Ecommerce Web Designs – 5 Must Know Layouts to Hook your Customers Ecommerce Web Designs – 5 Must Know Layouts to Hook your Customers

Ecommerce Web Designs – 5 Must Know Layouts to Hook your Customers

Many people think if the business is not online, it will not exist soon. On the other hand, there is a saying, " Don't judge the book by its cover or look appealing. But, it is the best, or you can say the primary strategy to hook more customers. In this regard, many eCommerce sites are also using good website design to make customers stop and gaze.

According to the report, it is found that around 75% of website reliability comes from the design of the website. Upon that, around 66% of the consumers look for the site design whether it is attractive. Overall, it is not wrong to say that the design of the website matters a lot if a business wants to increase its sales and earn a high profit.

However, if you look at another figure regarding website design, it is found that 38% of the website visitors don't visit that site having poor design again. The same logic goes for eCommerce websites, and almost every business is looking for an eCommerce platform to attract clients.

So, if you want to hook your customer then and there, what could be better than having a perfect layout for the website? Now let's discuss some of the best layouts of the eCommerce website from which you can choose the best according to your requirements.

But before we come directly to the layout, first, you have to understand what eCommerce website designs are and learn more about the best eCommerce PHP script.

The website design is all about what users will perceive when they land on the site. The design combines various tangible elements like shapes, types, colors, texture, negative space, and much more. Overall, you can say the best website developer will design and develop a site that shows aesthetic essence. Apart from that, they also have to ensure the site is stable and accessible.

Best layouts for eCommerce Website Development: -

Static Website Layout

The name of this layout tells the whole story of how it will look means it is immovable. This is this eCommerce website, and the browser width does not change means it remains constant. This layout is also called a fixed layout.

However, the content of this type of website is very difficult to read on tablets and smartphones, which means the user has to zoom in to read it. In addition to that, each page of this website has unique content, which becomes quite challenging to manage by the designer. Moreover, the loading time of this site is faster compared to dynamic website design. Overall, it is a cost-effective website designed to generate corporate awareness rather than facilitating online buying facilities.

Responsive Website Layout

The main aim of the eCommerce development company is to develop responsive website design to understand user behavior and also needs. However, the best part of this design is that it changes its resolution and dimensions with every other device the user is viewing. Overall, you can say it is an adaptable design which is quite famous these days.

Additionally, the website's content also changes with a resolution, for example, if your website has four columns on the landing page. If you zoom in, outer columns will be removed, and all the columns will appear like magic if you zoom out.

Dynamic Website Layout

Dynamic layout design needs special web scripting codes and for this, learn more about the best eCommerce PHP script to make it attractive and impressive. That means the web pages with dynamic layouts are made in real time by the designers. However, there is a database for the dynamic site that collects all the mandatory information. That's why this website's designer also needs to change a record to make the necessary changes.

If you talk about the content, it can be inserted by multiple users. The best part is when content is inserted on the pages, and the layout will not get damaged. Overall, you can say this layout is both convenient and saves a lot of time.

Fluid or Liquid Website Layout

Water indeed takes the shape of anything in which it is poured. The same concept goes with this website layout called Fluid or liquid. However, it is pretty similar to a responsive layout, which means it can be viewed on any of the gadgets. Apart from that, this liquid layout keeps the same interface by reducing its size for different devices. When designers start their development, they first start from the mobile version, and then they eventually increase the dimensions for laptops and desktops.

So, this is another wise option for an eCommerce website designs.

Adaptive Website Layout

As the name suggests, adaptive it easily adapts with every device, and the layout is designed with the help of pixels so that the user interface can be resized. In addition to that, if you talk about this design besides content rest of the interface changes automatically when viewed from one device to another.

Apart from that, this layout takes less time to design as compared to responsive sites and can create problems while doing in-width breakpoints.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the best layouts for eCommerce website designs that can help various businesses to hook customers. As you know, the trends of digital marketing are on the top, so there is no better time than now to select the best layout for your eCommerce website development. Take your business to a new height and learn more about the best eCommerce PHP script.

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