagine how much benefits it offers in connecting with your audience when you respond to the comments on a real-time basis irrespective of your location.

WordPress has a strong team to back it up and they keep bringing new features for users. Companies doing WordPress development in Delhi ensure they provide proper server set up to manage these websites on the go.

High Security in WordPress

WordPress comes with high security in its frameworks. You cannot simply do SQL injection in the website or crack the passwords of the admin panel.

You can install Google Recaptcha for logins and also restrict the number of login attempts one can make. This provides extra security for your website.

WordPress website development is one of the best options when it comes to having a highly secure and easy-going digital presence.

Powerful Media Management in WordPress

WordPress has a media management process unmatched by any other framework. When you upload an image, it saves copies of the image in various sizes which are used for various screen sizes. This improves page load speed on small screen sizes as the image shown on laptop screen size will not be used for mobile.

If you want to use a different size for any other purpose or design, you can do the same with the help of a single line of coding in the functions.php file in your theme.

Not just sizes you can also edit the alternate text of these images easily through the admin panel. You can also choose to either store these images as per month and year uploaded if you want. In the WordPress theme for small business websites, efficient media management is required to ensure optimal usage of resources like images.

Easy to Edit

WordPress admin panel allows you to easily add and edit the content of pages and posts through its admin panel. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS makes you the king of WordPress website development and you do not have to worry about anything after this. Even if you don’t know to code, you can edit the text in preview mode. The images for blogs can be easily uploaded and changed.

In short, you can edit almost everything in the admin panel to make changes to the website. Developers doing WordPress development in Delhi set up the admin panel such that the clients are not dependent on them to edit the websites.

Handling Contact Forms

Regular PHP websites require a hell of work to be done in the backend. Setting up database tables, connecting codes to the tables, passing of data mailing the data, validation of data and much more is to be done before the form works properly.

In WordPress, you simply have to install contact form 7 and set up field forms. You can install the Flamingo plugin to store data and get the form going.

WordPress must-have Plugins

You need WordPress plugins for some kind of work for which developing in the customized theme is not really possible. Some of them like Contact Form 7, Yoast, Google Recaptcha, lazy loading, etc. are easily available and for free. You simply have to do a few clicks to download and activate them. They can be deactivated or removed completely easily from the website by few clicks.

Some of the developers doing WordPress development in Delhi tend to use them extensively and should use only the ones they cannot do away with.

wordpress admin panel

Disadvantages of WordPress Website

Frankly, for the kind of website purposes, the WordPress framework is suitable and does not have lots of disadvantages in it. Simply put, you might be stretching your requirement on the wrong platform will be the case. Below points are some fields that require the WordPress team to work on:

Increased Page Load

When you add lots of plugins the page load speed increases drastically. WordPress should come with features that allow them to be loaded on specific pages or components. The current solution to this challenge is to add only the basic ones that are required for your theme.

However, in the WordPress theme for small business websites, only 2-3 must-have plugins like Yoast, and Contact Form -7 are required. Smart businesses can do away with using lots of them if the theme is developed from scratch.

Adding New Functionalities

WordPress is quite restricted in the functionality it provides. In simple words, WordPress is restricted to functionalities like – blogging, and regular pages. These functionalities are very well suited for regular websites not requiring high-end functionalities.

You can use woo-commerce to sell products online. It comes with its own features and restrictions. WordPress theme for affiliate marketing is also readily available which brands can use to tap in the followers of their affiliates

The Plugin Development Process is very weird

It is pretty difficult to develop plugins and most developers are not capable of doing it. You are hence restricted to the ones available in the market, Changing them is very risky as it can get updated and all changes you do get wiped out.

Only a few companies doing WordPress development in Delhi are actually capable of developing a plugin from scratch as it requires a lot of things to be taken care of.

Usage of frontend frameworks

Frontend frameworks like ReactJS can be used in WordPress now through the use of REST PI. Still, it has a long way to go as plugins also need to incorporate these frameworks. Using these frontend frameworks with frameworks like Laravel is very easy as compared to WordPress.

Most of these disadvantages are not so big and can be bypassed by either using a customized theme or electing another framework for high-end functionalities.

Customized themes in WordPress

Why do I need a theme, you may ask as complacency often creeps into the digital world. Getting a customized best of WordPress theme is the best choice one can take. Buying a theme online or changing a theme developed by someone else will have strong ramifications in SEO and digital marketing.

WordPress development provides you with all the scalability options in form of customized themes.

Advantages of a Customized Theme

Highest level of flexibility

Design and develop whatever you want with no fear. You can change the WordPress designs overnight without facing any problems.

Fully Mobile responsive

With the use of bootstrap and its flexibility, the theme can be developed to be fully mobile responsive.

No updating issue

If you use a purchased theme or use a theme designed by someone else and an update comes along. All change you did to the theme gets wiped out. You have an option of using a child theme, but it opens a can of worms itself.

In a customized theme, you have no updates of any kind ever and can make changes without fear of any consequences.

Low page speed

With customized themes, page speed is very high. We have even achieved a page speed of 100!

The reason for this is the limited usage of libraries, using only the required parts of libraries and fewer codes. These things are not seen in purchased themes.

wordpress blogs in languages

Using WordPress with React JS

WordPress can be used with React JS successfully with some minor adjustments. The reason for these adjustments is that the WordPress theme plugin is yet to catch up to these frameworks. Still, the ReactJS WordPress website comes out beautifully with the advantages of both frameworks and is being accepted openly.

Woo-commerce in WordPress

Woo-commerce is crucial in WordPress enabling us to provide e-commerce functionalities in WordPress. The process of installing woo commerce is just like any other plugin. Once installed, we can upload products through the admin panel and make changes like pricing, images, description, inventory, and even shipping charges. Woo-commerce provides almost all kinds of functionality required in typical e-commerce.

Customizing woo-commerce to your existing design is another nightmare. Only a developer doing WordPress development in Delhi for a long time and who knows how to develop customized themes will be capable of doing it. It will also be handy to make a WordPress theme for affiliate marketing as it requires a good knowledge of how UTM codes work which have to be integrated into the themes.

We hope the article has answered the question you have been asking, why do I need a theme? We have tried to explain clearly the advantages of WordPress and why customized themes are your best options. If you are looking to hire a company for WordPress development in Delhi and want a customized theme, do connect with us for this. We assure high performing, fully responsive customized page speed with high page load speed and are also referred to as the best WordPress development agency in Delhi.

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