What are the main Digital Marketing Tools? What are the main Digital Marketing Tools?

What are the main Digital Marketing Tools?

Digital marketing requires a lot of work to be done in various fields and you will need lots of tools to help you. Without these tools getting the desired result may not only be tricky but can also be impossible. Each digital marketing tool has its specific purpose and needs to be selected optimally. In digital marketing having the right set of tools can make lots of difference and give you an edge over your competition. They also help you save time and effort to do stuff that can take days at a stretch. These tools leverage technology beautifully to give you insights that might not be possible to the naked eye. Digital marketing tools can be classified into below categories.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing forms a key part of digital marketing and every client has accounts on 4-5 of these platforms. Handling them can be sometimes hectic and this is where social media tools come in handy. They help you to schedule your social media posts with captions, and hashtags along with providing insights into the performance.

Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite help you in social media by scheduling and also measuring insights of these posts. Instead of logging in to different accounts and posting them manually, you can simply connect your account to these tools and schedule them at your convenience. With posting your communication out of the way for let’s say next 10 days or so you can now focus on promoting your page and account further.Get high-quality leads with social media marketing.

Graphic Design Tools

In digital marketing, we need graphics on regular basis to create infographics, social media posts, image submissions, and cover images for different accounts. These images convey your brand communication and help you in maintaining a uniform presence digitally.

Adobe by far has the best designing tools with Photoshop and illustrator leading the way. Photoshop helps you to manipulate images while illustrator helps you to manipulate shapes. Using these tools requires graphic designing skills and you need to have experience in using them. They also come at a subscription cost which can be pretty expensive.

If you are not technically comfortable with these tools, you can also use Canva which helps you in designing some basic designs. It will be very unfair to compare Canva and adobe tools for the level of graphics results both can give.

Analytics Tools

Digital marketing tools help you in analyzing your website and its performance in SEO and come in very handy to give you detailed data to make the right marketing decisions. Getting results without these tools can be very tricky and you will miss out on the insights. You need to analyze your and your competitor’s digital marketing performance to make cross corrections. There are a host of analytic tools available and can be expensive depending on the services they provide.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide analytics tools where you can even download the complete data dump in excel format to do your filtering.

Google Analytics and search console are other free tools that help you in understanding the traffic, and ranking among other data. You need to set them up on your website by simply copy-pasting the codes on a website.

Page speed insight tools provide you with data regarding the page speed of the URL along with recommendations to improve them. Page speed is a crucial component when it comes to SEO ranking and user experience.

Screaming frog is yet another tool that analyses your website for up to 500 pages for free. From missing alt tags to headings to duplicate Meta tags, the tool gives you a good insight to remove errors.

Some more tools that you can look to subscribe to are SEMrush, Ahref, keywords anywhere, and more.

Communication Tools

You would want to connect with users and maybe let them know about a new offer or campaign you are running. Communication tools for Email marketing, SMS, and WhatsApp are available on a per-user basis. Mail chimp is a handy tool for Email marketing services you might need. You can communicate with up to 2000 users for free and can select a package as per your requirement.

SMS and WhatsApp marketing tools are also available. Simply send small communication tools to your users and boost your sales. Feel free to connect with us for any of these services and we shall be happy to oblige.

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