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Code Brevity

Handling websites made from different developers over the years I have observed them to use incest amount of codes and libraries. This is primarily done to get the work done in shortest amount of time possible without any thoughts on its consequences.

Why code brevity is important for website development?

Lower page speed: The website files take time to download from the server and then they take time to parse the codes. This reduces the page speed drastically. You see those annoying downloading icons that seem to take an infinite of time and patience?

More usage of bandwidth: Heavier the file, more bandwidth it will use. This will impact the server and its response time. If you are looking to serve a fairly good number of users at a time, this is highly unadvisable.

Poor user experience: Users have very little to no patience when it comes to surfing on net. Excessive coding makes users wait for the website to get loaded and functions to work on every step. This gives a poor user experience casting grave doubts of the website development processes followed.

Poor SEO results: Poor website structure and responses is taken very seriously by Google. As a consequence, the SEO ranking gets impacted very badly. Google has a huge list of websites to serve and surely you must be facing competition too.

I make sure that only the minimal amount of codes is used to get the work done. Not the complete library of modules required for website development but parts of it are used.

I have seen websites with more than 30, 000 CSS codes of line and god knows how many of the JavaScript lines are used in websites.

After I redeveloped the same website from scratch, the lines of codes came down to less than 3000!

Best designs:

I keep the designs of the website fresh and unique. Being a graphics designer goes a long way in website development considering the images used. Not just the images but a good understanding of colors, fonts, aesthetics and structure give an edge.

My website designs are determined by the sector the brand is in along with the logo colors. The whole design is kept homogeneously uniform and holds the website together.

An eye on CTA (Call to Action) is also kept as this is what drives the sales and conversions. You will notice my CTAs to be bright and standing apart from the whole website design.

Mobile responsiveness:

Mobile responsiveness has occupied the central stage in digital marketing. The websites designed by me are 100% mobile responsive and also appear light on mobiles. Use of bootstrap comes more than handy in this and in fact developing a website without bootstrap is unimaginable for me.

More than 80% of searches are through mobiles.


Every idea starts small and then scales to its potential and beyond. Having worked in the digital space long enough, I know that a website requires room for scaling up mostly. I ensure that the design and the structure of the website are kept flexible enough for the scalability factor in future.

  • Best coding practices: I follow the best coding practices to ensure that they have.
  • Maintainability: to maintain in future and make changes as required.
  • Ruggedness: that the codes are not misused and tested thoroughly for the errors.
  • Efficiency: Fast enough to give a delightful user experience.
  • Flexibility: The website should be open for all kind of changes and addition of new functionalities and features.

Digital marketing perspective:

Your website and the SEO efforts are aligned for one thing only, digital marketing and though which sales. Throughout the process of website development, digital marketing is kept in center.

  • How will a user eyes trace through the website?
  • What are the calls to actions and have they been placed properly?
  • How will a user get a quick connect to webmaster?

These questions are asked and answered while developing the website.

What language and platform do I advise for website development?

Small websites: For small websites like a blogging website, I advise wordpress.

Wordpress has a very good content management system (CMS) which gives the users a lot of backend functionalities. Developing the functionalities in a custom way increases the effort, cost and delivery time which is not advisable.

I would also advice wordpress – woo commerce for e-commerce websites especially when they are starting new. Once the website starts generating you revenue or you get funded, go for other technologies.

I develop wordpress themes from scratch and do not use a plugin like – elementor for website development

Big Projects: For big projects, I would advise React JS as frontend and laravel as backend. React and laravel are one of the best combinations possible. Considering the amount of work being done on them and the teams behind them, it is highly suitable for big projects offering you as much customization you might need.

This website too is developed with React JS and laravel