How to Improve B2b Website Conversion Rates? How to Improve B2b Website Conversion Rates?

How to Improve B2b Website Conversion Rates?

Do you pay the much-needed attention to your website conversation rates? Not every visitor who visits your website converts. This way, you not only lose the leads but miss revenue too. This is when you need the services of a B2B company to grow with rapid speed and generate more leads.

Most B2B companies rely on their websites to generate more leads and turn them into successful sales. The firms work closely and develop some marketing strategies which will help in driving conversions fast. A B2B website must be optimized well to gain a good amount of conversions, without this the growth of the firm is slow and directionless.

Being a B2B firm you must be aware of the fact that gaining conversions is not always a cakewalk. The buyers are a group of company stakeholders who need to take a joint decision. Helping them with all the required information and turning them into a business can be quite expensive sometimes.

According to a few studies conducted by Redeye and E consultancy, the average website conversion rate may range somewhere between 2.5% to 7%. Nearly half of the firms getting their websites optimized are not satisfied with the growth and conversions and more than 25% are happy with their well-planned strategies, websites, and good conversions.

Now, with the present situation, how to improve your B2B website conversion rates? is a big question for every B2B firm aspiring to get better at their business.

The answer is short: The strategy you choose should be

  • Suitable for multiple platforms.
  • Needs to be multi-faceted
  • Regularly tested for better improvements.

Let us have a detailed discussion and decode the complete strategy.

Answering the key questions

Answering the key questions about your industry and the services you provide is one of the best ways to improve the conversion rate. Consult your sales department to find out the most commonly asked questions (FAQs) about your firm and the services it provides. Targeting these questions in marketing like social media posts, blogs, and newsletters is the easiest method.

B2B lead generation strategy

How does this work?

The businesses that are familiar with the firm and services can be persuaded to go for it once they have all their questions answered. This act will prove your credibility and encourage more business too.
Find prospective clients and give them all the information they want to know. Assuage all the objections raised in the course of the sale. Give them the pros of your business and highlight the offers.
Email marketing works magically and can generate many leads to help you with your business. Experts believe and rely on this for real and organic conversions.

Good content strategy

This pro method is neglected by a few B2B companies, bringing very few leads. Strategic use of content is the most popular tool to generate leads for B2B firms. It covers different buyers in the respective industries and helps them choose the right product or services provided by the firm. Though many firms believe that this tool will work wonders for them only 30% of them saw this work like magic to improve their conversions and generate good leads.

How to strengthen your content game?

1. Find the “unicorn content”: Start finding the apt content in your website that attracts more traffic and replicate it. Such content is referred to as unicorn content. Searching your niche in social media and finding out engaging content, having an eye on competitor’s websites and social media are few good ideas to find the Unicorn content and get the best out of it.
2. The content on the B2B Website must be dynamic. The content on All the pages related should change based on the viewer’s interests, this gives a personalized experience to the user. The content can be made dynamic in the form of pop-ups, product recommendations, content recommendations, and help the website give a personalized experience to the user. Dynamic content is the future of marketing according to many marketing officers.

Optimizing the call of action

Call of action (CTA) is a propulsive and motivating word, phrase, or sentence on a page like a register now, buy here, etc. The main aim of CTA is to encourage users to complete the required action right now. This helps in many conversions and businesses if strategized well.
When you are planning to improve the conversions through your website, CTA is a very essential aspect to get your job done.

How does an ideal CTA look?

• For the B2B company website the ideal CTA should be commanding and short.
• The CTA must incite a sense of urgency in the visitor to perform that action
• Convey the B2B companies offer with fewer words but eye-catchy design.
• Smart placement of the tab and good words can give you many conversions.
• CTA must be easy to find.
• Optimize your CTA for mobile usage
• Identify the thumb zones: these are the points where the people commonly reach while scrolling a page. Finding these zones and optimizing the CTA accordingly will give you good results.

Your CTA may be doing a very great job in getting good conversions, but there may be a lot more potential too. You should take time and create several CTA options and test them to get the best version for your website. This will help you get the highest conversion rate consistency from your website.

Good choice of words and correct placement will be an add-on and help you generate leads and succeed.

Testing the user experience

Taking the role of the user and finding improvements on your website makes it easier to improve the website. Start your experience by finding the website in google search or through the “sales add” you recently posted on social media. This will help you analyze your website thoroughly and find the loose ends and mend them all way to get great conversions.

This exercise will bring your attention to the processes that may work better and develop a potential website experience for the client. You can also perform the test with some set of participants and note down the area where your website lags.

Replying to real-time customers and clarifying their queries will give you a good picture of how your website is doing from the customer's perspective and also make a note of the obstacles they face to improve the experience.

user experience for B2B sales conversion

We must pay attention to

Below are the few pages and aspects you need to pay attention to while performing the user experience test.

• homepage
• Sales letter pages
• Testimonial pages
• Landing pages
• Product pages

These are known to be the most visited pages by the customer before completing any sale

Hotjar application is a great tool to get feedback from the customers and help you improve the experience.
There is much automation software for marketing like Salesforce which offers progressive profiling and minimizes the additional fields that a potential customer must fill. Many customers back out when they see a lot of data being asked, so it's very important to confine the questions to the most important ones and get the basic information for better conversions and a user-friendly website.

The Re-marketing method

Consistent testing and remarketing are proven tools to improve the lead conversion process. B2B companies rely on these to reach their monthly lead conversion goals and achieve them with ease.
When you have a solid list of all the potential leads you can plan a remarketing campaign. This campaign targets the clients who have already visited your site and love to get updates from your business.
Research by noted online marketing agencies has shown us outstanding results while following this method for improving the B2B website conversion rate. The click-through rate of the retargeting ads is much higher than the normal ads. Conversion probability increases as the customer already have good knowledge about the firm, product ad services. Customers even get the personalized feeling when they are being reminded about the happenings and the offers, we provide them.

Few more tips to master the remarketing method:

Below are a few strategies that will help you with the remarketing of your website, product, and services.

Google ads search
• Email drip campaign
• Separate landing pages and new letter subscriptions for remarketing customers.

A/B testing helps a lot to do remarketing. Doing the test with help of Google Analytics works. You can create multiple audiences for remarketing and run many related campaigns for them.
AdRoll, Perfect Audience, and retargeted are some suggested solutions for your social media remarketing.

B2B sales conversion strategy and resource allocation strategy

So by the end of this write-up, we have a good idea of how to improve a B2B website conversion rates.

We can conclude that the best method to convert leads is to know your customers and put them first in your business to grow. Answering the key questions helps you connect with your customers and give them a good insight into your business. Content strategy helps you get the best content that the client would love to read and know more about the products and the business. Optimizing the call of action helps the client browse through and directly reach the desired page and complete the transaction. Testing the user experience will help you make your website more user-friendly and remarketing will get back the customers who are already interested in the business.

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