Laravel development company in Gurgaon

Laravel development company in Gurgaon

Launched in 2011, Laravel is an open source PHP framework that helps build powerful and beautiful websites. The websites developed in Laravel follow the Model View Controller (MVC) to keep the code very well structured making it easy to maintain in future. The websites developed in Laravel are highly scalable as the framework itself is very stable. If you are looking for a Laravel development company in Gurgaon, this is where your search ends.

What we build in Laravel Framework

Ecommerce Website development

We can create e commerce websites very easily in Laravel with detailed back end panels for product updating, report creation, cart system and everything else that is required in an ecommerce website. This can be further be connected with a frontend framework like React JS to give that wow effect.

Laravel Custom web Designs

Laravel supports custom web designs through frameworks like bootstrap easily. You can decide on any kind of UI design for your website, and it will work beautifully with Laravel.

Support and future maintenance

Maintenance of website in Laravel is a cake walk. Simply copy the codes in your local system and migrate the database. With simple steps, the same website gets easily deployed on local system of your tech team. If you are looking to make changes on live server, you can do this easily by doing the same in respective files.

No compiling needed no changes or updating anywhere else, the website changes take place easily.

Blog website

Laravel can be used to create blogs very easily. Blogs on Laravel can be further integrated on any website.

Laravel based mobile App development

Laravel can be easily used for developing the backend of the mobile app. If you get the website also developed in Laravel, the same codes can then be replicated in the app too. This reduces the cost, effort and time of development drastically.

Easy migration to Laravel from your present website

If you are operating a website in any other technology and would like to scale it up, Laravel is the framework to be used for website development. Your website can be replicated easily through speedy and code efficient Laravel development retaining or not the same designs and features.

Big Projects in Laravel

Big projects get easily developed in Laravel with complete control, clarity and future considerations. Highly ideal for developing big projects, Laravel makes the codes less fizzy for future maintenance. This is a big point of concern when the development project gets over and for some reason the Laravel developer is not working for you anymore. Any other developer with fair idea of the framework can easily understand the mechanism behind it and take it further ahead for you.

Projects done in Laravel

FGSI, Study Spectrum, India Enigma, Globus Remedies, Car diagnose,

Languages and platforms we work in

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React JS and Native

Laravel development company

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Website development company in Gurgaon


Advantages of Laravel

Faster Development

Laravel facilitates rapid website development like no other framework in market. With set commands in its artisan, the development bypasses all headaches and confusions that plagued website development before Laravel development came in picture.

Just a hint of how rapid the website development takes place in Laravel:

  • The whole Authentication system (read – Register, login, forgot password, reset password) gets built with a one liner code.
  • The database is written in files with easy migration options.
  • Email functionality gets developed in let’s say 10 minutes of work.
  • No session, header, configuration issue anywhere that caused a lot of problems earlier.
  • Middleware are easy to design and manipulate. For example - to check if the user is right one or not

There is lot more than this when you get to the website development in Laravel that makes you dump the earlier hard coded PHP coding.

Wide range of functionalities

Laravel comes with a ton of functionalities to make development easy and smooth. Whatever may be the nature of project, it’s too easy when you use the framework of Laravel for development. You can possible develop anything that you want on Laravel and yet retain the advantages of PHP minus many of its challenges.

Easy maintenance

Once developed, the codes are well structured in the MVC format. This makes it very easy to maintain the website without having to do the entire website again. Be it changing images, text or adding new functionalities, everything comes so easily when development happens in Laravel.

Safe, secure website

Laravel places important focus on cross site attacks though its CSR module. CSRF stops cyber-attacks by generating special codes which cannot be bypassed though SQL injection as normally happens with other websites.

With Laravel development, your website is very safe and secure.

Easy combination with frontend frameworks

Laravel can be easily combined with other frontend frameworks like React JS, Vue, Angular etc. This gives you an edge in your digital presence

Increased speed of development and reduced cost

Compared to any other framework or language, Laravel website development takes place at lightning speed and before you know, your website is ready. This increased sped of development reduces the cost of project drastically. You can expect a reduction in time of delivery by 40% and cost by more than 60% when website gets developed in Laravel.

What else with Laravel

Laravel can be used with React JS to create awesome websites that have cut edge functionalities. It can be used with React Native to make apps that have all kind of functions in it.

If you are looking for Laravel Development Company in Gurgaon, do feel free to connect with us.

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