How do I Promote My Blog on Social Media? How do I Promote My Blog on Social Media?

How do I Promote My Blog on Social Media?

Are you new to blogging? Not sure how to promote and increase your blog’s reach on social media? Read on to find interesting insights and expert tips to help promote your blogs on social media and gain popularity. For beginners in the social media blogging space, these could be your ultimate success mantra.

Why is Social Media The Key to Increased Blog Traffic?

Social media is the buzzword for quite some time now and it is here to stay and grow. With more and more population joining social platforms each day, there is no way you can turn a blind eye to the power of social media. Marketers, business owners, and small and large enterprises promote anything and everything today on social media to capture their target audience from the larger online population.

With social media, you can break geographical barriers. Sitting on your laptop in one country, you can reach any part of the world in no time. That is the potential of social media. It is also cost-effective compared to other promotional channels. For something like a blog, which is anyway virtual or digital by nature, it makes even more sense to utilize social media for promotion. It is simpler, relevant, and quite useful as your TG is the online readers who reside right there on these social media.  

Therefore, it is very important to have social media strategy in place to increase the reach of your blog and boost the traffic to your blog or web page. Now, let’s understand the various ways how you can effectively use social media in your favor.

Here are Some Quick Hacks to Make Your Blog go Viral

Use your accounts on social media to increase traffic: Once you write your blog, you must share it across all possible social platforms that you can. Your followers can help you increase traffic to your blog. If they like your content, you might even turn them into your loyal followers and with the help of them, you can further expand your reach to their social network by reposting/resharing your blog. 

Interesting & Useful Content: If you know the social media platforms well, you must know it is all about what you offer, and how attractive you can make it. In such a huge online population with so much noise from content creators, your content must stand out. Some key things to keep in mind. Use of image- make it as eye-catchy and visually appealing as possible, the innovative titles-the user will only click if the title grabs their attention, do not go heavy on click-bait as that might not work in long run, then, selection of topic- try to ride on-trend, come up with something interesting and useful to make it un-skippable for the readers.

Smart use of Hashtags: To multiply your reach on social media, use relevant hashtags and keywords while you share the blog. This helps your blog appear on a search for those hashtags. This helps more and more people discover your blog.

Direct Message: Once you post a new blog, you can also reach out to your social media friends or even those outside your network to share and spread the word about your blog. It is important to create the initial cloud for your blog. Once people like what you write, they will automatically start following you for your content. This is how you get popular.   

Shout out by other Bloggers or Social InfluencersInfluencer marketing is on-trend right now. Like brands, you do not have to pay celebrity influencers to spread the word, but you always have the option to build your influencer network. In your social media profiles, you can add, or you might already have people with great followership who share common interests as you or the subject of your blog. You can always reach out to them for a reshare out of goodwill or cordial relationship. Even better if you too have followership to extend support. You can do a barter deal by giving each other a shoutout. This becomes a win-win and you both can multiply your reach.  

Join Social Groups and Communities: Try to devote some time to building up your social network for the benefit of your blog. Find your niche and try to join groups on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that are relevant to you. But do not start spamming as you might get blocked by the admin. Take it slow. Do not get too aggressive with posting. You should first try to be regular and active on those pages/ groups or forums and then gradually start sharing the link to your blog to pull readers. That would look organic and would not send out a message that you are there just for promotion.

Social Bookmarking: You can social-bookmark your blog on popular sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc which have a huge audience base. Though it is no longer as effective as it used to be making your presence on these social bookmarking sites can give your blog the much-needed push. Try liking, commenting, or sharing other blog posts. That will in turn increase the activity of your post bookmarks. 

Reuse of Old Blogs or Hyperlinking: It is also advisable to link your old content to a new blog wherever you can. You can mention ‘Find more interesting content...’ at the end or even fit it into a sentence with hyperlinks to your old blogs. This also helps in increasing your readership.

You might be a stellar writer but if you do not reap the benefits of content marketing then you are not doing justice to your efforts and talent. You do not even have to spend a huge amount on paid advertising, Search Engine Optimization, and the above-mentioned hacks to effectively use Social media can skyrocket views on your blog. If you do not have the time or patience to dedicate to this exercise for your blog, you can even hire a freelancer and digital marketing company in Gurgaon like AMITKK Digital Solutions to do it for you. With a little bit of investment in content marketing, you can garner good ROI for your blogging aspiration.

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