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React JS development is the current blue-eyed boy in the world of website development.

Don’t believe it?

Try hiring a react developer in Gurgaon, and you would understand how hard it is to hire one with experience. Hiring will seem far-fetched; getting a reasonably sound react developer for your project will be difficult.

React, a UI library focuses on developer and user experience by providing high performance. The conception of React from the start was to help developers write permanent and safe code.

React has revolutionized the world of web development, with over 32 thousand websites built on it. Some brands that use them include Apple, PayPal, and Netflix.

React is the future of website development, and you need to check whether your website uses this technology or not.

How did React Development Begin?

Necessity is the mother of invention, and the same mother gave birth to React JS and React Native. They can be considered twins as the core working principles are the same behind them.

With Facebook growing by leaps and bounds, the engineers faced the need to improve the user experience. With the amount of data (read Photos, videos, messages, and all that people post) on the system, they had to build a high performing dynamic UI. This was when they came up with React JS and Native.

There has been no stopping since then, and react has grown multifold with new features added on a regular basis.

Advantages of React

Since React uses virtual DOM, the page renders very smoothly using less time. This improves the user experience and SEO results. The data gets shown in real-time without the need for the page to reload. On Facebook, when you like a post, the number increases immediately without having the page to reload.

That’s React for you in a nutshell.

Users and developers need not worry about the lazy loading of icons on the page, nor do they need to blame the hosting or the internet provider for slow speeds. Some of the advantages of using react are:

  • Highly improved user experience
  • Stable code as data flows in one direction
  • Easy availability of react and redux tools for development
  • High productivity rate and easy maintenance
  • String backing by Facebook and coding community

Can I use Wordpress with React?

Absolutely yes! You can have the best of both worlds, and we can help you with that.

Using Wordpress and react, you can still use the awesome admin panel, blog system, and the woo commerce system of Wordpress. Wordpress as CMS and React as frontend is a good combination for small to medium businesses that are not looking for high functionality in the websites.

What is possible in React and Wordpress combination?

  • Regular pages of any design
  • Complete blog system
  • Forms and mails
  • Woo commerce plug-in and functionalities
  • Yoast SEO plug-in and functionalities
  • And more

If you are looking for extended functionalities like sign up and log in, user-based actions and inputs the combination of Wordpress and react is not advisable due to limitations of Wordpress itself.

Projects developed in React

All the below projects have a detailed admin panel with key features like Blog systems, authentication system and SEO tools in it. With the SEO tool, the webmaster can change the Meta tags very easily.

1. India Enigma

The travel-based web portal has React JS as frontend and Laravel as backend. It has a detailed admin Panel with functionalities like Authentication System, Blog system, pages creation and updating among others. Made in a month, the website ranks on 300+ keywords.

2. Study Spectrum

This educational website can be the pride of any react developer. It has a test series module with a detailed admin panel. Some of the features include Profile creation and updating, lots of filters, and a video panel.

3. Car Diagnose

This react, and Laravel based website was built in record 15 days. It has functionalities like custom rate card design, blog and Authentication system.

4. Amitkk

This website, too is made using React JS and Laravel frameworks. With a detailed admin panel that captures, creates and edits everything required for the website.

Are you looking for an expert and experienced React JS developer to design your website? If yes, your search ends right here!

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Why hire me for React development?

  • Unique Frontend
  • Quick delivery
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Delivery as promise
  • SEO Approach
  • Good Coding
  • Long term approach
  • Honesty

We keep the aesthetics fresh and unique, keeping the colors and fonts of your brand in mind.

React for bigger Projects

React is highly suitable for big projects for the “Single Page Application” way of handling things. Combine React JS with Laravel and you have a very good system to build anything you want. With React JS, the development process works very fast and you see modules getting developed at an incredible pace.

If you are looking to hire a react development company in Gurgaon, we are the best fit. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements.