How to do SEO for Ecommerce Website? How to do SEO for Ecommerce Website?

How to do SEO for Ecommerce Website?

Getting a good ecommerce website is one things but getting it ranked on SEO is another thing. After setting up the website, you will look forward to get your products ranked on specific keywords for sale. Ecommerce website SEO requires a more comprehensive approach but the basics of SEO remain same. You have to do almost the same kind of work like in any regular website, it’s just that the scope of work increases by few notches.

Let’s look at things you need to ensure your SEO is in right direction for your ecommerce website.

Website Optimisation

Ensure that the website is bug free and gives a good user experience. The user should have a good shopping experience and be hassle free. The website should have high page speed, along with image optimisation, lazy loading. You can check the website at Google’s page speed tool and make changes accordingly.

Do check out for mobile responsiveness as more than 80% of searches take place through mobile.

Keyword Research for Ecommerce Website

You need to finalise the keywords carefully and can even connect with a good SEO agency for the work. Finalise keywords for each product separately along with LSI keywords. These keywords will be used for internal linking on website for SEO purpose.

Content Optimization for Ecommerce Website

Create well researched content for each product that explains the benefits and usage of the products clearly. The content on pages should be unique and easy to read. You can break the product content into short description, long description and excerpt and use them judiciously.

Some of the pointers to keep in mind are:

Length of the content should be at least 1000 words for search engines to index them easily.

The primary keyword should appear 3-5 times in the content after every 200 words in a very harmonious manner.

Use LSI keywords after every 100 words sprinkled and not stuffed.

Action points like Buy Now, Add to Cart should be easily and clearly available for users to proceed further.

Highlight the USP of the products to bring the focus of the user and make a purchase decision.

URL Optimization and Internal Linking

The URL of each page should be carefully planned with no capital letters, alphabets in them. Place link for these URLs in your blogs and pages to ensure link juice flows smoothly. Try to keep the URL as short and meaningful as possible.

Image Optimisation

Images are key parts of websites and ecommerce pages have multiple images or each product which make them heavy to load. If you are using platforms like Laravel, you can optimise thumbnails using Library like Image Intervention to create small thumbnails that load easily.

Create Categories and Tags

Create relevant categories and tags that help users in their shopping purchase. It also helps you to target new and different keywords. You can also add content on these pages

Off page for Ecommerce Website

Focus on creating high quality backlinks for the products by using off-page SEO techniques. Backlinks form a big source to get you SEO ranking and traffic. Look for opportunities to get these backlinks through guest blogging, partnerships, affiliate marketing and any other method possible.

Ensure that the website you are building backlink on has high DA, PA and low spam score. Doing on sites that have high spam score can adversely affect your SEO score and should be avoided. If you have already created such poor backlinks in past, simply ask Google to remove them from indexing.

Use Online Tools

Online tools help you to analyse the website easily and at depths that are generally missed by developers and SEO experts. These online tools further help you to understand competition activities, the keywords they are getting ranked on among other things. These online tools are available for free or a monthly subscription fee.

You can try out Screaming Frog software that comes with free and paid versions. It can analyse up to 500 words on free version and give you pretty good highlights.

If you have a good marketing budget, do try SEM rush that gives you a much more detailed insight into website SEO. SEM rush might look like expensive at first but it’s worth the money in long run when it comes to SEO.

How does AmitKK help you?

We have the best SEO team for ecommerce website development in Delhi who can get your website ranked easily. Our team of SEO experts follow carefully laid down white hat SEO process to ensure you get ranking on the targeted keywords. Our team of content writers create well researched and articulated content for ecommerce website that makes users read through the product pages.

If you are looking for an ecommerce SEO agency, feel free to connect with us. We commit guaranteed ranking in 3-4 months on targeted keywords.

Feel free to use images in our website by simply providing a source link to the page they are taken from.


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