How do you optimize a CPC campaign How do you optimize a CPC campaign

How do you optimize a CPC campaign

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most essential components of any digital marketing strategy employed by brands everywhere. However, questions like how a productive Cost per Click is calculated? still haunts businesses that are launching their PPC campaigns without the guidance of any PPC Services India.

The solution to the issue of how a productive cost per click is computed is most emphatically not a major search engine such as Google or a consortium of such search engines. Actually, the solution to this issue may be found in a short analysis of PPC principles. So, without further ado, let's get this analysis started.

What is the Cost per Click (CPC) for PPC Campaigns?

One thing you should be fully aware of while launching a PPC campaign is that you will be charged every time someone clicks on one of your PPC advertisements. However, you may choose a maximum price for a keyword that you are prepared to spend. Depending on the keyword's purpose and importance to your business, you can raise or reduce your offer. All in all, the cost per click (CPC) is the amount you pay for each click, based on the keywords you've selected to bid on.

What is the difference between the Maximum price of CPC and its actual price?

Remember that the maximum cost per click (CPC) that you select for a keyword does not correspond to the actual cost that you will pay for that term. You simply have to spend the bare minimum to go through the Ad Rank restrictions and overtake the Ad Rank of the rival directly behind you.

But first, let's clear up any misunderstandings concerning CPC's prices. To begin, you need to be aware of three distinct types of PPC advertising prices.

Maximum CPC: The maximum price of a bid for a key price that the advertiser is willing to pay per click. This price is set in the ads accounts of the platform on which the advertiser intends to launch his PPC campaign.

Average CPC:  This is basically the average cost per click incurred. In other words, the total cost charged for the clicks is divided by the total number of clicks. 

Actual CPC: This price is the actual amount you pay for a click.

Here's How You Can Determine Your Actual CPC

Search engines do not show adverts for every inquiry, but when the engines detect that a query has a commercial purpose, an auction occurs as soon as the user enters their query. This auction determines the Ad rank in search engine result pages or the location of your as the specific platform.

Although the formula below may be used to determine the actual price of a CPC for a PPC campaign, understanding the elements stated in the formula that impact CPC, is required to design a successful PPC campaign.

What is Quality Score?

Quality Score demonstrates how relevant the landing page experience is to consumers. This relevance affects the cost per click for the PPC campaign and the rank in which the ads will be displayed in the result pages of the search. Advertisers do not view an ad's real Quality Score, although Google does display an external Quality Score ranging from 1 (poor) to 10 (great) at the keyword level in Google Ads. When the Quality Score improves, the cost-per-click (CPC) and/or average position may decrease.

Google looks at the following three parameters while assessing the Quality Score of a landing page:

  1. Expected click-through rate: This rate indicates how likely a person is to click on the ad.
  2. Relevance of the ad to the queries that are made in the context same as your ad. The ad wording should clearly connect to the user's search.
  3. The effectiveness of landing pages in answering the user's queries: Is the user-led to a page that offers the query's solution, and if so, does that page deliver the solution while also maintaining a pleasant user experience?

What is Ad Rank?

The position of your ad on a particular paid search results page is referred to as its ad rank. The higher the position, the better the Ad Rank. The top ad spot is awarded to the ad with the highest Ad Rank.

Ad rank is a mathematical number that reflects your ad position and whether or not your ad will appear at all for a search.

If your ad appears second, your ad rank for that particular search is number two.

Here is the equation to reflect the Ad rank of an Advertisement in SERPs:

Ad Rank = Ad quality score x Maximum CPCx Expected Impact of Ad Extensions

Businesses generally outsource their campaigns to agencies and focus on the core domain. You can connect with the most recognized PPC Experts in India who will manage your PPC campaigns with an intelligent, results-driven approach.

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