What is the Best Web Development Platforms? What is the Best Web Development Platforms?

What is the Best Web Development Platforms?

There is no perfect website development platform as everything depends on your requirement. Finding the right one that suits you is a challenge and can be a real mind-bender if you are not technically sound. There are lots of web development languages and frameworks out there and we are only going to touch on some major ones that are ideal for website development. The choice of the platform is also decided by the objective you want to achieve. You may want a website to simply display static information, a blogging site, an eCommerce site, or simply an admin panel.Find the complete guide about best web development platforms.

Open Source Web Development Tools

Fast Development

You would want to select a framework that is superfast in development. Single-page application websites have this kind of capability as the components to be used in the website can be reused as many times as required. Normally the speed of development is closely associated with the cost too.

Scope for SEO

The website should have all the features one needs to do. You must be able to add Meta tags and scope for preloading images among other features.

Any website or framework that does not have this scope, can be considered garbage and dropped immediately without further discussions.

Scalability and Customization

The framework should have room for scalability and customization easily. It should allow a developer to add and edit functionalities to the website with ease. This is crucial for a long-run perspective as a website goes through lots of changes in the long run.

Easy Maintenance

The website should be easy to maintain and changes should not take lots of effort to get executed. Mostly the languages and frameworks have these capabilities.

With broad guidelines in place, let’s look at some of the web development platforms on these parameters with their advantages and disadvantages.


It is one of the best web development platforms and powers every third website in the world.

WordPress is easy to develop and maintain with the best blogging system. It has a very good SEO system and gets you ranked comparatively much easier. SEO of WordPress-based websites is very easy to

WordPress is good for static websites, blogging systems, and small e-commerce websites. It cannot be used for multi-vendor e-commerce websites or a system that requires users to log in for functions.

However, it has limitations in terms of scalability. Although you can create plugins for any kind of functionalities, the whole process of creating one is too tedious. You can customize the website to some extent and this gets restricted in the eCommerce section.

Node JS

Node JS is used for the backend system and can be clubbed with any JavaScript-based frontend framework can be used with it. Some of the most popular ones for the front end are React JS, Vue JS, and Angular JS. The three frontend frameworks are mostly similar give or take and have the same kind of outputs as they all are based on JavaScript.

You can build almost anything with Node JS and the user experience too is very good.

It’s easy and fast to develop using JS-based frameworks but the maintenance can be a bit difficult. The whole website needs to be built on the local system and then placed on the server for it to work.

Unlike JS-based, PHP-based frameworks are easy to maintain as the whole website does not have to be pre-built. You just have to replace the concerned file and things will work smoothly.

The SEO of JS-based frameworks is pretty poor as they lack server-side rendering. This is a serious gap in these frameworks that make you think twice before using them. Developers and clients do not know this aspect of the website making them choose these frameworks. Even if one achieves server-side rendering somehow in the JS frameworks, search engines find them hard to index properly.


Laravel is PHP’s most successful and celebrated framework that is growing daily. It is one of the best web development platforms.You can design anything and everything while using third-party libraries like Tailwind, Alpine, and many more. It has no drawbacks like JS frameworks and gets you ranked easily on search engines.

Laravel ranks well on all the key features discussed at the start like scalability, customization, SEO, development, and maintenance. From single vendor to multi-vendor e-commerce, you can develop and scale.

However, Laravel may not be suitable for static websites unless you are planning to take it big. Laravel is ideal for big projects as so should be used.

These are the three big frameworks one should ideally use.

To summarise, for static and small projects, use WordPress.

For big projects use Node JS and Laravel with the choice of going towards Laravel for the advantage of SEO it provides.

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